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    Mike just posted a few new branches to the WARREN family tree.  Thomas Warren  (1833-1916)  and Mary Young Hargrave  had 8 children ,most were not recorded. These were also posted to the Carden- Dalton site, under the HARGRAVE family tree. on the Carden-Dalton
    He also filled in dates of birth/deaths for the Kilby family, part of the McIntosh tree and a few dates for the WYATT family under the Ramsey- Day  tree
      If you see anything you would like updated


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Andrew Graham arrived in Canada at the age of four.  His branch of the clan had come from Scotland to Ireland and to Upper Canada, the Grahams settled in Reach in 1825 where three of five sons became landowners.

Fifty years pass to find Andrew and his wife Ann (Buchanan), staunch Presbyterians, established in a comfortable home on a good farm near Port Perry.  Occasional visits, with relatives in Dalrymple, influenced their moving to Carden in hopes of greater opportunities for five sons and their only daughter, Alice who was eight. →">Continue reading

Orillia Packet and Times November 28, 1958 Brechin


Seven persons are homeless and two main street stores destroyed as the result of a fire of unknown cause which last night drew dozens of persons to this village on Highway 12,  some twelve miles east of Orillia. →">Continue reading




Mr. Turner’s maternal grandmother came from Ireland.  His mother, the former Mary Kennedy(1836-1820}  lived in Lindsay until her marriage to his father, Mr. John Turner (1836-1922) who came from the Lowlands of Scotland. ">Continue reading

Note: St Columbkilles records of baptisms, weddings and deaths, legal records, census records, newspaper articles etc., were used to verify information.

The first recorded names in the Cleary ancestry are that of William  Cleary and Mary O’Rielly, my G.G. Grandparents. They were the parents of Michael-1- Cleary and William-2- Cleary. William-2- and his wife Nora Ryan were my G. Grandparents. It would appear that William-1- and Mary, sons Michael-1-, William-2- and his wife Nora Ryan, immigrated to Canada in 1858 and they show up in the 1861 Mara census. Michael-1- married Catherine Smith in St Columbkilles on Jan 6, 1869 and the record indicates that the Clearys’ were from County Tipperary Ireland. →">Continue reading

Thomas Alfred Lamb, ( Coach Driver) born abt. 1835 Islington District, Middlesex, England. son of Samuel Lamb (Grocer). Married Matilda Maria Field, April 16, 1862 in West Ham, Essex County, England. Matilda Field was born April 16, 1842 in Newbury, Berkshire, England. They had 3 children Frederick, Samuel and Thomas. Thomas, Matilda’s husband, died Sept. 1870 of smallpox in Bethnal Green, England.   ">Continue reading

      Ancient History first

It is reported the McNamees were Bairds to the O’Neil clan-an ancient tribe in Northern Ireland.–(from the Book of Kells)– Actually being the Baird was better than being the king. The kings could be deposed or murdered but the Baird were never mistreated because they were the keepers of the oral history. These Bairds were noted for their memory, wit and sarcasm. This apple has traveled many miles →">Continue reading

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Hello, I’m hoping you can help or lead me into proper direction. i’ve been trying to research my fathers side Edward McNabb and Sarah Jane Wilson. for 3 years and keep getting stuck. I know my grandfather (Edward Stanley) →">Continue reading

Orillia Times August 1906
Thomas McDonald, the most popular cream collector for Newman Brothers has retired from his situation and contemplates migrating to the north.
Orillia Times May 26, 1907 Rathburn
The artistic and massive butter factory which has been undergoing erection for the past six weeks is nearing completion.  It makes a great boon to this locality.  And will greatly lessen the slavish work of churning butter and peddling to the limited retailer.  The patrons will also receive a higher price for the butter as Newman Bros. manufacture only first class articles..  The cream is gathered, manufacture and put upon the best wholesale market for the small cost of 4 cents per pound.  Newman Bros. prepose giving a free picnic at the opening of the factory, in the course of a couple of weeks.
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