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  • Just Posted –McIntosh–Campbell tree (1/25/2017) -
  • Thompson Family —See message board (1/25/2017) -
  • We continue to update (1/8/2017) - the latest being  the Whitney– Harris family tree, 253 people, they settled near Atherley, in the 1850’s- 1860’s- many are buried in the Atherley cemetery    
  • New ADDITIONS (12/10/2016) - Mike Crosby has  added over 575 new names to existing family trees recently.  Most were a new branch of the Elder family tree,  the family of William C  McMullen, (in many early records it is written as McMillan).  William was  one of the earliest settlers in north Mara, in the 1840’s he farmed Lot 22,
  • Additions (9/9/2016) - Thomas Snoddon tree has now been updated, mostly through the Whittel family
  • Duncan T Lambe –On new Message Board (8/20/2016) -
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