Aug 23 2023  Subject Little Kelly
Hello, I was wondering if there are any articles that talk more about Arthur Little Kelly? I think I may be a descendant from his lineage

July 28 2023  Subject: Seeking Osterhout/Clapp in Dalton
I am seeking burial or any other information regarding my gg-grandmother (widowed) Hannah Maria Clapp Osterhout living with adult Osterhout children and son-in-law John Livingston (married to daughter Margaret) in both thee 1881 and 1891 CA Census.
Hannah has been a bonafide mystery for me and I have not found anything prior to her marriage to Henry Osterhout in 1850 or after 1891.


Feb 22 2022  Information concerning St. Columbkille Church cemetery in Uptergrove
My Great Grandparents, Grandparents and Parents, as well asn other family members are all buried in St. Colunbkille cemetery. A family plot was purchased there over 100 years ago, and a number of graves are still available in that plot.
I am searching for information on how to go about using a burial site there. who to contact, documentation required costs involved etc.

Aug 7 2021  Jenifer Waugh   making corrections/additions to family trees
I am amazed at the number of individuals and trees contained on this website! In examining my McDonald tree (descended from Lieut. Alexander McDonald and Christina Cameron) I was wondering if there is any way to make corrections/additions.

Submission Committee No problem –send us the details


July 22 2021  isabel vaughan < Family Of James McGregor b 1800

Most interested in connecting with person submitting the tree for James McGregor of Mara b 1800 and Elizabeth Grant b 1801.  Do hope either they will contact me or that I may access contact information for them.  Thank you!  Isabel Vaughan

July 18 2021  Lorisa Watt (Corrigan)  Correction on family information
Hello, John Richard Corrigan, my father passes away November 28th, 1980, and if you want all the information on the family tree and descendants, I can get you all the information

May 9 2021   Joseph Jesseau   Antoine Gaudaur Jr

 Good Afternoon,  Antoine Gaudaur Jr was my Great, Great Great Grandfather, some of Your information on him is correct, some isnt.  Antoine Gaudaur Jr  Eldest Son of Antoine Gaudaur Sr, and Mary Shilling was born in a wigwam on  the shores of Lake Simcoe in 1817 where his Brother Francis Gaudaur was also Born in 1819.

April 4 2021

rom: Susanne Golzlin
Subject: My grandmother and uncles plots
Message Body:
Hello, I came across this info. My great grandparents are Dorothy Stranger( juffs) and Jack  Juffs.
My grandmother is Mary Elizabeth Juffs and her son is Ronald ( buddy) Juffs. They are both also buried at this cemetery but not listed.
Looking for there info.

Mar 30 2021

From: Brad MacDonald
Subject: how to upload pictures
Message Body:
My Grandfather John Alexander MacDonald was born in Mara  1882 and lived in Brechin.  I have a picture of him as a young man and his attestation paper for his signup during the Boer War.  I think it would be of interest.   Please advise on how upload to your site.  Thank you

April 20 2020

From: Elizabeth Calder-Zukowski <>
Subject: Hugh Cameron (abt 1793 – 10 JUL 1875)

Message Body:
I am trying to do genealogy on my family and I have traced my Cameron relatives back to your town of Ramara, Ontario.  I’m stuck on my 3rd Great Grandfather, Hugh Cameron (abt 1793 – 10 July 1875) born in Scotland.  Hugh Cameron shows up on the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census’ as living in Mara & Rama.  I found a burial document that shows he was buried in Beaverton, Durham, Ontario in Union Cemetery. (can’t find this cemetery anywhere)  Even if I do find the cemetery, I’m not sure if it will provide his full date of birth or specific birth place, but that is my goal. 
Hugh Cameron married Catherine Thomson on June 23, 1823 in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, and had four children (Daniel, Catherine, Alexander and John). At some point between 1845 and 1851 his family traveled to Mara & Rama, Ontario, Canada where Hugh lived and passed away on July 10, 1875.
I believe that Hugh had a brother Angus who also lived in Mara & Rama.  I have strong evidence that they were descendants of Sir Ewen Cameron, a prominent Cameron Chieftan in the 1600’s.  Any additional information you know of would be extremely helpful.


Sept 22 2019

From: Noreen Sockett <>
Subject: Udney SS#9 PHOTO 1937 student names are not correct.

Message Body:
The names of students in SS#9 School photo taken in June 1937 are incorrect.
My father John Acton is in bottom left hand corner of picture. His sister Margaret (is 2nd from left in row behind my dad….girl with dark hair).   
The names in this photo(1937 )   match the names of SS#9  school photo taken  for school year 1911-1912.
My great  aunt Aunt Lila Lavelle (married name Power) is the tall girl in centre of the photo.  Elizabeth  McCann
is beside her in photo.  (1911-1912)..
Please contact me….when you have looked into these photos.  I would like to know who the other people are 
In the 1937 picture.  Know  I saw original years ago.

Sept 19 2019

From: Russell Hall
Subject: Healy family history

Message Body:
I would like to contact the person or persons that put together the
Healy family history on your website.  I am a descendant of Owen Healy
and would very much like to learn more about the Healy clan.
Thank you,
Russell Hall (great grandson of Owen Healy.

Feb 5 2019

From: Carol Hunter
Subject: Search for Grandfather

Message Body:
My grandfather was born in May 1870 in Carden-Dalton township.  The first record I can find of him is in the 1871 census where he is shown to be living with Donald and Margaret McDonald and their family – the name on the census is Martin McFadyn.  Apparently he was born of a single mother and by the 1881 census had been adopted by the McDonalds and was known as Martin McDonald.
Would you be able to help me track down his birth parents?  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Website Exec.

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