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I’m trying to locate living members of the Santimo family. Parents were John
(1830-1907) and Mary (1843-1928). Children were: Elizabeth, Sarah, Michael,
Mary, Daniel, Andrew, John, Isabella and William.

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Posted by: Mike on Jan 13, 2012 – 03:11 PM

Located at 5808 Kirkfield Road, just south of the Monck Road. This cemetery is on the boundary of the former Rama Township, in the former Ontario County, (now Ramara Township, Simcoe County) and Dalton Township, formerly of Victoria County, (now City of Kawartha Lakes). Interments would include individuals from both of the former Ontario and Victoria of the grave markers may be found at Ontario Gravemarker Gallery:\Visit- Sebright Church, under Active Topics & Ramara history, to learn more about this Church and it’s cemetery..
Sebright United Church Cemetery
Lot 21, Con B, Rama Twp.

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