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Mike Harrington Sr, getting gas in Brechin
Mike Harrington Sr, getting gas in Brechin

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    Hello, I’m hoping you can help or lead me into proper direction. i’ve been trying to research my fathers side Edward McNabb and Sarah Jane Wilson. for 3 years and keep getting stuck. I know my grandfather (Edward Stanley)

    was born in 1904 in Manitoba (concrete evidence). it’s my great grandfather i am having trouble with. his name was John (sometimes called Jack in Manitoba census). it is my belief, he is the son of Edward McNabb and Sarah Jane Wilson. Census records don’t always seem to match up 100% for multitude of reasons. but in the 1911 Census (Manitoba) he says his birthday is May 1873. in the 1901 census (Ontario) he says his birthday is May 27, 1873. so i’m confident this is the correct person. Now John’s birth records state May 17,  1872 with parents listed as Edward McNabb and Sarah Jane Wilson. so it could have been mis-information or forgetfulness or the transcriber getting it wrong. Edward and Sarah Jane marriage certificate says the parents are James and Bridget McNabb. going further down the rabbit hole, i’ve seen records of Edward with James and Bridget in 1861 census. all of the ontario census is for the Victoria County region. usually carden and dalton area and then moving to rama in 1891 census for edward’s family. i know there was a lot of scots and irish that emmigrated to canada and in the same region, but i know mine were irish for sure. is there a website or more historical records for James and Bridget McNabb somewhere i can find. i’m pretty sure they emmigrated in 1846 via Montreal quarantine records. any help leading me somewhere would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks for your time reading this

    Brian McNabb

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