After looking at the family tree, I wondered if it was to keep his two families distinct from one another as the first family retained the name Gold. According to Joseph in the book, he did not know why his father changed the name.


May 20, 1980

To Merill from Irwin, Gill and Chris

According to the book, it was Jonathan Gold, Joseph and Jesse’s father that changed the name to Gould. After looking at the family tree, I wondered if it was to keep his two families distinct from one another as the first family retained the name Gold. According to Joseph in the book, he did not know why his father changed the name.

According to the obituary of Jesse Gould, which I copied from the newspaper clipping that Mrs. Stearman had, his first wife’s name was Mary Ann Bolton without the u as in Boulton. Also his second wife’s name was a Miss Hennington according to the obituary but according to Emily James, his daughter, that was a misprint and it should have been Hunnington not Himington as stated in the family tree. Also he had 5 children by Mary Ann of which only 3, Emily, Marjory and Abraham not aberham, survived him. He also had 5 children by his second wife of which only 3 survived him. I presume the other ones not mentioned on the family tree died in infancy. Alsograndma’s name was Sussannah Willison, two l’s, however according to Mrs. Steadman she was called Aunt Susan.

September 1990

Dais Davis asked what we remembered about Grandpa Gould etc.
Mirell said, I loved to go. We always went for the cows, Grandpa holding my hand.
After each supper, Grandpa opened his Bible and read it aloud, then we all knelt at our chairs while Grandpa prayed.
Grandpa and Grandma always drove to our place for Christmas dinner which was a nice big hen. Then we shared our homemade gifts, mittens etc. from a beautiful little tree decorated with strings of popcorn (with which kittens loved to play) and little wax candles on holders (never lit). I can still see Daddy’s horses plunging through the deep snow opening up the road for Grandpa’s cutter. What I remember is being in the potato patech with Grandpa Gould and he was teaching me the books of the Old Testmant. I had to know them for Sunday School. I also enjoyed seeing Uncle Charlie’s peacocks after he got them. I remember being at Grandpa’s at Christmas and the mail man came.It is the only thing I can remember about Christmas. He came from Atherley (20 miles or more) route much farther in cold with horses. It think I felt sorry for him on Christmas Day. It impressed me more seeing him go by. We had to go a long way to our mail box.
I remember Grandpa bringing winter apples from Aunt Marjory Gardiner’s in Collingwood. (Maybe we paid for them). There were Tallman Sweet, Russetts. I do not remember the others.
Mother brought Grandpa home when he had cancer in the throat. She worshipped Grandpa and it broke her heart when he couldn’t even swallow water without a sharp pain. After his death, July 1922 (?), Grandma came to live with us and Uncle Charlie went to Toronto to work where he met and married Hazel Burnie. Elva???

Michael Gold came from North of Ireland to Philadelphia PA about the year 1720. Lived and died in Germantown, a suburb of Philadelphia.

Joseph Gold. Born in 1740 in Germantown, married into a Dutch family by name of Carr. Later moved westward in Pennsylvania and settled near village called Catawisso, PA

Jonathan Gold Born Oct. 5, 1774 in Germantown, married first wife in Catawisso, Pa, Anna Hilborn, died giving birth to 3rd child. Second wife Rachal Lee of Irish Quaker extraction in 1804. Migrated from Catawissa to Ontario in 1805. Died October 27, 1850

Jesse Gould Born October 9, 1815 in Uxbridge. Married Mary Ann Boulton. Died 1848 at 26 years

Aberham Boulton Gould Married Susannah Willison


Oliver Jesse Gould – Uxbridge ON (Dec. 21, 1880 – Mar. 1958)
Wife – Mildred (Day) Gould Sebright ON (Aug. 13, 1884 – April 1969)
5 children
Jessie (Gould) Almost Douglas Oliver Ross
Born 1910
Husband – Byron Mildred Olive
4 children Esther Anne (Parlane) 2 boys Rober t, Stuart
Gordon Arthur 1 girl Heather Dawn

Alec James Gould Eric Elmer 1 girl Donna
Born 1912 Russel Oliver no children
Wife – Ethel Wahlstrom Kenneth 2 children Norman, baby girl
3 children

Otis Abraham Gould James Oliver Feb. 1940 2 girls Janet, Danielle
Born 1912 Elizabeth Anne BrocheauNov. 1942 3 Kelly, Shawna, Scott
Wife Virginia Cassedy Margaret Elaine St. James May 1943 2 Tammy, Todd
4 children David John Nov. 1944 2 Terra, Shannon

Dais Elvira Gould Davis Philip James 2 Jordan, Christopher
Born 1919 Marvin Andrew 1 Cheri Belle
Husband Oren Paul Timothy No family
8 children Barry Edwin 1 Carey
Faith Gladys No children
Linda Joy Dyck 1 Jeffrey Norman
Patricia Anne
Debora Alberta

Calvin Ramsey Gould Hugh 1 boy Kevin Scott
Born 1924 Garry Edwin 1 boy Geofry Edwin
Wife Laura Henry Dennis Lee
5 children Wilfred


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