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Located on Con. 2, Lot 9, Eldon Township, many residents of South Carden Twp. attended St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, Bolsover, and are buried in this cemetery.

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Lot 9, Con. 2, Eldon Township
Victoria County
CAMPBELL- RANDALL/–CAMPBELL/ Colin CAMPBELL/ 1861- 1937/ Maria RANDALL/ wife of Colin CAMPBELL/ 1868-1937/ Elizabeth Eleanor CAMPBELL/ 1904- 1923/ Florence Marie/ 1903- 1963/ Gone but not forgotten.

CAMPBELL- /John Colin / 1907-1988/ Carl George 1909-1900 (Jan. 5) (sons of Colin & Maria)

CAMPBELL- HUGHES/ CAMPBELL/ Alfred Randall CAMPBELL/ April 8, 1906- Aug 4, 1975/ beloved husband of/ Vina Myrtle HUGHES/ Oct. 1, 1908- Feb 18, 1986

CAMPBELL – McNABB – MARTIN– / CAMPBELL/ In memory of/ Duncan R. CAMPBELL/ Nov. 5, 1899- Apr.11, 1992/ & his wife/ Mary McNABB/ June 29, 1906- May 1, 1983/ Alex R. Martin/ May 10, 1903 -Feb. 17, 1981/ & his wife /Jean Marie CAMPBELL/ Jan. 5, 1894- Dec. 27, 1980

-CRAWFORD/In loving memory of/Albert CRAWFORD/May 13, 1894-Nov. 11, 1949/beloved husband of Christena GRANT/Albert WEEKS/Dec. 14, 1907-May 4, 1973/beloved husband of/Christena GRANT/July 25, 1906-Mar. 24, 1989/We will meet again/markers: Granddad; Mother; “Nan”; Father

-CRAWFORD/In affectionate remembrance of/John CRAWFORD/died March 13, 1886/aged 67 years/also of/Mary DOWD/beloved wife of John CRAWFORD/died Oct. 12, 1882/aged 63 years/Gone but not forgotten/In loving memory of/Andrew CRAWFORD/died Mar. 4, 1905/aged 58 years

-CRAWFORD/In memory of/Andrew CRAWFORD/July 21, 1896-November 4, 1984

-CRAWFORD/Floyd James/Sept. 3, 1917-Nov. 2, 1998/Hazel Joyce/Mar. 20, 1923-_________

-PARLIAMENT/In memory of/Isabella CRAWFORD/beloved wife of A. PARLIAMENT/died June 25, 1890/aged 45 years/In memory of/Rebecca A. PARLIAMENT/died Feb. 8, 1898/aged 22 years/Absolom PARLIAMENT/died May 6, 1910/aged 75 years

-William CRAWFORD/born April 17, 1891-died May 18, 1975/In memory of/ John CRAWFORD/ born 1848-died 1926/his wife/Elizabeth GORDON/born 1860-died 1936/their son/John/born 1886-died 1942/their son/James/born March 16th, 1901-died March 4th, 1962/At Rest

-CRAWFORD/Jarvis T. CRAWFORD/1928-1996/beloved husband of/Margaret J. MACKLIN/1930-_______

-{Broken stone} In memory of/Mary DOWD/wife of John CRAWFORD/died Oct. 12, 1882/aged 63 years

DALGLEISH- CAMPBELL– / In memory of / Chester Milligan DALGLEISH/ Sept. 15, 1893- Dec. 27, 1983/ his wife /Lila Beatrice CAMPBELL/ Jan . 10, 1901- May 20, 1988/ their daughter/ Catherine Anne/ feb. 8, 1933- Nov. 30, 1946

-In loving memory of/James Richard DEVERELL/1860-1950/Jane UNCLES/his wife/1861-1935

-DACK/In memory of/William DACK/1858-1926/his beloved wife/C. Jane EASTCOTT/1868-1962/their daughter/ Hannah DACK/1891-1929

-In memory of/Charles J./son of Wm. & Ida EASTCOTT/died Jan. 27, 1897/aged years & 3 mos.

-EASTCOTT/Frederick J. EASTCOTT/1913-_______/beloved husband of/Ina E. WILSON/1913-1995/Together at rest

HUTCHSON- COWLEY– HUTCHISON/ In loving memory of/ David Hutchison/ died June 17, 1911, aged 70 years/ Christna COWLEY/ his wife/ died Mar. 1, 1901 aged 57 years/ Natives of Forfarshire, Scotland

-HURREN/Roy O. HURREN/Nov. 10, 1912-Apr. 20, 1993/his wife/Dorothy S. DONNELLY/July 29, 1917-__________/Ruth F. M./Oct. 27, 1953-Feb. 22, 1954/their children/William O./Sept. 6, 1946-July 2, 1966/Grand daughter/Donna/3 months

-IRWIN/John J. IRWIN/1907-1997/loving husband of/ Lillian P. BAKER/1909-1977/A. Pearl SIBERRY/1904-1984/Sister

IRWIN/E. Grace DAY/1901-1974/Loving wife of/Lloyd S. IRWIN/ 1898-1986

-In memory of/Amelia/daughter of Robt. & M. J. IRWIN/died Nov. 4, 1867/aged 8 yrs & 11 days/also/Ella & Willie/children of W. R. & M. IRWIN/In memory of/Robert IRWIN/born April 26, 1813-died Apr. 19, 1876/In memory of/Mary Jane/wife of Robt. IRWIN/born Oct. 26, 1830-died June 17, 1892

-(cs) IRWIN

-McINTYRE/In memory of/Eliza J. IRWIN/wife of Donald McINTYRE/1854-1921/Archie/their son/1883-1898/Ruby/their daughter/1895-1956

-NICHOLS/In memory of/Margaret/who died in 1842/aged 19 yrs 2 mos/also/James/who died in 1869/aged 22 years 9 mos/son and daughter of Donald & Catherine MUNRO/Natives of Scotland

-IRWIN/In memory of/John J. IRWIN/died May 5, 1938/in his 81st year/Margaret Jane/wife of John J. IRWIN/died Oct. 12, 1916/in her 41st/At rest/also their infant son/Robert/died Sep 18, 1900

-STORIE—IRWIN/In memory of/M. Irene IRWIN/Jan. 6, 1914-Jun 13, 1999/beloved wife of Melvin Barclay STORIE/July 8, 1911-July 12, 1984/William W. IRWIN/(no dates)/Lillian R. IRWIN/July 14, 1911-Sept 17, 2000/M. Ethel IRWIN/Jan. 14, 1902-June 2, 1990

-IRWIN/Lillie May/Feb. 1, 1887-June 1, 1975/Sister/Sarah Grace L. GEORGE/Oct. 11, 1900-Nov. 25, 1982/wife of/Charles GEORGE/(no dates)

-LAING/Edward John LAING/Sept. 12, 1866-July 3, 1940/his wife/Mary Ann McEACHERN/July 31, 1868-July 13, 1959/grandchild/Shirley LAING/Dec. 3, 1935-Mar. 6, 1937/son/Alex LAING/May 10, 1906-Aug. 19, 1970

RANDALL – ARMSTRONG/ RANDALL/ In memory of/ Robert RANDALL/ died March 4, 1892, aged 84 years/ in memory of/ Sarah ARMSTRONG/ beloved wife of Robert RANDALL/ died Dec. 18, 1894 aged 67 yrs.

-LAING/In memory of/George LAING/1891-1968/beloved husband of/Hazel STUART/(no dates)

-HURREN/In loving memory of/William HURREN/1844-1929/his wife/Rachel SHIER/1853-1915/their daughter/Junietta Maria (HURREN) OLIVER/1877-1958

-HURREN/In memory of/Joseph HURREN/died March 11, 1913/aged 73 yrs & 3 mos/Elizabeth SHIER/his wife/1852-1939/Asleep in Jesus

-CHILDS/In memory of/Eleanor BAILEY/relict of John THRASHER/wife of Thomas CHILDS/born June 17, 1858-died Sept. 18, 1933

-THRASHER/In memory of/Charles I. THRASHER/1889-1946/beloved husband of/F. Gertrude McRAE/1893-1983

WALLACE – CAMPBELL/ WALLACE/ In memory of/ Robert W. WALLACE/ 1892-1973/ beloved husband of/ Katie B. CAMPBELL/ 1892-1974


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