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List of teachers etc. prepared by Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Clarke (Mr. Clarke, Secretary) in December 1964, revised Feb. 1965. This report has been checked back to 1946 with superannuation reports in the inspector’s office. RE: S. S. No. 4, Mara

Information contributed by Jim Westcott

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Name of Teacher Date Comm. Date Ceased No. of

-W. S. Heavener——— 1854 —————-1858
-Duncan MacDonald—– 1858 —————————————3 Months
-Dennis O’Bryne———-1858 —————-1860
-Thomas Bryne———– 1860 —————-1875
-Walter O’Boyle———- 1875 —————-1881
-T. J. Gillespie———— 1881 —————-1895
-Thomas P. Hart——– 1895 —————-1903 —————80 months
-R. L. Gaughan———- 1903 —————-1907 —————44 months
-Miss M. Lang———— 1908 —————-1909 —————10 months
-Daniel J. Coffee——–Jan.1,1909———- Sept.30,1911—- 27 months
-Mrs. Jennie Elder——Oct.1,1911———- Dec.31,1912——13 months
-J. A. Mahon—————1913 —————-1914 ————— 10 months
-Mrs. Nellie Hanley——- 1915 —————-1916 ————— 20 months
-Mrs. Mary Clarke——— 1916—————–1921—————- 50 months
-Mrs. Pearl Vonberg—– 1921—————–1926 ————— 50 months

Senior Room

-Miss Mary E. Timlin—– Sept.1926——— June1942——— 160 months
-Mrs. Grace Burton—– Sept.1942——— June1945——— 30 months
-Miss Ann Currie——— Sept.1945——— June1946——— 10 months
-Miss Theresa Marion– Sept.1946——— June1958——— 120 months
C. Heitzner
-Mrs. E. Norma Carrick– Sept.1958——— June1959———–10 months
-Mrs. Gladys M. Johnston-Sept.1959—— Mar.1960————6 mos/5days
**** Note: Superannuation report shows credit for—–7 months
-Mrs. Katharine McCaughey— Mar.10,1960–June1961———14 months
-Ronald Hancock——–Sept.1961——— June1962————10 months
-James W. Couch——-Sept. 1962

Junior Room

-Mrs. Reta Duffy———May1937————June1937————-2 months
-Miss Ruby Wilson——-Sept.1937———-June1939————-20 months
-Miss Helen Storts——-Sept. 1939——–June1942————-30 months
-Mrs. Margaret Heslin—Sept. 1942———Dec. 1943———–14 months
-Miss Cecilia Regan——-Jan. 1944———-June1944————6 months
-Mrs. Joan MacDonald– Sept.1944———June1946————20 months
-Miss Annie Margaret Davey–Sept.1946– June1947————10 months
-Miss Margaret Goodwin——-Sept. 1947- June1948————10 months
-Miss Margaret Annie Davey–Sept.1948– June1950————20 months
-Mrs. Jennie F. Elder—–Sept. 1950——–June1951————10 months
Although the superannuation report does not indicate, Mr. Clarke states that Mr. Joseph Cooper supplied for 1 month 1950-51

-Miss Jacqueline Gloria May-Sept. 1951—-June 1952———–10 months
Longworth (Wainman)
-Miss Greta Stanton———-Sept.1952—–June 1954———–20 months
-Mrs. Dorothy Kelly———–Sept. 1954—-June 1956———–20 months
-Mrs. Jacqueline G. M. supply-1955———————————5 days
Wainman (Longworth)
-Mrs. Helen Yvonne Fowler–Sept. 1956–June 1957———–10 months
-Mrs. Levina McKinnon—-Sept. 1957——-Dec. 1957———–4 months
-Mrs. Jean Millicent Drury–Jan. 1958——-June 1960———–26 months
-Mrs. Estelle Fisher———-supply—–Fall— 1959——————-5 days
-Mrs. Addie Smith———–supply—–Fall— 1960——————-5 days
-Mrs. Ida Morgan————Sept. 1960——June 1961———–10 months
-Miss Marilyn Hood———-Sept. 1961——June 1962———–10 months
-Mrs. Reta Duffy————supplied—-Spring-1961—————-6 days
-Mrs. Addie Smith———-supplied—-Spring-1961—————-14 days
-Miss June D. Pickering—Sept. 1962–June 1964—————-20 months
(Mrs. Cook)
-Mrs. Reta Duffy————supplied—-Spring-1962—————-3 days
-Mrs. Mary L. Featherston-supplied–1964 ————————–1 ½ days
-Mrs. Geraldine Fleurette–supplied—1964————————–1 day
Normand (Labelle)
-Mrs. Marjorie Gail Little—-Sept. 1964

School Secretaries

-In 1854 to 1873 the School Teacher was Secretary Treasurer
-Peter Thompson——–1873 —————-1908—————-35 years
-Patrick Clarke Sr. ——–1908 —————-1928—————-20 years
-Patrick F. Clarke——— 1928 —————-1964—————-37 years


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