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List of Teachers etc. as supplied by Mrs. Elizabeth Dack, Secretary, and assisted by Mrs. Susan Edwards, January, 1965–S.S. No. 3 Mara

Information contributed by Jim Westcott- bios added by Mike Crosby

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Name of Teacher Date Commen. Date Ceased No. Mos.

-Mr. John Malone 1881 1885

John Malone began his teaching career in a log school in Brechin, then a few years later moved his students in to a new one-room brick building , built at the expense of Squire James Patrick Foley who had donated the half-acre of necessary land.
John Malone taught in S.S. # 3, from 1880 to 1885, he was the son of Dennis Malone and Elizabeth McNenley, born 12 Feb. 1860, in Brock Township. In 1886 John married Catherine O’Neil of Mara Township, a daughter of Peter O’Neil and Mary O’Neill. About that time John became a grain trader, living in the village of Brechin, he had seven children, John Edmund, Mary Irene, Clara, Alphonsus, Delphina, Victor and Wilfred. In 1914, John and his entire family relocated to Chicago, the 1920 census indicates he was a bookkeeper, John Edmund a mechanical engineer, Mary Irene a teacher, Clara a stenographer, Alphonsus a shipping clerk, Delphina a stenographer, Victor a clerk, and Wilfred a medical student, who later was a general practice physician.
John Malone passed away in Chicago in the 1930’s, (exact date unknown). rmcd.c

-Miss Irwine 1885 1887  Rmcd.c

Mary Louisa Irwin, taught at Mara S.S # 3, in 1885 to 1887. She was born near Hartley, in Carden township, on November 13, 1864, a daughter of Irish immigrants, Robert Irwin & Mary Jane Taylor. Louisa as she was known to friends and family, later taught at S.S. # 4, Carden, also known as the Dalrymple School. Her teaching career ended shortly after her 1897 marriage to John Alton of Carden, and she started a family. She had three children, Alice, Mary and John Irwin. Louisa passed away in 1933, and is buried in the Lakeview Cemetery, in Kirkfield.

-Mr. S. S. Osterhout 1887 1890

-Mr. G. M. Hutchings 1890 1891

Gilbert M Hutchings, was at Mara S.S. # 3, for one school year, 1890-1891, then switched jobs to become a Druggist. Gilbert was born in Oro Township, 2 July 1868, a son of George W. Hutchings & Catherine Jane Murphy, who raised their family in Mara Township. In 1891 he relocated to Coldwater, there he married Louise Maud Moffatt, of Orillia. In the late 1890’s he returned to Brechin as a Druggist and remained for some time before he, his wife and two sons, Cecil & Douglas, moved out West, settling in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. Gilbert died in Portage La Prairie in 1955 and is buried there in the Hillside Cemetery

-Mr. F. A. Dales 1891 1892
-Mr. Donald MacDougall 1892 1896
-Mr. Charles Ramsey 1896 1898
-Mr. G. W. Mason 1898 1901

-Miss J. M. Kelly 1901 1905

Jane Martha Kelly, was a teacher at S.S. # 3, from 1901 to 1905. She was a daughter of Peter Kelly a renown breeder of Clydesdale horses and his wife Catherine Fraser. Jane was born November 10, 1875 at her parents residence, lot 9, Concession 5 of Mara Township. The year after her father’s death in 1904, Jane, along with her mother, sister Agnes and brother Alfred Wesley all went West and lived in the town of High River, Alberta. There Alfred operated a Hardware Store, then a funeral home, while Jane continued teaching, at the High River school. Jane remained unmarried. She died December 9, 1953, and is buried in the Highwood Cemetery, in High River, Alberta.

-Miss M. Robson 1905 1907
-Miss Sadie Barrie 1907 1908
-Miss Mary Barrie 1908 1908
-Miss McPhee 1912 1912
-Miss Clegg 1912 1914
-Miss Foster 1914 1918
-Miss V. C. Williams 1918 1921

-Miss L. Gillespie 1921 1922
Lyla Gillespie, a teacher from 1921- to 1923, was born in the village of Brechin, March 7, 1894, a daughter of Brechin’s harness maker, Gilbert Gillespie and Mary Ann French. Lula married John Neil Black, an undertaker, in July 1923.

-Mr. J. Fred Bowker 1922 1922
-Miss L. Gillespie 1922 1922
-Miss E. MacInnis 1922 1923
-Miss E. Doble 1923 1923
-Miss Ruby Mooney Sept. 1924 June 1926 20 Mo
-Miss Jean Robertson Sept. 1926 June 1927 10 Mo
-Miss M. Kievill Sept. 1927 June 1928 10 Mo
-Miss Mary Bennett Sept. 1928 June 1929 10 Mo
-Miss M. M. Fox Sept. 1929 June 1932 30 Mo
-Miss J. Miller Sept. 1932 June 1933 10 Mo
-Mr. Earl Druey Sept. 1933 June 1940 70 Mo
-Miss Anna Currie Sept 1940 June 1942 20 Mo
-Miss Shirley Hill Sept 1942 June 1943 10 Mo
-Miss Isobel Whitney Sept 1943 June 1945 20 Mo
-Mrs. Thelma Bruce Sept 1945 June 1946 10 Mo
-Miss Vera Nicholson Sept 1946 June 1947 10 Mo
-Mrs Marion Christena
Campbell (McCuaig) supply 5 days—1946-47
-Mrs Thelma Bruce Sept 1947 Dec 1947 4 Mo
-Mrs. Marion Christena
Campbell (McCuaig)Jan. 1, 1948 June 1948 6 Mo
-Mrs. Edith Hughes Sept 1948 Dec. 1948 4 Mo
-Mrs Ethel Irene MacMillan
(Johnston) Jan. 1 1949 June 1949 6 Mo
-Mrs. Edith Hughes Sept 1949 June 1950 10 Mo
-Mrs. James Walker Sept 1950 Dec 1950 4 Mo
-Miss Muriel T. Tufford Jan 1 1951 June 1951 6 Mo
-Miss Jean McDonald Sept 1951 June 1952 10 Mo
(Mrs. Telford)
-Mrs. Edith Hughes (Kippax) Sept 1952 June 1953 10 Mo
-Mrs. Jeanne Wallace Sept 1953 June 1954 10 Mo
-Miss Marlene Size Sept 1954 June 1955 10 Mo
-Mrs. Winnifred Hancock supply Jan-June 1954 15 days
-Mrs. Jane Millicent Sept 1955 June 1957 20 Mo
Drury (Allen)
-Mrs. Florence Fowler(Hill)
Commenced Music Supervision———-Jan 1956
-Miss Ruby Estelle Snoddon Sept. 1957 June 1958 10 Mo
-Mrs. Edith M. Hughes Sept. 1958 June 1960 20 Mo
-Mrs. Marion Christena supply Oct. 1958 5 days
-John M. Little Sept. 1960 June 1962 20 Mo
-Mrs. Marion Christena supply Fall, 1960 2 days
-Mrs. Marion Christena Jan. 1, 1961 June 1962 16 Mo
-Mrs. Edith Clayton (McCuaig)supply Jan-June 1963 10 days
-Mrs. Marion Christena supply Jan-June 1963 1 day
-Mrs. Marion Christena supply Jan-June 1964 11 days
-Jack Allen Campbell Sept. 1962

School Secretaries

-John Malone 1881 1883 2yrs
-N. O. Donnell 1883 1884 1yr
-Wm. Broomfield Jan.1884 Jan.1903 19yrs
-John Stewart Jan.1903 Jan.1905 2yrs
-Robert Broomfield Jan.1905 Jan.1907 2yrs
-M.B. Dack Jan.1907 Jan.1919 12yrs
-Mac Campbell Jan.1919 Jan.1932 13yrs
-H. Edwards Jan.1932 Mar.1959 27yrs
-Mrs. Susan Edwards Mar.1959 Dec.1963 5yrs
-Mrs. Elizabeth Dack Dec.1963 Dec.1964 1yr.



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