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Bud Murphy with Ted & Dolly - Murphy farm 1945 [ish]"
Bud Murphy with Ted & Dolly - Murphy farm 1945 [ish]"
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P.McNamee –Compensation For Loss of Right HAnd

Eighth Meeting 1929

Polling Subdivisions to be as follows namely
Polling Subdivision # 1-P. McNamee
#2- Wilfred Burke
#3- Walter D. Deverell
#4- Andrew McNabb

Moved by Mr. day, seconded by Mr. Murphy that we pay Mr. Patrick McNamee twelve hundred dollars in full payments of his accident which occurred June 27th 1929 while engaged in work as Township Road Overseer and that the Reeve and Clerk are hereby instructed to draw up an agreement to this effect. Mr. McNamee is to receive $500.00 now and a note duly signed by the Reeve and Treasurer and sealed with the Township seal for the balance $700 due Dec. 15, 1930.

Moved by Mr. McCrackin seconded by Mr. Whalen that the following accounts by paid.
John Walsh Sr. – 32 loads gravel @ 15 c > $4.80
Thos Craggs -103 loads gravel @ 15c > $15.45
– damage to hay – $3.00
Luke McNaney -Repairing Culvert -$7.50
S. H. Fox. -bonus on 7 ½ rods wire fence -$1.13
Wm. McNaney -Repairing Culvert Victoria Rd. -$2.50
Willmot Graham -for equalizing S.S. #9 -$4.00
Bert Day – 6 + 15 loads gravel -@ 15 c > $23.55
Mrs. Colin Campbell -121 loads -@ 15 c > $18.15
Judge W. D. Swayze -revising voters lists -$ 30.39
J. O’Neill – 53 loads gravel-repairing pit -@ 15 c >$7.95
-opening pit -$3.75
Richard Ashby -5 loads gravel -@ 15 c > .75
-Repairing Bridge -$ 2.50

Note: Alvin McCrackin told me in 2007 that he or his father was at that meeting and Mr McNamee told the council he would accept the cash settlement in lieu of life-time benifits since”THE people of Carden Township could not afford to pay him a life-time pension”
Rick McNamee

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