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Patrick & Alice Mulvihill
Patrick & Alice Mulvihill
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Names of Trustees who were in office up to 31-12-64
(Note-Chairman’s name underlined)

Information contributed by Jim Westcott

No. 1 (Montreal)- Everett Black
SEC.-John B. Warren
Charles McCarthy
Terry Ross

No. 2 (Point Mara)- Gordon Gilchrist
SEC.-Harper F. Newman
Merve Johnstone
Sam Adams

No. 3 (Brechin) Neil R. Lamont
SEC.-Mrs. Elizabeth Dack
Lionel W. Douglas
Archie B. Dack

No. 4 ( Uptergrove) Jack McRae
SEC.- Patrick F. Clarke
William Doolittle
Earl Joyce

No. 5 (Atherley) Allan Byers
SEC.-Hager H. Whitney
James Duncan
Norman Whitney

No. 6 (Fairvalley) Stanley Elder
SEC.-Mrs. Margaret Grey
Francis Lambe
Martin E. Cahill

No. 7 (Dungannon) Frank Barbour
SEC.-Maurice Fox
James Barnes
Patrick W. Duffy

No. 8 (Lawrence) Graham McGillivray
SEC.-Gerald Westcott
Gerald Westcott
Robert Heitzner

No. 9 (Udney) Theodore Duffy
SEC.-Smith Speiran
Irwin Page
Bruce Mundie

No. 10 (Scotch Hills) James Smith
SEC-John A. MacDonald
Grant MacDonald
Norman McKinnon

The Public School Board of the Township School Area of Mara
Formed effective January 1, 1965

-Norman Whitney- Orillia, R.R.#6 Chairman
-Gerald Westcott- Udney
-Mrs. Margaret Black- Brechin, R.R.#1
-William Doolittle- Uptergrove
-J. Francis Lambe- Orillia, R.R.#5
SECRETARY…..H.M. Dack, Brechin


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