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18----sub. by Dor. Carrick
18----sub. by Dor. Carrick
    Mike Crosby continues to update postings in the family trees  They are usually  minor, most are related to family trees that were posted years ago, and since then new dates  or recent obits.  Mostly  exact dates and locations. Check out your family tree and if it needs small adjustments, let us know

photos of the headstones of this cemetery, may be found at Ontaio Headstone Photo Project;

At Rest/Joseph A. BARON/Born June 3, 1884/Died Mar. 17, 1930/His Beloved Wife/Bertha R. NEWBY/Born May 29, 1884/Died June 18, 1961

BELL/In Memory Of/Lorne C. BELL/1905-1963/Beloved Husband Of/Ruby E. BUSHILL/1914-1971


Gone But Not Forgotten/Dorothy Jane BOWMAN/Beloved Wife Of/Andrew NOBLE/Died Jan. 5, 1914/In Her 37th Year/NOBLE/Margaret J. DOWLING/Wife Of John BOWMAN/July 2, 1839-June 24, 1923/John BOWMAN/Oct. 16, 1846-Mar. 23, 1923

In Memory Of/Catherine/Wife Of James Boyd Sr./Died Mar. 21, 1900/Aged 74 Years, 11 Months/Catherine/Daughter Of/James & Elizabeth BOYD Jr./Born Mar. 11, 1902/Died Feb. 27, 1904/BOYD/In Loving Memory Of/Elizabeth Margaret JONES/Beloved Wife Of/James BOYD Jr./Nov. 30, 1872-July 23, 1944/James BOYD Jr./Beloved Husband Of/Elizabeth Margaret JONES/July 3, 1868-April 9, 1953

CALDERWOOD/In Memory Of/Mary McCAUGHEY/Beloved Wife Of/John CALDERWOOD/Died 19 Nov. 1893/Aged 37 Years/And Their Infant Son/Joseph R./Died 15 Dec. 1893/Aged 4 Weeks

In Memory Of/John/Brother Of Andrew CRAIG/Died April 3, 1906/Native Of Strathaven Scotland/CRAIG

In Memory Of/Eva/Beloved Child Of/Chas. & Lydia (Gedge)ELLIS/Died 11 May, 1893/Aged 3 Years, 5 Mos., 16 Days

In Memory Of/William/Beloved Child Of/William & Harriet (Hendron) ELLIS/Died May 1, 1893/Aged 3 Years,___________, 3 Days

Erected By Longford Lumber Co./In Memory Of/Joseph ENGLISH/Died Oct. 15th, 1892/Aged 75 Years/At His Death He Was The Oldest Employee Of The Company. Having Been In Their Employ Over 21 Years.

In Memory Of/George Edward/Son Of John and Eunice(Plunket) FERRIER/May 4, 1886-April 11, 1893/FERRIER

GORING: Edwin Herbert/Born Jan. 7, 1878/Died Dec. 2, 1897/Ada M./Born May 15, 1880/Died Feb. 9, 1902/In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions
/Stephen GORING/Born Nov. 5, 1851/Died May 1, 1912/Nellie (Goring)/Wife Of J. S. SHARPE/Born Sept. 9, 1874/Died Mar. 10, 1900

GORING/In Memory Of/Idella (Barager)/Beloved Wife Of/Edgar GORING/Who Died July 3, 1898/Aged 23 Yrs, 6 Mos.

GORING/In Loving Memory Of/Edgar GORING/1867-1937

HICKS/At Rest/James Yelverton HICKS/Died Aug. 15th, 1924

Joseph Ely/Beloved Child Of/Joseph H. & Annie JONES/Died Sept. 27, 1891/Aged 3 Weeks

At Rest/William H. JONES/Died Dec. 30, 1935/Aged 73 Years/Jessie RUTTAN/Beloved Wife Of/William H. JONES/Died Dec. 13, 1922/Aged 52 Years/JONES

LEE/In Loving Memory Of/Frances LEE/Died Sept. 27, 1917/Aged 18 Years

R.C.A./Spr. A. G. MacDONALD/1915-1970

In Memory Of/Alex. McAULEY/Died Sept. 7, 1906/Aged 69 years/McAULEY

John Arthur McAULEY/1872-1910

In Loving Memory Of/Janet McGILL/Beloved Wife Of/James MORTON/Born In Newmilns Ayrshire Scotland/April 19, 1861/Died March 10, 1911/MORTON/Of Their Son/Alex. S. MORTON/Killed In Action In France/Oct. 28, 1916/Aged 21 yrs

In Memory Of/Angus McFARLAN/Died 2nd Aug. 1895/Aged 25 Yrs, 4 Mos./McFARLAN

Lewis Guthrie McNAUGHT/Born May 30, 1870/At Culag, Luss, Dumbartonshire/Died July 10, 1910/McNAUGHT

McRAE/William J. McRAE/Born April 1, 1858/Died Jan. 7, 1919/Agnes A. MARSH/His Wife/Born May 16, 1858/Died March 10, 1922/E. Victoria McRAE/Born May 9, 1885/Died Dec. 11, 1887/Agnes Ethel McRAE/Born Sept. 26, 1879/Died Dec. 20, 1953

MILLER/In Memory Of/John MILLER/Born Jan. 5, 1850/Died April 11, 1906/Margaret LINN/His Wife/Born May 16, 1851/Died Feb. 4, 1938/Ada Margaret/April 11, 1876/Sept. 7, 1960

In Loving Memory Of/Mary M. MOORE/Died __________________/3 Months, 24 Days

In Memory Of/Emma PORTER/Beloved Wife Of/Isaac Fisher SMITH/Died Feb. 12, 1905/In Her 49th Year/Native Of LakenHeath Cambridgeshire, England/SMITH/In Memory Of/Isaac F. SMITH/Died May 16, 1929/Aged 78 Years/His Beloved Wife/Angelina Goring LEE/Died Oct. 14, 1944/Aged 85 Years/Also Of Their Sons/Killed In Action In France/George Henry/Sept. 20, 1915/Aged 29 Years/Hardy Alfred/Sept. 30, 1918/Aged 22 Years

In Memory Of/May H./Beloved Wife Of/David T. RIX/_____1899/Aged______

SHAW/In Memory Of/Alexander SHAW/1873-1910/Emma F. McAULEY/1872-1964/Their Son/John Alexander/1907-1934

At Rest/Benjamin S. VAN NORMAN/Died Dec. 7, 1918/Aged 59 Years/Verna VAN NORMAN/Died May 12, 1915/Aged 16 Years/Mary DUKE/Wife Of/Benjamin S. VAN NORMAN/Died Nov. 19, 1944/Aged 79 Years/VAN NORMAN


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