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photos of the headstones of this cemetery, may be found at Ontaio Headstone Photo Project;

At Rest/Joseph A. BARON/Born June 3, 1884/Died Mar. 17, 1930/His Beloved Wife/Bertha R. NEWBY/Born May 29, 1884/Died June 18, 1961

BELL/In Memory Of/Lorne C. BELL/1905-1963/Beloved Husband Of/Ruby E. BUSHILL/1914-1971


Gone But Not Forgotten/Dorothy Jane BOWMAN/Beloved Wife Of/Andrew NOBLE/Died Jan. 5, 1914/In Her 37th Year/NOBLE/Margaret J. DOWLING/Wife Of John BOWMAN/July 2, 1839-June 24, 1923/John BOWMAN/Oct. 16, 1846-Mar. 23, 1923

In Memory Of/Catherine/Wife Of James Boyd Sr./Died Mar. 21, 1900/Aged 74 Years, 11 Months/Catherine/Daughter Of/James & Elizabeth BOYD Jr./Born Mar. 11, 1902/Died Feb. 27, 1904/BOYD/In Loving Memory Of/Elizabeth Margaret JONES/Beloved Wife Of/James BOYD Jr./Nov. 30, 1872-July 23, 1944/James BOYD Jr./Beloved Husband Of/Elizabeth Margaret JONES/July 3, 1868-April 9, 1953

CALDERWOOD/In Memory Of/Mary McCAUGHEY/Beloved Wife Of/John CALDERWOOD/Died 19 Nov. 1893/Aged 37 Years/And Their Infant Son/Joseph R./Died 15 Dec. 1893/Aged 4 Weeks

In Memory Of/John/Brother Of Andrew CRAIG/Died April 3, 1906/Native Of Strathaven Scotland/CRAIG

In Memory Of/Eva/Beloved Child Of/Chas. & Lydia (Gedge)ELLIS/Died 11 May, 1893/Aged 3 Years, 5 Mos., 16 Days

In Memory Of/William/Beloved Child Of/William & Harriet (Hendron) ELLIS/Died May 1, 1893/Aged 3 Years,___________, 3 Days

Erected By Longford Lumber Co./In Memory Of/Joseph ENGLISH/Died Oct. 15th, 1892/Aged 75 Years/At His Death He Was The Oldest Employee Of The Company. Having Been In Their Employ Over 21 Years.

In Memory Of/George Edward/Son Of John and Eunice(Plunket) FERRIER/May 4, 1886-April 11, 1893/FERRIER

GORING: Edwin Herbert/Born Jan. 7, 1878/Died Dec. 2, 1897/Ada M./Born May 15, 1880/Died Feb. 9, 1902/In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions
/Stephen GORING/Born Nov. 5, 1851/Died May 1, 1912/Nellie (Goring)/Wife Of J. S. SHARPE/Born Sept. 9, 1874/Died Mar. 10, 1900

GORING/In Memory Of/Idella (Barager)/Beloved Wife Of/Edgar GORING/Who Died July 3, 1898/Aged 23 Yrs, 6 Mos.

GORING/In Loving Memory Of/Edgar GORING/1867-1937

HICKS/At Rest/James Yelverton HICKS/Died Aug. 15th, 1924

Joseph Ely/Beloved Child Of/Joseph H. & Annie JONES/Died Sept. 27, 1891/Aged 3 Weeks

At Rest/William H. JONES/Died Dec. 30, 1935/Aged 73 Years/Jessie RUTTAN/Beloved Wife Of/William H. JONES/Died Dec. 13, 1922/Aged 52 Years/JONES

LEE/In Loving Memory Of/Frances LEE/Died Sept. 27, 1917/Aged 18 Years

R.C.A./Spr. A. G. MacDONALD/1915-1970

In Memory Of/Alex. McAULEY/Died Sept. 7, 1906/Aged 69 years/McAULEY

John Arthur McAULEY/1872-1910

In Loving Memory Of/Janet McGILL/Beloved Wife Of/James MORTON/Born In Newmilns Ayrshire Scotland/April 19, 1861/Died March 10, 1911/MORTON/Of Their Son/Alex. S. MORTON/Killed In Action In France/Oct. 28, 1916/Aged 21 yrs

In Memory Of/Angus McFARLAN/Died 2nd Aug. 1895/Aged 25 Yrs, 4 Mos./McFARLAN

Lewis Guthrie McNAUGHT/Born May 30, 1870/At Culag, Luss, Dumbartonshire/Died July 10, 1910/McNAUGHT

McRAE/William J. McRAE/Born April 1, 1858/Died Jan. 7, 1919/Agnes A. MARSH/His Wife/Born May 16, 1858/Died March 10, 1922/E. Victoria McRAE/Born May 9, 1885/Died Dec. 11, 1887/Agnes Ethel McRAE/Born Sept. 26, 1879/Died Dec. 20, 1953

MILLER/In Memory Of/John MILLER/Born Jan. 5, 1850/Died April 11, 1906/Margaret LINN/His Wife/Born May 16, 1851/Died Feb. 4, 1938/Ada Margaret/April 11, 1876/Sept. 7, 1960

In Loving Memory Of/Mary M. MOORE/Died __________________/3 Months, 24 Days

In Memory Of/Emma PORTER/Beloved Wife Of/Isaac Fisher SMITH/Died Feb. 12, 1905/In Her 49th Year/Native Of LakenHeath Cambridgeshire, England/SMITH/In Memory Of/Isaac F. SMITH/Died May 16, 1929/Aged 78 Years/His Beloved Wife/Angelina Goring LEE/Died Oct. 14, 1944/Aged 85 Years/Also Of Their Sons/Killed In Action In France/George Henry/Sept. 20, 1915/Aged 29 Years/Hardy Alfred/Sept. 30, 1918/Aged 22 Years

In Memory Of/May H./Beloved Wife Of/David T. RIX/_____1899/Aged______

SHAW/In Memory Of/Alexander SHAW/1873-1910/Emma F. McAULEY/1872-1964/Their Son/John Alexander/1907-1934

At Rest/Benjamin S. VAN NORMAN/Died Dec. 7, 1918/Aged 59 Years/Verna VAN NORMAN/Died May 12, 1915/Aged 16 Years/Mary DUKE/Wife Of/Benjamin S. VAN NORMAN/Died Nov. 19, 1944/Aged 79 Years/VAN NORMAN


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