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Philip William McRae Draft Paper
Philip William McRae Draft Paper

    Concession N, Lot 9

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    BRUNSON/In Loving Memory Of/Charles H. BRUNSON/1916-1986/Beloved Husband Of/Eileen C. SHANNON/1922-

    BRUNSON/In Memory Of/Caroline E. LUCK/1892-1959/Beloved Wife Of/John BRUNSON/1888-1974

    BRUNSON/In Memory Of/John Stanley/1919-1948/Beloved Son Of/John & Caroline E./BRUNSON

    BRUNSON/In Memory Of/William BRUNSON/1890-1960/Beloved Husband Of/Sefronia PARKER/1888-1971

    In Memory Of/George BRUNSON/Died/April 28, 1906/Aged/80 Years/His Wife/Mary D. BRUNSON/Died June 9, 1934

    Our Dear Son/Lyle A. M. BRUNSON/May 3, 1932-July 3, 1950

    BRUNSON/In Memory Of/Bernard C. BRUNSON/1920-1940/Melvin A. BRUNSON/1919-1921

    CAMICK/In Loving Memory Of/Ernest CAMICK/July 8, 1896-Sept. 17, 1971/Beloved Husband Of/Margaret A. McDONALD

    CARRICK/In Loving Memory Of/John CARRICK/Dec. 4, 1858-April 18, 1917/Mary Ida McDANIEL/His Wife/Dec. 3, 1870-Jan. 7, 1944/Baby Ida May/ Sept. 12, 1901-Sept. 27, 1901/Pte. Ernest Nelson Carrick/April 21, 1897-Sept. 8, 1916/Buried In Kensell Green Cemetery/London England

    CARRICK/In Loving Memory Of/John Jeffrey Carrick/Aug.31, 1894-July 25, 1952

    Asleep In Jesus/Margaret Campbell/Beloved Wife Of/Alexander CARRICK/Died April 17, 1908/Aged 25 Years/Thomas CARRICK/1817-1913/And His Wife/Annie Kyle/1826-1908/Elizabeth Campbell/1859-1910

    CARRICK/In Loving Memory Of/Clayton Thomas CARRICK/May 22, 1924-Aug.13, 1976/Beloved Husband Of/Edith Norma CREASOR/Nov. 3, 1925

    Baby/Dawn Louise/CARRICK/November 14, 1950/Loved Daughter Of/Clayton and Norma

    CARRICK/In Memory Of/Nathaniel J. CARRICK/1874-1944/Beloved Husband Of/Agnes C. MacDONALD/1882-1974/Their Son/Joseph G./1903-1960

    CRAIG/In Memory Of/James H. CRAIG/1911-1985/Beloved Husband Of/Alice E. DENNE/1915-

    CRAIG/Loving Son Of/James and Alice/November 19, 1947/Baby

    DAVY/In Memory Of/Stanley DAVY/1904-1984/Beloved Husband Of/Maud E. L. MILLER/1906-1986

    DAVY/In Memory Of/Cyrus Ira DAVY/May 16, 1913-Feb. 15, 1983/His Beloved Wife/Orma L. OLDFIELD/April 24, 1917-Daughter G. Annette/May 29, 1959-Oct. 12, 1978

    DAVY/Marshall DAVY/Beloved Husband Of/Eliza LIGGET/1869-1940/DAVY

    DAVY/At Rest/Eliza LIGGET/Beloved Wife OF/Marshal DAVY/1874-1923

    Nina DAVY/1909-1927

    In Memory Of/Mary MITCHELL/1911-1961/Beloved Wife Of/W. George DENNE/1901-1971

    In Memory Of/Frederick DENNE/1893-1968/Beloved Husband Of/Elizabeth BEVERIDGE

    DUNLOP/In Memory Of/Mary Maud/Beloved Daughter Of/Robert and Violet/1888-1968

    In Memory Of/Robert/1864-1905/His Wife/Violet/1865-1942/DUNLOP

    DUNLOP/In Memory Of/John Dunlop/Beloved Husband Of/Gladys GENNO/1900-1959

    DUNLOP/In Loving Memory Of/Mary E. DENNE/1903-1969/Beloved Wife Of/G. Stanley DUNLOP/1898-1974

    DUNLOP/In Memory Of/William L. DUNLOP/1902-1972/Beloved Husband Of/Isabell M. McDONALD/1909-1988

    Our Son/Stanley Vernon/DUNLOP/April 28-May 2, 1951

    FLETCHER/Bertha Adeline BRUNSON/Sept. 27, 1916-Oct. 18, 1987/Beloved Wife Of/John H. (Jack) FLETCHER/Feb. 17, 1918-July 3, 1977/Buried at Oshawa

    Robert James GENNO/Died Dec. 3, 1917/Aged 65 Years/GENNO

    At Rest/Verlie Gladys/Daughter Of/Robert J. & Alberta/GENNO/Died June 3, 1920/In Her 16th Year/GENNO

    GENNO/Noble O. GENNO/June 11, 1910-/Beloved Husband Of/Irene HEPINSTALL/Nov. 22, 1914-Nov. 19, 1986

    In Memory Of/James GOUDIE/Died/Oct. 7, 1899/Aged 73 years/Native Of Scotland/GOUDIE

    HEPINSTALL/Sarah (Sally) KERR/1919-1977/Beloved Wife Of/Russell Wm. HEPINSTALL/1917-1981

    HEPINSTALL/Minnie JOHNSON/1894-1980/Beloved Wife Of/Wm. E. HEPINSTALL/Dear Mother Of/Grace, Kenneth, Vera, Basil, and John/In Memory Of/Kenneth Edmund/Son of/William and Minnie/HEPINSTALL/Killed In Action/Buried In Italy/1925-1944

    Harold HEPINSTALL/1913-1972

    HEPINSTALL/In Memory Of/Howard L. HEPINSTALL/1916-1969/Beloved Husband Of/Doris K. COOPER

    HEPINSTALL/In Memory Of/Our Mother/Edna J. McNABB/1893-1983

    Harold HEPINSTALL/1-26-1913/7-7-1972

    Dad/Cecil Charles/HEPINSTALL/Aug.18, 1911-June 10, 1987

    HEPINSTALL/Wm. W. HEPINSTALL/1848-1919/His Beloved Wife/Alice M. BURLEIGH/1857-1946/Alberta 1878-1905/William 1894-1938/Charles 1886-1950/HEPINSTALL/Sarah HOLIDAY/Wife Of/Richard HEPINSTALL/1814-1907

    In Loving Memory/Mary JOHNSON/Wife Of/Daniel JOHNSON/Born Sept. 15, 1826-Died Jan. 15, 1909

    John JUSTIN/Died/May 23, 1911/Aged 83 Years, 3 Months/Nancy FOSTER/Beloved Wife Of/John JUSTIN/Died/June 5, 1909/Aged 71 Years/JUSTIN

    Gone But Not Forgotten/In Memory Of/Edwin/Son Of/Robert J. & Matilda/JUSTIN/Died June 6, 1903/Aged 13 Yrs. 6 Mos. 17 Days

    LANGLEY/Lawrence/1924-1974/Gloria K.

    Son/Lawrence A./LANGLEY/1954-1983

    Grandmother/Amy LIGGETT/1839-1922

    In Memory Of/John McDANIEL/Emma GRAHAM/His Wife/1879-1937/J.P. BISSELL/Ida M. BISSELL/Margaret BAUULER

    McDONALD/In Memory Of/Duncan S. McDONALD/February 4, 1900-January 10, 1970/Beloved Son Of/Harriet and Edward

    McDONALD/In Memory Of/Edward McDONALD/1867-1935/His Beloved Wife/Harriet Alica SAVELLE/1870-1952/Their Son Alexander/Beloved Husband Of/Orma JOSLIN/1905-1932

    MILLS/In Memory Of/Lorne WITNEY/MILLS/1909-/Beloved Husband Of/Rosella SCHAUS

    MITCHELL/In Memory Of/Allan M. MITCHELL/1886-1947/Beloved Husband Of/Jessie BONNYMAN

    George ROSS

    SCHELL/In Memory Of/ Gordon S. SCHELL/March 18, 1908-July 5, 1982/His Beloved Wife/Kathleen J. BLAKELOCK/June 12, 1912

    Walter WEST/1919-1980/Lovingly Remembered By/Mary Anne, Lily, Debbie,Rick, and Cindy

    Walter WEST/December 9, 1919/September 15, 1980/Dad


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