The Orillia Newsletter
March 20, 1907


Mr. P. J. Marren’s family are moving into Mr. Duncan’s McRae’ new house.
The snow is nearly all gone about here.
Mr. R. Clayson called on friends here on Friday and Saturday.
Mr. Michael Koster, of Toronto, is here visiting relatives.
Miss Clara O’Donnell, formerly of Brechin, has presented St. Andrew’s church with new “Stations of the Cross.” The blessing of them will take place next Thursday at 4 o’clock, and Archbishop O’Connor, of Toronto, is coming out for the occasion.
Dr. Gilpin left for New York on Friday. He goes there to study the various new diseases.
Mr. Colin McDonald has received word that his brother, Angus McDonald, formerly of Kirkfield, died at his home in Kamloops, B. C. March 17.
Mr. Wm. Ainsworth and family left for the West on Tuesday.
Men’s toggery galore, at Morris’s


Mr. and Mrs. John McKenzie and family have returned to Comox, B. C. after spending two and a half months at the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John McKenzie.
Mrs. W. Robert Payne, of Toronto, spent Sunday with her parents here.
Mrs. K. McRae and Mrs. H. McFadyen, of Balsover, was visiting here the past week.


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