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The Orillia Newsletter
Jan. 16, 1907

There is nothing but railway talk nowadays, and the future of Brechin is exhaustively discussed by local sages, who in imagination see high smokestacks arising from numerous factories, driven by electricity transmitted from Cooper’s Falls. With two railways already running through the place, another to come next summer without fail, and a proposed trolley system choosing this as its terminus, the prospects of the village may be described as encouraging. But up to the present not one move has been made by our citizens in the direction of obtaining estimates of the probable cost of securing electric energy from the source above mentioned, or in developing our tourist trade. Are we to remain dormant until rival towns and villages grab all the power within reach, or will a movement be made to take advantage of our exceptionally favored location?

The International Harvester Co., which has hitherto been unrepresented here, has now local representatives in the persons of Messrs. R. & T. Sheridan. Since entering into contract with the company, and by a thorough canvass being impressed by the growing demand for superior goods, the Messrs. Sheridan appeal for patronage on the merits of their machinery, which will stand every test.

A News-letter representative recently called upon Mr. J. D. Brady, and found him in the old stand, but surrounded by a stock that has grown with the years, and up to his ears in work intended for the spring trade. It is seventeen years since J. D. came from Lindsay and settled in this village, but the demand for good clothes, and his reputation as a skilful tailor, have kept him here ever since.

You may not be aware of the fact but your old friend Fred Maundrell, proprietor of the Arlington, has one of the best appointed hostelries between Orillia and Peterboro. Since taking possession a year ago last September he has entirely refurnished the house, and it is now lit by acetylene and furnace heated. It is safe to say there is three times the business done since the energetic Orillian took charge.


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