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Feb. 13, 1907


The extreme cold weather has driven the farmers to the best end of their wood pile, but has not in any way interfered with the booming business of this hamlet. There are already four passenger trains stopping at our station daily, also numerous freights. Farm produce is being shipped in spite of the fact that the stock yards and grain elevator are not as yet erected.
A meeting was held last week at O’Connell school, where considerable oratorical talent was displayed, an association being formed to look after the development of the real estate interests of our coming town.
It is rumoured that our electric power lights etc., will be transmitted form Cooper’s Falls.
The Newman Bros., who have purchased Mr. Tom McNulty’s farm, have been busily engaged unloading their machinery off the C.N.O. railway cars, drawing ice, and making other preparations for a large butter factory, which they hope to have completed at an early date. Others are making preparations for building. Mr. Wm. Ormsby has a large stock of logs in his mill yard this winter.
Mr. M. J. Morris, of Parry Sound spent a few days under the parental roof last week.
We are pleased to learn that Miss Nettie Johnson is improving, after a severe attack of pleuro-pneumonia.

Mr. Laughlin McKinnon, of Dakota, visited friends at Cosy Dell last week.
Mr. John Mulvihill is busy taking out timber for a new barn. He intends to build in the spring.
Mr. John O’Connor is hauling timber for his new barn.
Mr. R. McPherson sold a fine horse to Mr. Angus Galbraith, of Elmvale, recently, at a good figure.
Miss B. O’Connell, of Atherley, visited friends here last week.
Mr. J. J. McDonald sold a valuable two-year old colt to Mr. H. H. Young, of Vasey, a few days ago.
Master Harry W. McDonald returned to town after spending a few days with his parents at Cosy Dell.
A surprise party from Mara arrived at the home of Mrs J. J. McDonald a few nights ago. All returned home after having a good time with music and singing till the wee small hours.
Miss Mary Nicholson, of Brechin, is visiting under the parental roof.
Mrs. Henderson, of Baysville, is staying with her mother, Mrs. R. Gilbert.
Mrs. Joseph’s Hill’s sister is spending a short time in this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Garfield Stephenson and little daughter of Orillia, spent Sunday at “Hillcrest.”
Mrs. M. Newby is visiting relatives in Orillia.
Mr. Frank Adams has returned from the lumber camps.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kett jr. have the sympathy of the entire community in the loss of their only son.
Where is the weather prophet who was talking of robins being here. I think he made a large mistake as it is away below zero at time of writing.


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