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We need to get pictures and history of the Ragged Rapids school–store and local families Please reply by our Contact link

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I’m working on my family tree, and have ancestors from Victoria Road
(Dennis Cronin and Timothy Finn to name two). My Grandmother (Margaret
Ann Cronin) was also from the other. Interested if any of your readers
wish to connect.

Thank you
Greg Polan

Greg Polan <>

I would like to correspond with anyone who is related to or has knowledge of the following pioneers:  John Currie (b. 1797) of Bradford, or of his brothers Malcolm (b. 1783) and William (b. 1788); Thomas McNabb (b. 1840) and his wife Charlotte Robins (b. 1847) of Cooper’s Falls; Finlay McNabb (b. 1843) of Cooper’s Falls;  Ann Robins McNabb (d. 1932 in Draper Township); John McPhee (b. 1890) of Washago. Please Contact:

I am looking for representatives of the family of  John Henry Thompson 1870-1956 and Margret Elenore  Henwood 1883 1966 and Ella, Grant, Lyle, Bert, Alice, Leslie,  Clifford, Glen and John They lived In Dalrymple then moved

 I am the step-daughter of Duncan T. Lambe who lived in and around the Brechin area and whose family are buried somewhere in the Brechin/Udney area. I am particularly interested in locating the burial place of his sister Irene Martin and his parents Joseph Lamb(e) who died in 1940 and Mary Lamb(e) who die at a young age somewhere around 1911. They all lived in the area and are buried close by. I have been unsuccessful in locating them both in the Udney United Church cemetery and The Fairvalley cemetery and all other protestant cemeteries in the area. I even thought perhaps the M. Dack farm but if that were the case they have all been moved elsewhere according to the genealogy sites that I have visited. I have been up in the area many times searching for some trace of them to no avail. I know that they are there somewhere because Duncan spoke of them when we lived in Brechin in the 1950’s and he mentioned they were somewhere near Udney. I was too young to pay attention to what he told us.
Any information that you can provide to me with regards to their whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps you would know a government agency that would handle vital statistics in that area.
Thank you
Elise (Lambe) Beck


This came in on Dec 6 2017

I noticed the post from a Elise about the Lamb family in which she was
looking for Joseph and Mary who died about 1911. I do not see any
contact info in regards to this post. There is a Joseph Lamb(e) who
died in 1940 and Mary Lamb(e) who die at a young age somewhere around
1911 in Saint Andrews and Saint James Cemetery  Orillia, Simcoe
County, Ontario, Canada memorial # 169070745. Is there a way to contact her to see if this helps.noticed the post from a Elise about the Lamb family in which she was
looking for Joseph and Mary who died about 1911. I do not see any


Postby isabel » Wed Jun 18, 2014 9:44 pm

Seeking information on a “Mr and Mrs. Campbell (Maggie McGregor)” whose photo appears on pg 638 of “They Came to Mara…”
I have been unsuccessful in identifying “Mr. Campbell”.
I would love to know when and where the Campbells were married, where they lived after their marriage, whether they had children, etc.
The photo in the book was courtesy of Mary Wither who contributed quite a number of the photos in the book. I wonder whether there might there be any way of determining who contributed the McGregor information.

I would be most grateful for any assistance.


James R Calback–Grace Lewis

I am trying to get some information on James R CALBACK-1909-1979 and his wife Grace V LEWIS-1907-2005. I believe that they may be part of our family . I would appreciate communicating with anyone who could help me. Thank you.

Michael Graham

Hi I am a female descendant of Michael Graham and would like to submit a tree from ancestry for the Michael Graham family as I have many of his descendents. I even have a pic of his son William Patrick Graham, my g-grandfather. So I would like to know how to create an album also. Plus I still have not been able to find the parents of Michael Graham and where he was born in Ireland. Thanks Liz

Location: Alberta

I just came across this website and I have been glued to it. My Great Grandparents are John Fergus Marren and Maybelle Paul. I have had a hard time learning of their ancestry until now. →">Continue reading

I am looking for information  on the Eagleson Family as well.  Do you have
any earlier history on Frank and Catherine?


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