The Town of Longford was a “Company town” Many of these stories are stories of the company

Orillia Times April 18, 1884

Your correspondent thought it was about time, after such a long winter, to let you know what is being done at this busy little village. Mr. Thompson of Longford Lumber Company. Has just returned from a visit to the principle lumber districts, including Albany and New York, and since his return, has made sales of all the lumber held over from last season, in all, about nine million feet, at figures lower than last year. Although lower the indications are, the trade is still healthy condition, as he has already had several offers and many inquiries for the cut of this season, which will be about 15 million. The lath and shingles are already closed out and shipping has commenced and the ice in Lake St. John is pretty near out. The mills are now about repaired and will commence to saw about the first of May.  Mill hands are being engaged and the present prospect is, labourers will be plentiful although a large number are required. Those in want of work should apply at once.



Orillia Packet and Times, October 4, 1957

The story of Longford Township is one of tall pine timber, crashing logs on flooding waters, sturdy lumberjacks and raging forest fires.  →">Continue reading


Story of the life of the late John Thomson, who formed the Longford Lumber Company and built mill at Longford Mills —Father of Orillia’s Postmaster

By J.R. Hale

Packet and Times May 9, 1929 →">Continue reading

The Expositor
July 10, 1868

The saw-mill which has been recently erected by Messrs. Thomson & Millar, of this village (formerly of Peterboro’) is now in operation, and as one of the latest improvements in this part of the country deserves more than a mere casual notice. The mill is situated on Lake St. John, two →">Continue reading

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