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Pioneer Families

In this area we are recording the family histories from all four townships Most families knew each other and some are inter-related

Ancient History first

It is reported the McNamee name was mentioned in the ancient history of Ireland before the year one They were poets to the O’Neil clan-an original tribe in Northern Ireland. Actually being the poet was better than being the king. The kings could be deposed or murdered but the poets were never mistreated because they were the keepers of the oral history. The poets were noted for their memory, wit and sarcasm. This apple has traveled many miles

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A family chronicle
By Myrtle Graham
An eleventh hour attempt to record the lingering lore associated with Joel and Sarah Day for the possible satisfaction of their many descendants in 1967. Surely, few families of modest station have been more harassed by relevant events of history than has the Day family.
Sincere gratitude is due the few who travelled far down Memory Lane for the tales which follow. Indulgence is requested for any inadvertent errors.

Centennial Year, 1967

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Tom Joslin arrived in Dalton in 1870 and retired to Coopers Falls in 1908
Young Tom –his son— had a carpentry–black smith shop in Coopers Falls before moving to Hawkstone in1912
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