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The Association has on several occasions suggested that the annual match should be held in the Northern Township, but they had no assurance that the ploughman of the southern townships of North Ontario would journey so far to take part

The trucks made it possible for entrants from Uxbridge, Scarborough, Woodville and other distant points to come

Forty three teams and four tractors took part and made the competition keen.

Ploughing took place on the farm of Mr. Allan Gelately at Rathburn  The soil was suitable, the fields level, free from stone and some excellent ploughing was done . The horses were quite above average. At the presentation of the prizes in the evening Mr. A.E. Wilson of Port Hope said he never saw the land more nicely ploughed than was done that day and the horses which won prizes were two outstanding teams, well fed and outfitted.

Amongst the visitors, Mr. G.H. O. Thomas, Editor of the Bracebridge Gazette and his son Mr.Redmond Thomas, Barrister of Bracebridge, Mr. H.M. Goltz of Bracebridge, President of the Muskoka Ploughman’s Association and know internationally as a prize winner for grain and vegetables, Mr. James Blanchard, MPP for North Ontario, Mr. Lowe, Reeve of Uxbridge, Thomas Morrison, Reeve of Scott, W.O. Webster, Clerk of Scott.

In the evening a banquet was held in the dance hall at the corner of the Fair Valley Road and the Monck Road,in Rathburn

The junior match in Udney a week before had helped the big match. James McLean a gold medalist had coached the boys. There were three classes in the contest and for boys from 22 to 25, stubble 18 to 21, stubble for boys 17 and under. In the first class 22 to 25, the prize winners were Earl McCuaig, Edgar Mangan and Ralph Yates, 17 and Under Francis Barbour, Sherdy Mangan, Jack Murphy, Byron Thomas.


First class: Men in Sod, High cut, 4 competing W. Timbers, Stouffville, J.D. Tran, Stoufville, Lloyd Turner, Markham, Lloyd Marquis, Uxbridge.

Second Class: Men Jointer ploughs 4 competing, John Medd, Port Perry, Ralph Smih, Uxbridge, Wilfred Ferguson, Stouffville, Stuart Ball, Uxbridge.

Third Class:Men , Jointer Plows in Sod, 6 competitors, D. Ferguson, Stouffville, James E. Lee, Gree bank, William Hill, Greenbank, Charles Ball, Uxbridge.

Fourth Class: Men, Jointer Plows, Stubble or Black Land 6 competitors, John T. McDonald, Uptergrove, Kenneth O’Connell, O’Connell, Hector McKinnon, Atherley, Edward Morris, Stouffville.

Fifth Class: Stubble, Boys 17 and younger, 9 competing, Sheridan Mangan, Udney, Leonard Short, Woodlle, Lloyd Clark, Uxbridge, Jack Flewell, Uxbridge. Francis Barber, Uptergrove.

Sixth Class: Stubble, Boys 18 to 21, 12 competing, Earl McCuaig, Gamebridge, Donald Jarvis, Stouffville, Melville Mangan, Udney, Charles Clark, Uxbridge, Joseph Healy, Uptergrove, Edwin Ferguson, Stouffville.

Seventh Clas: Tractors in Sod 2 competing, Melville Hoar, Woodville, Ewart Pinder, Aurora.

Seventh Class: tractors, Stubble or Black Land, 3 competing, Francis Geliately, Rathburn, Colin Johnston, Cannington, Arthur Duffy, Rathburn.

Champion Prize on Boys Class, One piece silver tea service, 24 carat gold lined was won by Earl McCuaig, Gamebridge.

Best Team: Joseph Lee, Rathburn, Joseph Healey, Uptergrove,

Oldest Ploughman Competing: Roger McPherson

Youngest Plowman Competing: Ross Marquis, Uxbridge 14.

Best Finish, Tractors Class 7, Melville Hear, Woodville.

Best Finish Tractors Class 8. Francis Geliately, Rathburn

Crown Class 1, High Cut. D.G. Tran, Stouffville

Finish Class 1 High Cut W. k (?) Stouffville.