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 circa 1916- children of Hank and Josephine Corrigan-Washington State
circa 1916- children of Hank and Josephine Corrigan-Washington State
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    I came across this piece about the Point Mara Kennedy family and I thought
    I would share. One of my McDonald family married John Alexander Kennedy and
    later lived in Manitoba.

    Submitted by Ron Zinck

    “In his will, dated 12 August 1847, Alexander Kennedy bequeathed five acres
    of the extreme point on Point Mara as a site for a Roman Catholic Church.
    Among the earliest settlers of Point Mara, Alexander began purchasing land
    as early as 1827. Like other early settlers, he apparently had ties to
    other locales and dwelled intermittently in the Township of North
    Gwillimbury. Three known children of Alexander were: Jane, who married
    Edward Doucette, Angus, and Donald, also known as Daniel. All three resided
    in Mara Township. Jane and Edward resided on the West 1/2 of Lot 14,
    Concession C. Angus and his wife Josephine or Josette (Dolloy?) settled the
    East 1/2 Half of Lot 14 Con C. Donald and his wife Mary Brown resided on
    part of Lot 16 Con C. Mary or Martha, as she was also known, was of
    Presbyterian faith, and so they were buried, as were several of their
    offspring, in the Stone Church cemetery. From Donald’s death registration,
    came his mother’s surname–Chaney. Included with this information was her
    birthplace, Manitoba. This was the only information found regarding the
    mother of the Point Mara Kennedys, but it brought to mind the name of
    another South Mara settler, Chenier. Perhaps it was only a coincidence that
    in 1834 Francois Chemminerie [sic] [Chenier] purchased the South part of
    Lot 16 Con B from Alexander Kennedy of North Gwillimbury

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