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    Mike Crosby continues to update postings in the family trees  They are usually  minor, most are related to family trees that were posted years ago, and since then new dates  or recent obits.  Mostly  exact dates and locations. Check out your family tree and if it needs small adjustments, let us know

Community Facts
Compiled by Weldon Neal

Community Facts
Compiled by Weldon Neal

May 9 -Mrs. Wm. Scriver Jr. died suddenly
12 -Coronation of George VI
June 1 -Victoria Road Hydro sold to H.E. P. C.
16 -Light turned on at Balsam Lake
Aug. 6 -A. Craggs died of cancer-age 32
11 -Wes Widdis died
Sept. 4 -Olive Ryckman left the store
Oct. 5 -Mrs. Robt. Hargrave Sr. died
6 -Hepburn Govt. returned for 2nd term
Nov. 8 -Fargo truck in service –first day

Jan. 15 -Olive Ryckman married Norman Lucas
17 -Wellington Alton had left leg off Ross Memorial. Hospital.
27 -Niagara Falls bridge carried off by ice
22 -Frank Benson married Josephine McKague
28 -Alfred Scriver-died of cancer
Apr. 8 -Mrs. Geo. McKague died
17 -Mrs. John Cardwell died
21 -George Blanchard died , age 90
25 -George Killingsworth died Martha’s brother-in-law
Aug. 28 -Mabel Neal (Dowson) died age 30
Sept. 15 -J. W. Shields died-had Meyer’s store
16 -Electric refrig. in service at store
17 -Mrs. McNamee Sr. died-age 98
21 -Wm. Bell married Vina Lytle
Oct. 3 -Russell McCallum died-age 18
Dec. 21 -Hydro turned on in Bexley

Jan. 11 -Mrs. Margaret Bryans died-age 86
Feb. 9 -Moses Mitchell died-86
9 -Pope Pius XI died-81
Mar. 2 -New Pope XII elected
May 9 -Pat Sweeney died
22 -King Geo. VI and Queen visited Toronto
Sept. 3 -Gr. Britain and France declare war on Germany
6 -Geo. Johnston died
9 -Martin Connolly died
10 -Canada declares war on Germany
Oct. 25 -John Walsh Sr. died-age 96
Dec. 30 -John Foreman died-age 93-built the Neal house

Feb. 2 -Mrs. Jack Roberts-died age 39
11 -Governor General Lord Tweedsmuir died
11 -Mrs. Mary Ballam died-age 82-Tom’s mother
20 -Mrs. Wes. Widdis died-age 69
23 -Wm. Hicks died-age 78-Russell’s father
Mar. 5 -Mrs. John Forman died
26 -King Government returned for 2nd term
June 13 -Mrs. Wm. Benson died-Frank’s mother
20 -John McKay died-age 86-Rod’s father
27 -Thomas Craggs died-age 71-Frank’s grandfather
July 3 -Ed Laing died-age 74
10 -Wm. Richmond died
Aug. 9 -Joe Downes died-Bill’s dad
11 -Mrs. Ewers died- Billy John’s mother
Sept. 6 -Mrs. Albert Bell died-age 47-Leona Taylor’s mother
9 -A. Brentnill left working at the store
21 -Rod Crarey started at the store
Nov. 19 -Annie McLeod died-age 77
28 -Mrs. Alf. Taylor died-age 87-Jean’s grandmother
28 -Jack Ferguson died-age 78-Alan’s brother
Dec. 2 -Richard Dawson died-bought the Neal farm
31 -Caleb Moore died-age 67-Ivan’s uncle

Jan. 14 -Mrs. Jas. McPhail died-age 65-Maude Jean’s mother
Feb. 7 -John Montgomery died
11 -Morris Conners died-Lena King’s husband
Mar. 13 -Mrs. Wm. Ashby died-Verna’s mother
15 -Paddy McNaney died-Jack’s uncle
Apr. 2 -Jessie Ferguson died-Jack, Alan’s sister
22 -Dorothy McPhail died-age 17
29 -Owen Murphy died-age 89-known as Ownie
May 21 -Russell Hick’s house and barn burned-lightening
June 23 -Clarence Lytle left his job as a baker at the store (Ben)
July 9 -Mrs. Geo. Johnston died-age 69
Aug. 19 -Robt. Staples died
19 -Mrs. Alex Ross died-Mona Gordon’s mother
Sept. 16 -Jim McMillan died
Oct. 6 -Kay Barrett married Bruce Smith
8 -Martha Killingsworth married Jim Peters
Nov. 13 -John Wylie Sr. died-age 76
Dec. 11 -Mrs. Miller died-Jack’s mother
14 -Neil McLeod died
25 -Mrs. Pat Fitzgerald died-age 86-Bill’s mother

Jan. 2 -Jim Lucy died-age 82
Mar. 5 -Con Sullivan died-age 84
Apr. 9 -Dr. Millyard died
May 30 -John Hughes died
June 3 -Mrs. John Black died-age 81
23 -John Scriver died
27 -Mrs. Peter Sears-killed in motor accident
Oct. 4 -Wm. Holder died-age 82-Lillian’s dad
Dec. 19 -Russell McCormack died-age 14-Wilfred’s son was in Ont.Hop.Orillia.
His dad rode his bike to Orillia every week to see him
28 -Mrs. Albert Alton died-Campbell Graham’s mother


Jan. 9 Rick Ashby Died
-Joe Taylor died-70 yrs-Jean’s uncle
-Scott Griffin died
19 -Mrs. Robt. Staples died-93yrs-Howard’s mother
30 -Nellie Chardon died
31 -Blacksmith shop caved in
May 14 -Mrs. Owen Murphy died
July 30 -Mrs. Chas. Davey died-Sarah
Aug. 4 -Drew Gov. elected-1st time
26 -Dave Wylie died
Nov. 11 -Alf Everson died –age 67-Irma, Alice, Cliff, Buelah, Lee’s Dad
Dec. 6 -Wm. Scriver died
21 -Albert Ewens died-60 yrs

Feb. 15 -Arthur Oliver died
16 -Dave Martin died-was barber in the village
17 -W. J. Neal (Dad) died-68 yrs
Mar. 23 -Robt. Hargrave died -85 yrs. –Cliff’s father
May 13 -Mrs. Hugh McElroy died
June 6 -United Nations open second front
25 -Mrs. Fred Widdis died-65 yrs.
July 30 -Joe Healy died
Aug. 25 -Vic Dunn died-50 yrs.
29 -Mrs. Percy Oldfield died-74yrs.
Sept. 7 -Mat Stoddart died-80 yrs. –Jarvis, Charlie’s Father
Dec. 1 -Hunter Hick’s –died –Russell’s father

Feb. 26 -Mrs. Richard Parrington died
Mar. 8 -Rod Nichloson died
30 -Tom Burton-died-Eileen’s father
Apr. 5 -Arnott Gilmour-died
12 -President Roosevelt died
25 -Mrs. H. Harris died
May 2 -Campbell Graham died -52 yrs.
8 -Victory declared in Europe
June 4 -Drew Gov. elected-2nd term
11 -King Gov. elected 3rd term
16 -Fred Widdis died
July 5 -Mrs. Ernie Bryans died
Aug. 14 -Japan surrendered
14 -Thomas Brown died
28 -Chas. Fry died
Sept. 3 -Geo. Taylor died – 89 yrs. Jack, Bert, Alma’s Dad
15 -Percy Teel died
Oct. 17 -Joe Fry died-brother of Chas.
18 -Mrs. Wilfred McNaney died

Feb. 13 -Mrs. Ed McNish died-58 yrs
19 -Mary McArthur died-70 yrs
20 -Mrs. Chirpaugh Sr. died-84 yrs
Mar. 16 -Tom Lytle killed by car-68 yrs. –Ben’s Father
21 -Eileen Burton Died-32 yrs—– Dave’s mother
Apr. 10 -John Bailey died-36 yrs.- Wake Howard’s brother-drove the mail
11 -Countess DeLesseps died
20 -Hugh McElroy died
May 4 -Dennis Healey-house burned
9 -Jas. Alton died-82 yrs.
30 -John Alton died-83 yrs. Brothers
June 12 -Mrs. Jim McKay died-88 yrs.
16 -Chas Callan died-68 yrs
17 -Mrs. John Connolly Sr. died-Marg., Joe…..Grandmother
25 -Mrs. Chas Forman died
-Mary MacMillan died
26 -Wm. Hoyle died
July 6 -Cardwell house burned
Aug. 4 -Joe Martin died-Jack’s Father
Sept. 27 -Mrs. Geo. Taylor died-75 yrs.-Jack, Bert, Alma’s Mother
-Bridge built at Corson Siding
-Bridge built at Hargraves
Nov. 20 -Henry Crarey died-90 yrs.-Rod’s father

Jan. 21 -Rose Whalen died-93 yrs.
29 -Mrs. Jacob Sr. died-83 yrs.-Billy’s Mother
Feb. 4 -Alex Anderson died-73 yrs.
11 -Robt. Hicks died-41yrs-first person in vault in Kirkfield-Jean Cunningham’s brother
-no train from Fri. 28th to Sat. Mar. 8th due to storm
May 29 -J. J. Foley died
June 3 -Mrs. John Brentnill died-Pete’s mother
8 -Cecil Frost died-49 yrs.
12 -Rose Wylie died-Jean’s mother-died–
July 20 -Mary Millaley died
Aug. 8 -Wash Irwin died-68yrs.
Sept. 17 -Robt. Bartley died-64 yrs.
Dec. 16 -Marie Neal (Proutt) died-46yrs.
22 -Joe Brotherston died-75 yrs-Steve, Geo., Bill, Margaret, Glady’s father

Jan. 6 -Archie McPhail died-83 yrs.-Jean’s uncle
Feb. 6 -Jim McPhail died-69yrs-Jean’s dad
14 -John Millaley died
20 -Father Kelly died-69 yrs.
Mar. 6 -Ed Lytle died-76 yrs.
21 -Mrs. Wm. Fry-died 84 yrs.-brother-in-law of Grandma Dowson
28 -Steward Dawson, Weldon’s father-in-law died-70 yrs.
Apr. 8 -Frank Folliott died-78 yrs
May 1 -Sold store business to L. H. Palmer
July 8 -Mrs. Andy Gilmour died-Alec. Ross’ Mother
30 -Jack Lytle-died—DBOH–31 yrs. –Ben’s brother

Feb. 4 -Mat McDonald died-78 yrs. – Judy, Shirley, John’s grandfather
Apr. 1 -Mrs. Mabel Stewart died-73 yrs. –Howard’s mother
11 -Mrs. Perry Teel died-73 yrs.-Merv, Geo.’s mother
14 -Mrs. Luscinda Mathewson died-72 yrs.
May 6 -Mrs. Jim Alton-died-86 yrs.
June 27 -Dominion Gov. re-elected Leberals
July 2 -Jas. Adams killed by car at Brotherston’s Corner
Sept. 11 -Ervin Thompson died-69 yrs. –Henry’s dad

Jan. 2 -Weldon’s first year in Bexley Council
19 -Alex and Robt. McNish drowned
Mar. 19 -Bill Graham died-67 yrs.-Post Master
27 -John McNarney died-62 yrs.-Maggie, Dennis’ brother
Apr. 2 -Chas. George died-82 yrs.
May 1 -John Stone died-68 yrs-Art’s Father
June 24 -Dennis McNarney died
July 13 -Peter Sinclair died-85 yrs.
15 -Fergus Cassidy killed by car-51 yrs.-Vanger’s brother-in-law
22 -W. L. MacKenzie King died-75 yrs.
26 -Tom Black died
Aug. 1 -Robt. Bell died-66 yrs.
Oct. 6 -Wm. Duggan died-60 yrs. –Marion’s father
Nov. 16 -Mrs. Ed Bryans died-52 yrs.
Dec. 27 -Dennis Healey died-68 yrs.


Jan. 2 -Luke Mcnaney died-Jack’s father
27 -Art King died
Apr. 5 -Mrs. Steele died
23 -Nelson Brentmill died-58 yrs.
30 -Donald McLeod-Killed with tractor
May 23 -Mrs. Gary Lytle died-31 yrs. Gladys
30 -Merv. Campbell killed-46 yrs.-fell off the roof
June 6 -Murt Duggan died-91 yrs.
Sept. 4 -Mrs. Wm. Richmond died-82 yrs
Nov. 15 -Dan Bell died-85 yrs.-Melville’s father
22 -First Gov. re-elected
Dec. 22 -Wm. McDonald died-78 yrs.


Jan. 4 -Mrs. Joe McKague died
-Mrs. Stinson died
21 -Jack Alton died
Feb. 6 -King George VI died-56 yrs.
14 -Wm. Teel died-86 yrs.
Apr. 26 -Mrs. Dan Bell died-83 yrs.
May 3 -Percy Olfield–died-75 yrs.
28 -Mrs. John Haverchuck died-36 yrs.
June 1 -Robt. Lytle died-79 yrs.-Libby’s dad
2 -Barney McNaney died-84yrs.
17 -Chas. Alton died
25 -Chas. Bell died
Aug. 3 -Mrs. Lee Fitzgerald died
22 -Chas. Robinson died-84 yrs.
Sept. 25 -D. Cronin died-98 yrs.
Nov. 18 -Mrs. Joe Hicks died-70 yrs.-Merv, Jean, Alma, Violet, Bob, Ambrose’s mother


Jan. 13 -Tom McKee died-Jean’s father
-George Garwell –died–
Mar. 19 -Chas. Davey died-70yrs.
22 -Queen Mary died-85 yrs.
Apr. 3 -Donald Peter McKenzie died
23 -Mrs. Peter Sinclair died
June 1 -John Harvey died
2 -Queen Elizabeth Coronation
3 -Jim Webdale died
July 1 -Mick Millaley died
Aug. 15 -Nellie Ewens died
10 Liberal Gov. Dominion returned
17 -Mrs. Jim McNabb died
Sept. 14 -Evelyn McNish died -73 yrs.
Oct. 22 -Wm. Newman died-ex M. P. from Lornesville
Dec. 8 -John Connolly Sr. died-88 yrs.
13 -Jennie McNish died-84 yrs.-used to pick up stones and put them in baskets at Lift Locks
31 -Mrs. Robt. Bell died-65 yrs.


Jan. 22 -Mrs. Wm. Styles died
30 -Robt. McNish died-83 yrs.
May 25 -Mr. Daley died-78 yrs.-Ethel Palmer’s dad
-Ronald McArthur died
June 11 -Oliver Lessard died-76 yrs.-had livery service in village
July 21 -Wm. Wylie died-74 yrs.-Tom, Bill, Mary Anne’s dad
Aug. 27 -Mrs. Carl Brentnill killed-18 yrs.
Sept. 13 -Tom Bartley died
18 -Edward McNish died
Oct. 5 -Irvine Richmond died-39 yrs.
Dec. 14 -Howard DeGeer died-Doris’ father


Jan. 5 -Joe Black died-Melville’s dad
13 -Mrs. Archie McPhail died
31 -Harvey Brentnill died-94 yrs.
Mar. 3 -Frank Stone died-51 yrs.
5 -Mrs. Wake Bailey died
Apr. 12 -Florence DeBusay died
May 1 -Irene Parks died-37 yrs.
4 -Mrs. Hunter Hicks died-78 yrs.
31 -Allen Ferguson died-78 yrs.
June 5 -Luke McNaney died -78 yrs.
16 -John Connolley died-61 yrs.-Kate’s husband
Sept. 15 -Jim Everson died-73 yrs.
25 -Kirkfield School burned
Nov. 18 -Gordon Ouderkirk died-94 yrs.
Dec. 6 -Wm. Whalen died
24 -Mrs. Robt. Parks died
25 -Earl Scriver-shot


Feb. 26 -Joe Lytle died-86 yrs.
Mar. 20 -Min Magwood died-79 yrs.
June 2 -Grant Keown died- 69 yrs.
7 -Mrs. Walter Deurill died
-Charlie Lamantia died
8 -Helen Dufty died-26 yrs.
23 -Mrs. Ed Burke died-87 yrs.
July 3 -Mrs. John Bartley died- 74 yrs.
Sept. 9 -Archie Dedman died-70 yrs.
Dec. 14 -Howard Webdale killed- car accident
24 -Levi Richmond died


Jan. 8 -Wilbert Newman died -62 yrs.-Cora’s husband
Mar. 5 -Mrs. Murt Duggan died-81 yrs
Apr. 23 -Angus McCallum died-71 yrs.
May 27 -Cecil Holder died-49 yrs.
31 -Mrs. Joe Newman died-87 yrs.-May, Eva, Wilbert, Henry’s mother
June 10 -Dominion Election-PC’s 110, Lib-103, C.C.F.-24, S.C.-19
12 -Mrs. Archie Dedman died- 67 yrs. (Mollie)
14 -Tom Wilson died-76 yrs.
Oct. 3 -Mrs Levi Richmond died-75 yrs.
Dec. 4 -Annie Rychman died-75 yrs.
9 -Steve Tripp died-76 yrs.


Jan. 20 -Leo Fitzgerald died
Feb. 2 -Mrs. Robt. Bartley died-56 yrs.
Mar. 9 -Ern Rea died-82 yrs.
29 -Mrs. Willys Wires died-83 yrs.
31 -Dominion Election-PC-208, Lib.-48, C.C. F.-8
May 24 -Mrs. George Rae died-41 yrs.
27 -Aubrey Staples killed-hydro-36 yrs.
June 29 -Bill Revells killed-22 yrs.
July 15 -John Bartley died-92 yrs.
29 -Joe McKague died-78 yrs-had store in Bexley
Aug. 1 -Dave King died-93 yrs.-Henderson’s dad
Sept. 15 -Joe Staples died-64 yrs.-Bill’s dad
Oct. 3 -Willis Jacob killed-34 yrs .OPP– car chase
8 -Pope Pius XII died-82 yrs.
21 -Mrs. Wash Irwin died
22 -Mrs. Dave King died
28 -Pope John 23rd elected
29 -A. A. McDonald died-91 yrs.
-Jack Sinclair died-77 yrs.-Alice Alton’s husband
-Frank McNaney died
Dec. 12 -Joe Hannivan died
-Mrs. Joe Ashby died


Feb. 9 -Florence Neal died-78 yrs.
Mar. 11 -Mrs. Henry Crarey died-95 yrs.-Rod’s mother
Apr. 9 -Jim McNabb died-78 yrs.-Sterling’s dad
10 -Wm. Ashley died-83 yrs.-Verna McKague’s father
13 -Mrs. Albert Bell died-Leona Taylor’s mother
May 6 -Stewart Morrison died-62 yrs.
4 -Fred Fielding killed-81 yrs.
8 -John Matchett died-84 yrs.
11 -Mrs. John Walsh Sr. died-101 yrs.
14 -Madge Gilmour died-74 yrs-sister of Ross and Alec
May 16 -Maurice Finn killed-25 yrs.—car—train accident
19 -Mrs. Lena Barrett died
June 14 -Frank Moore died-76 yrs
13 -Mrs. Ed Laing died-90 yrs.
Aug. 20 -Ted Wilbie died-69 yrs.
21 -Mrs. W. J. Stewart-died-minister’s wife
Sept. 9 -Jim Agnew died-65 yrs.
Oct. 19 -Art Alton died-58 yrs.
Nov. 2 -Mrs. Wm. McNarney died-70 yrs.
Dec. 4 -Ernie Bryans died-52 yrs.
13 -Wm. Barry died-56 yrs.


Mar. 29 -Jarvis Stoddart died-68 yrs.
May 1 -Joe Clark died
26 -Tom McNish died
Aug. 9 -Mrs. Jack Thompson died
13 -Mrs. Elfie Black died
16 -Mrs. Vic Dunn died
23 -Chas. King died-53 yrs. –Henderson’s brother
Sept. 2 -Pete Marren killed-32 yrs.—car accident
21 -Mrs. Mat McDonald died-72 yrs. (Judy’s Grandmother)
Nov. 17 -Wm. Pearce died-57 yrs.
22 -Maggie McNarney died-77 yrs.
26 -“Fat” Pat McDonald died
Dec. 1 -Joe Commerford died
4 -John Revells died-50 yrs. –Sadie’s husband


Jan. 26 -Mrs. Janie Woofenden died-45 yrs. (McNabb)
31 -Mabel Lytle died-77 yrs.
Feb. 6 -Tim Foley died
Mar. 1 -Martha Pitters died
Apr. 1 -Tim Foley (in village) died
May 1 -Angus McKay died-84 yrs.
13 -Fred Lytle died
July 4 -Clara Dowson (Lytle) died-84 yrs.
16 -Mrs. Tom Lytle died-80 yrs.
17 -Dan Fraser died-80 yrs. –barber in Kirkfield
Sept. 14 -Mrs. Neil Bell died-74 yrs.-Bill’s mother
14 -Mrs. “Fat” Pat McDonald died-83 yrs.
Oct. 20 -D.J. McMillan died-99 yrs.
21 -Dial phone installed
Nov. 5 -Dial phone in operation
7 -Jack Miller died-56 yrs.


Jan. 5 -Mrs. Joe Brotherston died-79 yrs.
Feb. 15 -Wm. McCauley died-84 yrs.
19 -Mrs. John Stone died
-Mrs. Ed Lytle died (Robie)
Mar. 25 -Mrs. Dick Dawson died
Apr. 15 -Mrs Steve Tripp died
21 -Bill McRaie died-82 yrs.-Pearl’s husband
22 -John and Wife Teel killed in car accident
June 29 -Art Richmond died-77 yrs.
Aug. 1 -Joe Boynton died-66 yrs.-Carl, Alice’s dad
Sept. 8 -Jack Logan died-73 yrs.
Oct. 16 -Mrs. Joe Downes died-87 yrs.
25 -Wellington Alton died-79 yrs.
31 -Frank Brown died-70 yrs.
Nov. 5 -Mrs. Wm. John Alton died


Jan. 9 -Fred McKague died-79 yrs.
-Tom Nesbitt died
14 -Bob Parks died-93 yrs.
18 -Mary McDonald died-83 yrs
31 -Mrs. Wm. McNarney died
Feb. 17 -McKague Store-Bexley burned
Mar. 12 -Jim Cassidy died
17 -Jim McFadden died
June 3 -Pope John 23 died
20 -Mrs. Evelyn McNish died
21 -Pope Paul 6th elected
July 15 -Jim Foley died
-Wes Bailey died
Aug. 10 -Mrs. Dinny (Denis) Cronin died- 97 yrs.
Sept. 21 -Lloyd Peel died
Oct. 2 -Mrs. Ern Rea died- 78 yrs.
19 -Howard Russell’s 3 yr. old daughter killed by a car
22 -Con McDonald died
Nov. 3 -Mrs. Joe Lytle died-86 yrs.-Marretta, Walter’s dad
4 -Mrs. John Walsh Jr. died-83 yrs.
9 -Mick Finn died
22 -Pres. Kennedy assassinated
24 -Wilfred Ellis died-66 yrs. Barber in village
29 -2nd Silverthorn child to die in a year due to heart problems
Dec. 4 -Annie Foley died
11 -Stan Davey died
28 -Chester Dalglish died


Jan. 10 -Wilma Robertson (Alton) died
31 -Wm. McNarney died-74 yrs.
Feb. 15 -Mrs. Bert Bryant died
Mar. 2 -Olive Lucas died (Ryckman)
Apr. 20 -Joe Nesbitt died
May 31 -Percy Corson died-74 yrs.
June 17 -Wm. McCormack died- 81 yrs.
20 -John Ballam died-70 yrs.
July 4 -Robt. Caister
22 -Roy Teel died-65 yrs.
Oct. 23 -A. Myers died-73 yrs.


Jan. 24 -Sir Winston Churchill died-90 yrs
-Mrs. Dennis Healy died
Feb. 7 -Dunc. Turner died
9 -Pearl Graham died- 85 yrs.
Apr. 7 -Jack Wright died-87 yrs. Built barber shop in front of Neal’s house
14 -Wm. Brotherston -57 yrs. DBOH
17 -Terry Ryan died
21 -Annie Snider died-74 yrs
May 2 -Lyla Wilson died –Ruebens’ wife
4 -Mrs. Eva Shields died
18 -Archie Wm. McMillan died
19 -Harold Harris died
26 -Len McFadden died
Oct. 16 -Mrs. Jack Wright died-84yrs.
24 -Tom MacNamee died-84 yrs.
Dec. 5 -Dave Finn died
-Fred Rychmand died
12 -Mrs. Jack Hughes died


Jan. 9 -Hillyard Murphy died- 64 yrs.
-Jim Grant died-82 yrs.
Feb. 27 -Nancy Farrow killed in car accident-16 yrs.
May 26 -A. MacMillan died-81 yrs. – Archie
June 8 -Ernie Boyton died-63 yrs.
21 -Charlie Foreman died-83 yrs. –Jasper’s bro.
July 27 -Mrs. Art Richmond died
Aug. 10 -Jack Murchison died-85 yrs
11 -Grant Chirpaugh died
Sept. 1 -Jack Roberts died-Dell’s brother
Oct. 29 -Mrs. Frank Craggs died-62 yrs.
Dec. 5 -Albert Bell died –Leona, Taylor’s dad
10 -Nick Whalen-46 yr’s
-Rowena Lytle-35 yrs—–both killed in car accident


Jan. 5 -Earl Houghton died-54 yrs.
16 -Mrs. Tom Brown died
18 -Mrs. Chas. George died
20 -Mrs. Mick McGee died
-Archie Lake
Feb. 15 -William Bell died-62 yrs.-Vina’ husband
24 -Abe Barker died- 82 yrs.
Mar. 2 -Dan McDonald died-81 yrs.
5 -Gov. Gen. Vanier died
21 -Ross Neal died-65 yrs
-Mrs. Chas. Peel died-82 yrs.
Apr. 24 -Vern Peiffer died-62 yrs.
May 4 -Nellie Murphy died-66 yrs.
9 -Gert Bartley died -66 yrs.
June 10 -Mrs. Grant Keown died-82 yrs.
16 -Mrs. Montgomery died- 101 yrs,
-Ella DeGeer died-79 yrs.
24 -Clara Shields died-90 yrs. –Jack Davey’s aunt
Sept. 23 -Charles Mitchell died-73 yrs.
Oct. 11 -Mrs. Robt. Lytle died-80 yrs.-Libby’s mother
Nov. 8 -Melville Brown died-61 yrs.
Dec. 20 -Fred Rae died-63 yrs
28 -L H. Palmer died-77 yrs.


Jan. 10 -William Black died
11 -John Farmer died
13 -Mrs. Vern Nelson killed-49 yrs.-had garages in village
21 -Chas. Shields died
30 -Jack McLeod died
Feb. 3 -Minnie Brix died
23 -William Jacobs died-80 yrs.
Mar. 18 -Charlie Stoddart died
Apr. 10 -Mrs. Wm. Wylie died –Mary Ann, Tom, Bill’s mother
15 -Percy Duxbury died-Stella Crarey’s father
Aug. 11 -Garnet Thompson died-Irma’s husband
Sept. 8 -Myers Store and Agnew Hotel burned
18 -Mrs. Bill Cronin died
28 -Mrs. Fred Davey died
Oct. 4 -Bert Bryant died- 73 yrs.
Nov. 24 -Melinda Ferguson died-91 yrs.
Dec. 5 -Michael Fitzgerald shot-15 yrs.
10 -Howard Bailey died-71 yrs.


Jan. 30 -Jim McDonald died
Feb. 5 -Milt Webdale died -41 yrs.
-Mona Gordon died
Apr. 17 -Harold Freelan died
15 -Mrs. Oliver Lesard died
19 -Nellie Wylie died
May 19 -Cora Newman died-72 yrs.
25 -Margaret Whalen died
Aug. 17 -Uncle Wes Staples died-93 yrs.
Sept. 4 -Tom Parrington died-67 yrs.
5 -Mrs. Jim Reid died-79 yrs.
20 -Frank Benson died-61 yrs/
Dec. 20 -Mrs. Frank Moore died-82 yrs.-Ivan’s mother


Jan. 2 -Hiram Haight died-82 yrs.
-Alf Snider died
Mar. 22 -Jack Walsh died
Apr. 30 -Victoria Rd. Post Office Closed
June 14 -Ed Murphy died
20 -Mrs. John McNish –killed car accident
24 -Mrs. Arnold Crarey died-Margaret Brotherson
26 -Ida Callan died (Everson)
July 1 -Pat Connolly died
6 -Ray Bacon died
18 -Jasper Foreman died-82 yrs.
Aug. 21 -Alex Laing died


Jan. 1 -Mrs. Arthur King died-93 yrs.
30 -Cliff Benson died-68 yrs
Feb. 3 -Wilder Ewers died
8 -Stewart Bell died-57 yrs.
Mar. 31 -Russell Brown died- Frank’s son
Apr. 2 -Miss Kydd died
30 -Harold McDonald died
May 6 -Leonard Curl died
15 -Nathan Pearce died-Annie Robertson’s father
July 28 -Gary McGregor died
30 -Simpson Dawson died
-Eustace McNeil (minister at V.R.)
Sept. 7 -Jim Thornton-died–
9 -Nellie McDonald died-93 yrs.
Oct. 18 -Mrs. Bert Tough died-73 yrs.
Dec. 8 -Bill McDonald died-59 yrs.-Buelah’s husband


Jan. 8 -Mrs. Robt. Hargrave died
-Liza Logan died
Feb. 29 -Frank York died
Mar. 22 -Mrs. Tom McKee died-84 yrs.
-Frank Baldwin died
June 4 -Clarence Lytle died-66 yrs
21 -Ed Bryans died
July 4 -Wilfred McCormack died-81 yrs.
Aug. 8 -Rod McKay died-82 yrs.
Sept. 20 -Jim Reid died-82 yrs.
Oct. 9 -Hank Wilson died-81 yrs.
10 -Roy Shields died-80 yrs.
Dec. 11 -Jack Dixon died-Cora Bethune’s husband


Mar. 28 -Wake Bailey died-78 yrs.
Apr. 6 -Louie Berenbaum died-junk collector
May 2 -Leslie Frost died-77 yrs.
13 -Dave Barker died- 67 yrs.
June 17 -Jack Wilson died-88 yrs.
20 -Rueben Wilson died-74 yrs.-brothers
29 -Norm Hutchinson died-66 yrs
July 27 -Mrs. Len Curl died-82 yrs
Aug. 1 -D. N. Sinclair died-storekeeper Glenarm
6 -Mrs. Lavary Wylie died
Sept. 3 -Hannah Thorton died
15 -George Brotherston-69 yrs.-killed
20 -Henry Thompson died-64 yrs-Jean’s husband
Oct. 5 -Mrs. Art Stone died
12 -Jack Martin died
Dec. 20 -Mick McGee died
29 -Joe Walsh died


Jan. 31 -Mrs. Pat McNamee died
-Sarah McCallum died
Feb. 12 -Irene Chirpaugh died
17 -Mrs. Hugh McPhail died
18 -Mrs. Clark Benson died
Mar. 1 -Orville McNish died
23 -Sid Bell died
25 -Pat McNamee died
Apr. 12 -George Richmond died
Sept. 14 -Chester Bailey killed-76 yrs.
-Eva McCormack died
-Mrs. Les Rae died
-Mrs. Wm. Parrington died


Jan. 28 -Clarence Gray
Apr. -Hector McPhail died
30 -Mrs. Minnie McInnis died-Oliver’s wife
May 6 -Ted Bailey died
June 8 -Aunt Artie Staples died-89 yrs.
July 10 -Gordon Ashley died-70 yrs.
13 -Wilfred Burke died
Aug. 1 -Ray Richmond died
2 -Mrs. Ernie Butterworth died
3 -Jack Taylor died-Eva’s husband
-Marjorie Alton died
-Jim Wilson died
-Les Rae died
-George Hockley died
Nov. 1 -Fred Davey died-93 yrs.
-Oliver McInnes died


Jan. 15 -Victor Ferguson died-39 yrs.
21 -Elwyn Brentnell died-79 yrs.
-Mildred Shepherd
-Jack Fitzgerald-Dot’s husband (drowned)
-Clarence McPhail—died


May 3 -Chris MacArthur died- Station Agent
June 2 -Joe Montgomery died
8 -Frank Craggs died-75 yrs.-Frankie, Morley’s dad
28 -Rod Ballam- died–
July 14 -Richard Woofenden died-65yrs.
Aug. 3 -William Buchan died-79 yrs.
15 -Mrs. Don Nicholson died
Sept. 1 -Myrtle Gilson died-85 yrs.
5 -Mrs. Andy Myers died-77 yrs.
-Ada Gregory died
22 -Vern Grant died
Oct. 3 -Almond Brintnell died-80 yrs.
-Dan McArthur died
Nov. 22 -Eva Taylor died- Jack’s wife
Dec. 1 -S.C. Brintnell died-63 yrs. (Pete)


Mar. 11 -Mrs. Erv. (Gert) Thompson died-88 yrs. –Henry’s mother
19 -Mrs. Jim Grant died-89 yrs.
Apr. 3 -Fred Ashley died
May 14 -Bill Foreman
21 -Lavary Wylie died-73 yrs.
June 18 -Les Caister
July 13 -Cliff Brentnell died-69 yrs.
29 -Agnus Grant died-Mrs. Vern Grant
Aug. 4 -Grace Wiles died
5 -Sandy Angiers died
6 -Jim Lytle died-64 yrs.
-Pope Paul VI died
24 -Mrs. Sid Miller died
-Pope John Paul elected
Sept. 2 -John Alton died-Gertrude’s Husband
16 -Art Webster
-Sarah McPhail died-75 yrs.-Jim’s wife
27 -Pope John Paul died
Oct. 13 -Mrs. Roy Teel died
-Corman White died-78 yrs.
16 -Pope John Paul 2nd- elected
Nov. 16 -Pat McDonald died-57 yrs.
27 -Ann (Bacon) Coulter died-25 yrs.
Dec. 22 -Mrs. Wilfred Burke died


Jan. 16 -Katie Bradamore died
21 -Jack Wylie died-drove mail
Apr. 17 -Mary Tainsh died (Murchison)
25 -Tom Rutter died
-Herman Brix died
June 5 -Silverthorn and Wilson boys killed in car accident
22 -Clark Benson died-74 yrs.
23 -Wm. Gilmour died-93 yrs.-Ross, Alec, Lloyd’s brother
30 -Mrs. Jim Black died
-Arnold Crarey died-Rod’s brother
Aug. 7 -Ellsworth Hargrave died
-Blanche Thompson died-Ritchie’s wife
14 -Mrs. Grant Benson died-(May)
15 -John Diefenbaker died
Sept. 7 -Hazel Welch died-79 yrs.
22 -Irma Thompson died-76 yrs.
28 -Les Hannivan died-62 yrs.
Oct. 6 -Mrs. Dr. Anderson died
23 -Russell Webster died
-Chuck Wilkinson died-Lorraine Agnew’s husband
Nov. 7 -Bill Richmond died
19 -Lena Bailey died-76 yrs.-Howard’s sister


Jan. 9 -Orley Brintnell died- 76 yrs.
20 -Jim Commerford died
26 -Walter Lytle died-71 yrs.
Feb. 1 -Bob Wires died-71 yrs.
3 -Mrs. Jim Montgomery died-33 yrs.
15 -Herman Buckley died-71 yrs.
18 -Dominion Election-Lib. -146. P.C.-103, N.D.P-32
20 -Howard Kingdon died
24 -Lloyd Gilmour died-89 yrs.
Mar. 21 -Percy Dickson died
May 5 -Harold Staples died-Ivan’s uncle
-S.S. Vassar died
June 4 -Mary Styles died
-New Bridge opposite the store
24 -Bert Smith died-86 yrs.
July 1 -Charlie Hutchison died-46 yrs.-Norm’s son
Aug. 8 -Mrs. Ernie Boynton died-Carl’s mother
24 -Robt. Jordan died-70 yrs.-lived in Manse
Oct. 9 -Jennie Bell (Campbell) died
17 -Len Oldfield died-76 yrs.
-Garnet Peel died
Nov. 17 -Mrs. Con McDonald died-95 yrs.
18 -Verona McArthur died-42 yrs.
26 -Merv Hicks died-59 yrs.
Dec. 18 -Glen Wylie died-24 yrs.-Tom and Cora’s son
24 -Irwin White died
28 -Fraser Bradshaw died-65 yrs-Ruth Bradshaw (Staples) husband
29 -Earl Sutherland died


Jan. 10 -Dick Southern died-Margaret’s husband
14 -Aubrey Lytle died-44 yrs.
16 -Barbara Staples died
27 -Mrs. Abe Barker died-93 yrs.
Feb. 2 -Mrs. Jim Agnew died-96 yrs.
11 -Harry Staples died-93 yrs.
Mar. 5 -Mrs. Claire Fielder died
10 -Roy Farrow died-71 yrs.
16 -Robt. Montgomery died-83 yrs.
19 -Ont. Election –Cons-70. Lib.-34, N.D.P-21
18 -Mrs. Fred McKague died-82 yrs.
-Dalton McGee died
Apr. 1 -Ruth Bell (Rae) died-61 yrs.
16 -Mrs. Angus McCallum died-87 yrs
18 -Art Liscombe died
27 -Stan Hicks-Russell’s brother
30 -Teresa McDonald died-88 yrs.-Norm’s sister on Cemetery Board
May 14 -George Bantam died
18 -William Rutter died-74 yrs.
June 10 -Harringan & Mitchell boys killed in car accident
16 -Eunice Holder died-98 yrs.-Lillian’s mother
Aug. 2 -Lizzie George Foreman died-81 yrs.
Sept. 6 -Gertie Lytle died-75 yrs.
27 -George Teel died
28 -George Foreman died –Lizzie’s husband
Nov. 14 -Florence Greaves died
16 -Alma Duggan died-85 yrs.-Marion’s mother
24 -Glady’s McDonald died


Jan. 3 -Ida Cowan died-102 yrs. (Gilmour)
-Roy Jones died
Feb. 13 -Lillian McNeil died
23 -Jack Montgomery died-80 yrs.
28 -Mrs. Buchan died
Mar. 14 -Sid Miller died-93 yrs.
Apr. 1 -Ester Takkala died
17 -Constitution brought to Canada
May 7 -Eddie Brown died
21 -Bill Bartley died-80 yrs.
22 -Alma Dunbar died
June 13 -Roy Morrison died
July 21 -Robt. Hargrave
Aug. 7 -Tom Ludlow died
Nov. 10 -Eade Graham died
Dec. 3 -Frank Rollings died
15 -Irene Greenan died-87 yrs.


Jan. 7 -John D. MacMillan died-89 yrs.
-Irene Harris died
9 -Roy Curl died
25 -Arnold Haight died-67 –Hiram’s son
Feb. 2 -Mary Murshison’s house burned
9 -Bert Tough died
16 -Sadie (Logan) Beatty died
-Orland Brown died
Mar. 21 -Percy McNish died- 66 yrs.
Apr. 30 -Chas. Holder died-77 yrs.
-Ethel Palmer died
May 3 -Francis Lindsay- R.C.M.P died
10 -Mary Murchison died
June 11 -William Downes died-74 yrs.
13 -Paul Gilmour -44 yrs.—
19 -Russell Hargrave died-80 yrs.-Cliff, Bobby’s, brother
20 -Ernie Butterworth died-82 yrs.-had store in Wilfred
Aug. 6 -Lee Sullivan died
12 -Mrs. Joe Hannivan died-93 yrs.
18 -Lillie Ludlow died
Oct. 25 -Dianne Lindsay died (MacDonald) Francis’ wife
Dec. 23 -Norm Hannivan died-83 yrs.
31 -Randy Everson killed on snowmobile- 27 yrs.-Kim Chirpaugh’s husband


Jan. 4 -Kate Sears died-82 yrs.-Tom’s wife
15 -Wilfred Bailey died-91 yrs.
Mar. 21 -Joe McNamee died
30 -Bill Fitzgerald died
Apr. 25 -Marj. Brintnell and brother George died
May 12 -Charlie Roberts died-Dell Stewart’s brother
June 7 -Mrs. Herb Wilson died (Orlea)
July 6 -Jack Rae died-61 yrs.
13 -Charlie Brotherston died-82 yrs.
Sept. 4 -Dom. Election-P.C.-211, Lib.-40, N.D.P.-30, Ind.-1
5 -Harold Brentnell died
7 -Perrin Nicholson died
Oct. 26 -Archie Orie Bell died
28 -Mrs. Bill Fitzgerald died
Nov. 9 -Mrs. Frank Stone died
Dec. 7 -Mrs. Hank Wilson died-90 yrs.


Jan. 10 -Direct dialing in service
May 2 -Ont. Elect.-P.C.-52, Lib.-48, N.D.P.-25
9 -Ruby (Neal) Mawhinney died-79 yrs.
11 -Russel Forman died-84 yrs.
14 -Bill Tainsh died
25 -Mrs. Joe Staples died-Bill’s mother
June 3 -Mrs. Joblin died-Minister’s wife
July 4 -Frank Weldon died-82 yrs.
28 -Bessie McKay died-Rod’s wife
Aug. 8 -Mrs. Dan McArthur died-82 yrs.
17 -Fred Anketell died
Sept. 5 -George Lytle died-76 yrs.
Oct. 14 -Mrs. John McNarney died
Nov. 2 -Dave Crichton died-84 yrs.


Jan. 3 -Tom Rae died-59
11 -Wm. John Ewers died-87 yrs.
22 -Ross Gilmour died-87 yrs.
24 -Bill Ewens died-82 yrs.-Jim’s brother
-Alex Gilmour died
-Mrs. Harold Lewis died-82 yrs.
Feb. 3 -Mrs. Campbell Graham died-89 yrs.
June 28 -Grant Benson died-83 yrs.
-Don Smith died-from Lift Locks
July 9 -Ina Brintnell died- 75 yrs.
-Mrs. Don Smith died
16 -Lloyd Irwin died- 87 yrs.-from Lift Locks
29 -Don Crarey died- 90 yrs.
Aug. 6 -Wilson Ellis died- 100 yrs.-former Station Agent
-Village Hwy. improved
Oct. 1 -Rod Cameron died- Everett’s dad
3 -Everett Fountain died
Nov. 1 -Alice Sinclair (Alton) died- 86 yrs.
12 -Bob Callan died
14 -Les Gilson died-86 yrs.
15 -Mrs. Cliff Hargrave died-Keith’s mother
26 -Evangeline Cassidy died –Whalen
27 -Mrs. Stan Hicks died
Dec. 8 -Wes Jewell died-93 yrs.


Jan. 23 -Fred Hill died-79 yrs.
24 -Randall Rae died
Mar. 11 -Eva Jacob died-96 yrs.
Apr. 29 -Russell Thompson died-66 yrs.
May 20 -Charlie Lytle died-85 yrs.
26 -Mrs. Vic Flemming died
27 -Jack Peel died- 75 yrs.
June -Ambrose Hicks died
14 -George Walkinshaw died
Aug. 2 -Audress Peel died
Sept. 10 -Ont. Elect.-Lib-95, N.D.P.-19, P.C.-16
Oct. 22 -Mike Mcdonald- electrocuted
Nov. 27 -Frenchy Bradamore died
Dec. 11 -Harold Lewis died- Jack’s dad
13 -Percy Brintnell died- 82 yrs.
-Bess Doig died
22 -Roy Weaver died
29 -Mildred McInnis died-Murray’s mother


Feb. 7 -Pearl McRae (Widdis)died- 93 yrs.
17 -Charlie Brown died-92 yrs.-Lillian Corson’s 2nd husband
Apr. 12 -Ruby Montgomery died
21 -Alma Taylor died-89 yrs.
May 7 -George Westgarth died- 75 yrs
29 -Pansy Dowson (sister-in-law) died- 77 yrs
Aug. 10 -Joe Manley died-77 yrs.
16 -Stanley Myers died
17 -Art Stone died
Oct. 5 -Wm. Foster (Ron’s dad) died-76 yrs
Nov. 3 -Norm McDonald died- 87 yrs.
8 -Geo. Haight died
21 -Dom. Elect.-P.C.-169, Lib.-81, N.D.P-45
Dec. 26 -Mrs. Ellsworth Hargrave died-90 yrs.
27 -Mary Hutchison died


Feb. -Ross Rae died
Mar. -Art Bell died
Apr. 20 -Geo. Callan died-Bob’s brother
May -Mrs. Orland Brown died
June 3 -Prudence Widdis died- 92 yrs.
5 -Walter Barker died
11 -Norma Gibson (Mawhinney) died- 54 yrs.
26 -Harold Barker died
July 3 -Jim McPhail died- 72 yrs.-Jean’s brother
19 -Harriet Millyard died- 92 yrs.
20 -Harold Alton died- 79 yrs.
Aug. 7 -Angus Dunbar died -81 yrs
Sept. 22 -Tom Ballam died-98 yrs.
-Kate Connolley died- 82 yrs.
29 -Irene Black died-82 yrs.
Nov. -Norm Ryckman died- 83 yrs.
Dec. 26 -Edna Stewart died
27 -Mary Wilkinson died- 84 yrs.-Chuck’s mother


Jan. 11 -George Rae died-79 yrs.
Apr. 11 -Helen McGregor died
June -Eric Thompson died
July 4 -Len Styles died
Aug. 25 -Lillian Brown (Corson) died- 92 yrs.
Sept. 6 -Ont. Elect.-N.D.P.-74, Lib.-36, P.C.-20
23 -Ann Ballam died
Oct. 18 -Ella Caister died- 95 yrs.
22 -Lillie Smith killed by car-95 yrs
Nov. 14 -Marg. Neal died
Dec. 17 -Sadie Lytle died- 74 yrs.


Jan. 15 -Dr. Anderson died – 88 yrs.
17 -Ross Faulkner died- 78 yrs.
26 -Frankie Craggs died- 57 yrs.
Mar. -Lawrence Rae died
-Roma Watson died
Apr. 19 -Bill Chapman died-78 yrs.
30 -Ron Pearce died-84 yrs.
July -Melville Black-age 88 yrs.
Aug. 5 -Weldon Neal died- 83 yrs.
-Florence Alton died
Oct. 9 -Wilamena Liscombe died
-Alwin Shipton died
12 -George Benson died
29 -Vina Bell died-80


Jan. 14 -Rhoda Crarey (Mrs. Jno. Crarey) died -92 yrs.
Feb. 15 -Reg Oldfield died- 90 yrs.
May 16 -Mary Crowley died-Sister of Bill, Pat, Francis, etc.
29 -Bruce Smith died-Husband of Katherine Barrett



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