Community Facts
Compiled by Weldon Neal

Community Facts
Compiled by Weldon Neal

May 9 -Mrs. Wm. Scriver Jr. died suddenly
12 -Coronation of George VI
June 1 -Victoria Road Hydro sold to H.E. P. C.
16 -Light turned on at Balsam Lake
Aug. 6 -A. Craggs died of cancer-age 32
11 -Wes Widdis died
Sept. 4 -Olive Ryckman left the store
Oct. 5 -Mrs. Robt. Hargrave Sr. died
6 -Hepburn Govt. returned for 2nd term
Nov. 8 -Fargo truck in service –first day

Jan. 15 -Olive Ryckman married Norman Lucas
17 -Wellington Alton had left leg off Ross Memorial. Hospital.
27 -Niagara Falls bridge carried off by ice
22 -Frank Benson married Josephine McKague
28 -Alfred Scriver-died of cancer
Apr. 8 -Mrs. Geo. McKague died
17 -Mrs. John Cardwell died
21 -George Blanchard died , age 90
25 -George Killingsworth died Martha’s brother-in-law
Aug. 28 -Mabel Neal (Dowson) died age 30
Sept. 15 -J. W. Shields died-had Meyer’s store
16 -Electric refrig. in service at store
17 -Mrs. McNamee Sr. died-age 98
21 -Wm. Bell married Vina Lytle
Oct. 3 -Russell McCallum died-age 18
Dec. 21 -Hydro turned on in Bexley

Jan. 11 -Mrs. Margaret Bryans died-age 86
Feb. 9 -Moses Mitchell died-86
9 -Pope Pius XI died-81
Mar. 2 -New Pope XII elected
May 9 -Pat Sweeney died
22 -King Geo. VI and Queen visited Toronto
Sept. 3 -Gr. Britain and France declare war on Germany
6 -Geo. Johnston died
9 -Martin Connolly died
10 -Canada declares war on Germany
Oct. 25 -John Walsh Sr. died-age 96
Dec. 30 -John Foreman died-age 93-built the Neal house

Feb. 2 -Mrs. Jack Roberts-died age 39
11 -Governor General Lord Tweedsmuir died
11 -Mrs. Mary Ballam died-age 82-Tom’s mother
20 -Mrs. Wes. Widdis died-age 69
23 -Wm. Hicks died-age 78-Russell’s father
Mar. 5 -Mrs. John Forman died
26 -King Government returned for 2nd term
June 13 -Mrs. Wm. Benson died-Frank’s mother
20 -John McKay died-age 86-Rod’s father
27 -Thomas Craggs died-age 71-Frank’s grandfather
July 3 -Ed Laing died-age 74
10 -Wm. Richmond died
Aug. 9 -Joe Downes died-Bill’s dad
11 -Mrs. Ewers died- Billy John’s mother
Sept. 6 -Mrs. Albert Bell died-age 47-Leona Taylor’s mother
9 -A. Brentnill left working at the store
21 -Rod Crarey started at the store
Nov. 19 -Annie McLeod died-age 77
28 -Mrs. Alf. Taylor died-age 87-Jean’s grandmother
28 -Jack Ferguson died-age 78-Alan’s brother
Dec. 2 -Richard Dawson died-bought the Neal farm
31 -Caleb Moore died-age 67-Ivan’s uncle

Jan. 14 -Mrs. Jas. McPhail died-age 65-Maude Jean’s mother
Feb. 7 -John Montgomery died
11 -Morris Conners died-Lena King’s husband
Mar. 13 -Mrs. Wm. Ashby died-Verna’s mother
15 -Paddy McNaney died-Jack’s uncle
Apr. 2 -Jessie Ferguson died-Jack, Alan’s sister
22 -Dorothy McPhail died-age 17
29 -Owen Murphy died-age 89-known as Ownie
May 21 -Russell Hick’s house and barn burned-lightening
June 23 -Clarence Lytle left his job as a baker at the store (Ben)
July 9 -Mrs. Geo. Johnston died-age 69
Aug. 19 -Robt. Staples died
19 -Mrs. Alex Ross died-Mona Gordon’s mother
Sept. 16 -Jim McMillan died
Oct. 6 -Kay Barrett married Bruce Smith
8 -Martha Killingsworth married Jim Peters
Nov. 13 -John Wylie Sr. died-age 76
Dec. 11 -Mrs. Miller died-Jack’s mother
14 -Neil McLeod died
25 -Mrs. Pat Fitzgerald died-age 86-Bill’s mother

Jan. 2 -Jim Lucy died-age 82
Mar. 5 -Con Sullivan died-age 84
Apr. 9 -Dr. Millyard died
May 30 -John Hughes died
June 3 -Mrs. John Black died-age 81
23 -John Scriver died
27 -Mrs. Peter Sears-killed in motor accident
Oct. 4 -Wm. Holder died-age 82-Lillian’s dad
Dec. 19 -Russell McCormack died-age 14-Wilfred’s son was in Ont.Hop.Orillia.
His dad rode his bike to Orillia every week to see him
28 -Mrs. Albert Alton died-Campbell Graham’s mother


Jan. 9 Rick Ashby Died
-Joe Taylor died-70 yrs-Jean’s uncle
-Scott Griffin died
19 -Mrs. Robt. Staples died-93yrs-Howard’s mother
30 -Nellie Chardon died
31 -Blacksmith shop caved in
May 14 -Mrs. Owen Murphy died
July 30 -Mrs. Chas. Davey died-Sarah
Aug. 4 -Drew Gov. elected-1st time
26 -Dave Wylie died
Nov. 11 -Alf Everson died –age 67-Irma, Alice, Cliff, Buelah, Lee’s Dad
Dec. 6 -Wm. Scriver died
21 -Albert Ewens died-60 yrs

Feb. 15 -Arthur Oliver died
16 -Dave Martin died-was barber in the village
17 -W. J. Neal (Dad) died-68 yrs
Mar. 23 -Robt. Hargrave died -85 yrs. –Cliff’s father
May 13 -Mrs. Hugh McElroy died
June 6 -United Nations open second front
25 -Mrs. Fred Widdis died-65 yrs.
July 30 -Joe Healy died
Aug. 25 -Vic Dunn died-50 yrs.
29 -Mrs. Percy Oldfield died-74yrs.
Sept. 7 -Mat Stoddart died-80 yrs. –Jarvis, Charlie’s Father
Dec. 1 -Hunter Hick’s –died –Russell’s father

Feb. 26 -Mrs. Richard Parrington died
Mar. 8 -Rod Nichloson died
30 -Tom Burton-died-Eileen’s father
Apr. 5 -Arnott Gilmour-died
12 -President Roosevelt died
25 -Mrs. H. Harris died
May 2 -Campbell Graham died -52 yrs.
8 -Victory declared in Europe
June 4 -Drew Gov. elected-2nd term
11 -King Gov. elected 3rd term
16 -Fred Widdis died
July 5 -Mrs. Ernie Bryans died
Aug. 14 -Japan surrendered
14 -Thomas Brown died
28 -Chas. Fry died
Sept. 3 -Geo. Taylor died – 89 yrs. Jack, Bert, Alma’s Dad
15 -Percy Teel died
Oct. 17 -Joe Fry died-brother of Chas.
18 -Mrs. Wilfred McNaney died

Feb. 13 -Mrs. Ed McNish died-58 yrs
19 -Mary McArthur died-70 yrs
20 -Mrs. Chirpaugh Sr. died-84 yrs
Mar. 16 -Tom Lytle killed by car-68 yrs. –Ben’s Father
21 -Eileen Burton Died-32 yrs—– Dave’s mother
Apr. 10 -John Bailey died-36 yrs.- Wake Howard’s brother-drove the mail
11 -Countess DeLesseps died
20 -Hugh McElroy died
May 4 -Dennis Healey-house burned
9 -Jas. Alton died-82 yrs.
30 -John Alton died-83 yrs. Brothers
June 12 -Mrs. Jim McKay died-88 yrs.
16 -Chas Callan died-68 yrs
17 -Mrs. John Connolly Sr. died-Marg., Joe…..Grandmother
25 -Mrs. Chas Forman died
-Mary MacMillan died
26 -Wm. Hoyle died
July 6 -Cardwell house burned
Aug. 4 -Joe Martin died-Jack’s Father
Sept. 27 -Mrs. Geo. Taylor died-75 yrs.-Jack, Bert, Alma’s Mother
-Bridge built at Corson Siding
-Bridge built at Hargraves
Nov. 20 -Henry Crarey died-90 yrs.-Rod’s father

Jan. 21 -Rose Whalen died-93 yrs.
29 -Mrs. Jacob Sr. died-83 yrs.-Billy’s Mother
Feb. 4 -Alex Anderson died-73 yrs.
11 -Robt. Hicks died-41yrs-first person in vault in Kirkfield-Jean Cunningham’s brother
-no train from Fri. 28th to Sat. Mar. 8th due to storm
May 29 -J. J. Foley died
June 3 -Mrs. John Brentnill died-Pete’s mother
8 -Cecil Frost died-49 yrs.
12 -Rose Wylie died-Jean’s mother-died–
July 20 -Mary Millaley died
Aug. 8 -Wash Irwin died-68yrs.
Sept. 17 -Robt. Bartley died-64 yrs.
Dec. 16 -Marie Neal (Proutt) died-46yrs.
22 -Joe Brotherston died-75 yrs-Steve, Geo., Bill, Margaret, Glady’s father

Jan. 6 -Archie McPhail died-83 yrs.-Jean’s uncle
Feb. 6 -Jim McPhail died-69yrs-Jean’s dad
14 -John Millaley died
20 -Father Kelly died-69 yrs.
Mar. 6 -Ed Lytle died-76 yrs.
21 -Mrs. Wm. Fry-died 84 yrs.-brother-in-law of Grandma Dowson
28 -Steward Dawson, Weldon’s father-in-law died-70 yrs.
Apr. 8 -Frank Folliott died-78 yrs
May 1 -Sold store business to L. H. Palmer
July 8 -Mrs. Andy Gilmour died-Alec. Ross’ Mother
30 -Jack Lytle-died—DBOH–31 yrs. –Ben’s brother

Feb. 4 -Mat McDonald died-78 yrs. – Judy, Shirley, John’s grandfather
Apr. 1 -Mrs. Mabel Stewart died-73 yrs. –Howard’s mother
11 -Mrs. Perry Teel died-73 yrs.-Merv, Geo.’s mother
14 -Mrs. Luscinda Mathewson died-72 yrs.
May 6 -Mrs. Jim Alton-died-86 yrs.
June 27 -Dominion Gov. re-elected Leberals
July 2 -Jas. Adams killed by car at Brotherston’s Corner
Sept. 11 -Ervin Thompson died-69 yrs. –Henry’s dad

Jan. 2 -Weldon’s first year in Bexley Council
19 -Alex and Robt. McNish drowned
Mar. 19 -Bill Graham died-67 yrs.-Post Master
27 -John McNarney died-62 yrs.-Maggie, Dennis’ brother
Apr. 2 -Chas. George died-82 yrs.
May 1 -John Stone died-68 yrs-Art’s Father
June 24 -Dennis McNarney died
July 13 -Peter Sinclair died-85 yrs.
15 -Fergus Cassidy killed by car-51 yrs.-Vanger’s brother-in-law
22 -W. L. MacKenzie King died-75 yrs.
26 -Tom Black died
Aug. 1 -Robt. Bell died-66 yrs.
Oct. 6 -Wm. Duggan died-60 yrs. –Marion’s father
Nov. 16 -Mrs. Ed Bryans died-52 yrs.
Dec. 27 -Dennis Healey died-68 yrs.


Jan. 2 -Luke Mcnaney died-Jack’s father
27 -Art King died
Apr. 5 -Mrs. Steele died
23 -Nelson Brentmill died-58 yrs.
30 -Donald McLeod-Killed with tractor
May 23 -Mrs. Gary Lytle died-31 yrs. Gladys
30 -Merv. Campbell killed-46 yrs.-fell off the roof
June 6 -Murt Duggan died-91 yrs.
Sept. 4 -Mrs. Wm. Richmond died-82 yrs
Nov. 15 -Dan Bell died-85 yrs.-Melville’s father
22 -First Gov. re-elected
Dec. 22 -Wm. McDonald died-78 yrs.


Jan. 4 -Mrs. Joe McKague died
-Mrs. Stinson died
21 -Jack Alton died
Feb. 6 -King George VI died-56 yrs.
14 -Wm. Teel died-86 yrs.
Apr. 26 -Mrs. Dan Bell died-83 yrs.
May 3 -Percy Olfield–died-75 yrs.
28 -Mrs. John Haverchuck died-36 yrs.
June 1 -Robt. Lytle died-79 yrs.-Libby’s dad
2 -Barney McNaney died-84yrs.
17 -Chas. Alton died
25 -Chas. Bell died
Aug. 3 -Mrs. Lee Fitzgerald died
22 -Chas. Robinson died-84 yrs.
Sept. 25 -D. Cronin died-98 yrs.
Nov. 18 -Mrs. Joe Hicks died-70 yrs.-Merv, Jean, Alma, Violet, Bob, Ambrose’s mother


Jan. 13 -Tom McKee died-Jean’s father
-George Garwell –died–
Mar. 19 -Chas. Davey died-70yrs.
22 -Queen Mary died-85 yrs.
Apr. 3 -Donald Peter McKenzie died
23 -Mrs. Peter Sinclair died
June 1 -John Harvey died
2 -Queen Elizabeth Coronation
3 -Jim Webdale died
July 1 -Mick Millaley died
Aug. 15 -Nellie Ewens died
10 Liberal Gov. Dominion returned
17 -Mrs. Jim McNabb died
Sept. 14 -Evelyn McNish died -73 yrs.
Oct. 22 -Wm. Newman died-ex M. P. from Lornesville
Dec. 8 -John Connolly Sr. died-88 yrs.
13 -Jennie McNish died-84 yrs.-used to pick up stones and put them in baskets at Lift Locks
31 -Mrs. Robt. Bell died-65 yrs.


Jan. 22 -Mrs. Wm. Styles died
30 -Robt. McNish died-83 yrs.
May 25 -Mr. Daley died-78 yrs.-Ethel Palmer’s dad
-Ronald McArthur died
June 11 -Oliver Lessard died-76 yrs.-had livery service in village
July 21 -Wm. Wylie died-74 yrs.-Tom, Bill, Mary Anne’s dad
Aug. 27 -Mrs. Carl Brentnill killed-18 yrs.
Sept. 13 -Tom Bartley died
18 -Edward McNish died
Oct. 5 -Irvine Richmond died-39 yrs.
Dec. 14 -Howard DeGeer died-Doris’ father


Jan. 5 -Joe Black died-Melville’s dad
13 -Mrs. Archie McPhail died
31 -Harvey Brentnill died-94 yrs.
Mar. 3 -Frank Stone died-51 yrs.
5 -Mrs. Wake Bailey died
Apr. 12 -Florence DeBusay died
May 1 -Irene Parks died-37 yrs.
4 -Mrs. Hunter Hicks died-78 yrs.
31 -Allen Ferguson died-78 yrs.
June 5 -Luke McNaney died -78 yrs.
16 -John Connolley died-61 yrs.-Kate’s husband
Sept. 15 -Jim Everson died-73 yrs.
25 -Kirkfield School burned
Nov. 18 -Gordon Ouderkirk died-94 yrs.
Dec. 6 -Wm. Whalen died
24 -Mrs. Robt. Parks died
25 -Earl Scriver-shot


Feb. 26 -Joe Lytle died-86 yrs.
Mar. 20 -Min Magwood died-79 yrs.
June 2 -Grant Keown died- 69 yrs.
7 -Mrs. Walter Deurill died
-Charlie Lamantia died
8 -Helen Dufty died-26 yrs.
23 -Mrs. Ed Burke died-87 yrs.
July 3 -Mrs. John Bartley died- 74 yrs.
Sept. 9 -Archie Dedman died-70 yrs.
Dec. 14 -Howard Webdale killed- car accident
24 -Levi Richmond died


Jan. 8 -Wilbert Newman died -62 yrs.-Cora’s husband
Mar. 5 -Mrs. Murt Duggan died-81 yrs
Apr. 23 -Angus McCallum died-71 yrs.
May 27 -Cecil Holder died-49 yrs.
31 -Mrs. Joe Newman died-87 yrs.-May, Eva, Wilbert, Henry’s mother
June 10 -Dominion Election-PC’s 110, Lib-103, C.C.F.-24, S.C.-19
12 -Mrs. Archie Dedman died- 67 yrs. (Mollie)
14 -Tom Wilson died-76 yrs.
Oct. 3 -Mrs Levi Richmond died-75 yrs.
Dec. 4 -Annie Rychman died-75 yrs.
9 -Steve Tripp died-76 yrs.


Jan. 20 -Leo Fitzgerald died
Feb. 2 -Mrs. Robt. Bartley died-56 yrs.
Mar. 9 -Ern Rea died-82 yrs.
29 -Mrs. Willys Wires died-83 yrs.
31 -Dominion Election-PC-208, Lib.-48, C.C. F.-8
May 24 -Mrs. George Rae died-41 yrs.
27 -Aubrey Staples killed-hydro-36 yrs.
June 29 -Bill Revells killed-22 yrs.
July 15 -John Bartley died-92 yrs.
29 -Joe McKague died-78 yrs-had store in Bexley
Aug. 1 -Dave King died-93 yrs.-Henderson’s dad
Sept. 15 -Joe Staples died-64 yrs.-Bill’s dad
Oct. 3 -Willis Jacob killed-34 yrs .OPP– car chase
8 -Pope Pius XII died-82 yrs.
21 -Mrs. Wash Irwin died
22 -Mrs. Dave King died
28 -Pope John 23rd elected
29 -A. A. McDonald died-91 yrs.
-Jack Sinclair died-77 yrs.-Alice Alton’s husband
-Frank McNaney died
Dec. 12 -Joe Hannivan died
-Mrs. Joe Ashby died


Feb. 9 -Florence Neal died-78 yrs.
Mar. 11 -Mrs. Henry Crarey died-95 yrs.-Rod’s mother
Apr. 9 -Jim McNabb died-78 yrs.-Sterling’s dad
10 -Wm. Ashley died-83 yrs.-Verna McKague’s father
13 -Mrs. Albert Bell died-Leona Taylor’s mother
May 6 -Stewart Morrison died-62 yrs.
4 -Fred Fielding killed-81 yrs.
8 -John Matchett died-84 yrs.
11 -Mrs. John Walsh Sr. died-101 yrs.
14 -Madge Gilmour died-74 yrs-sister of Ross and Alec
May 16 -Maurice Finn killed-25 yrs.—car—train accident
19 -Mrs. Lena Barrett died
June 14 -Frank Moore died-76 yrs
13 -Mrs. Ed Laing died-90 yrs.
Aug. 20 -Ted Wilbie died-69 yrs.
21 -Mrs. W. J. Stewart-died-minister’s wife
Sept. 9 -Jim Agnew died-65 yrs.
Oct. 19 -Art Alton died-58 yrs.
Nov. 2 -Mrs. Wm. McNarney died-70 yrs.
Dec. 4 -Ernie Bryans died-52 yrs.
13 -Wm. Barry died-56 yrs.


Mar. 29 -Jarvis Stoddart died-68 yrs.
May 1 -Joe Clark died
26 -Tom McNish died
Aug. 9 -Mrs. Jack Thompson died
13 -Mrs. Elfie Black died
16 -Mrs. Vic Dunn died
23 -Chas. King died-53 yrs. –Henderson’s brother
Sept. 2 -Pete Marren killed-32 yrs.—car accident
21 -Mrs. Mat McDonald died-72 yrs. (Judy’s Grandmother)
Nov. 17 -Wm. Pearce died-57 yrs.
22 -Maggie McNarney died-77 yrs.
26 -“Fat” Pat McDonald died
Dec. 1 -Joe Commerford died
4 -John Revells died-50 yrs. –Sadie’s husband


Jan. 26 -Mrs. Janie Woofenden died-45 yrs. (McNabb)
31 -Mabel Lytle died-77 yrs.
Feb. 6 -Tim Foley died
Mar. 1 -Martha Pitters died
Apr. 1 -Tim Foley (in village) died
May 1 -Angus McKay died-84 yrs.
13 -Fred Lytle died
July 4 -Clara Dowson (Lytle) died-84 yrs.
16 -Mrs. Tom Lytle died-80 yrs.
17 -Dan Fraser died-80 yrs. –barber in Kirkfield
Sept. 14 -Mrs. Neil Bell died-74 yrs.-Bill’s mother
14 -Mrs. “Fat” Pat McDonald died-83 yrs.
Oct. 20 -D.J. McMillan died-99 yrs.
21 -Dial phone installed
Nov. 5 -Dial phone in operation
7 -Jack Miller died-56 yrs.


Jan. 5 -Mrs. Joe Brotherston died-79 yrs.
Feb. 15 -Wm. McCauley died-84 yrs.
19 -Mrs. John Stone died
-Mrs. Ed Lytle died (Robie)
Mar. 25 -Mrs. Dick Dawson died
Apr. 15 -Mrs Steve Tripp died
21 -Bill McRaie died-82 yrs.-Pearl’s husband
22 -John and Wife Teel killed in car accident
June 29 -Art Richmond died-77 yrs.
Aug. 1 -Joe Boynton died-66 yrs.-Carl, Alice’s dad
Sept. 8 -Jack Logan died-73 yrs.
Oct. 16 -Mrs. Joe Downes died-87 yrs.
25 -Wellington Alton died-79 yrs.
31 -Frank Brown died-70 yrs.
Nov. 5 -Mrs. Wm. John Alton died


Jan. 9 -Fred McKague died-79 yrs.
-Tom Nesbitt died
14 -Bob Parks died-93 yrs.
18 -Mary McDonald died-83 yrs
31 -Mrs. Wm. McNarney died
Feb. 17 -McKague Store-Bexley burned
Mar. 12 -Jim Cassidy died
17 -Jim McFadden died
June 3 -Pope John 23 died
20 -Mrs. Evelyn McNish died
21 -Pope Paul 6th elected
July 15 -Jim Foley died
-Wes Bailey died
Aug. 10 -Mrs. Dinny (Denis) Cronin died- 97 yrs.
Sept. 21 -Lloyd Peel died
Oct. 2 -Mrs. Ern Rea died- 78 yrs.
19 -Howard Russell’s 3 yr. old daughter killed by a car
22 -Con McDonald died
Nov. 3 -Mrs. Joe Lytle died-86 yrs.-Marretta, Walter’s dad
4 -Mrs. John Walsh Jr. died-83 yrs.
9 -Mick Finn died
22 -Pres. Kennedy assassinated
24 -Wilfred Ellis died-66 yrs. Barber in village
29 -2nd Silverthorn child to die in a year due to heart problems
Dec. 4 -Annie Foley died
11 -Stan Davey died
28 -Chester Dalglish died


Jan. 10 -Wilma Robertson (Alton) died
31 -Wm. McNarney died-74 yrs.
Feb. 15 -Mrs. Bert Bryant died
Mar. 2 -Olive Lucas died (Ryckman)
Apr. 20 -Joe Nesbitt died
May 31 -Percy Corson died-74 yrs.
June 17 -Wm. McCormack died- 81 yrs.
20 -John Ballam died-70 yrs.
July 4 -Robt. Caister
22 -Roy Teel died-65 yrs.
Oct. 23 -A. Myers died-73 yrs.


Jan. 24 -Sir Winston Churchill died-90 yrs
-Mrs. Dennis Healy died
Feb. 7 -Dunc. Turner died
9 -Pearl Graham died- 85 yrs.
Apr. 7 -Jack Wright died-87 yrs. Built barber shop in front of Neal’s house
14 -Wm. Brotherston -57 yrs. DBOH
17 -Terry Ryan died
21 -Annie Snider died-74 yrs
May 2 -Lyla Wilson died –Ruebens’ wife
4 -Mrs. Eva Shields died
18 -Archie Wm. McMillan died
19 -Harold Harris died
26 -Len McFadden died
Oct. 16 -Mrs. Jack Wright died-84yrs.
24 -Tom MacNamee died-84 yrs.
Dec. 5 -Dave Finn died
-Fred Rychmand died
12 -Mrs. Jack Hughes died


Jan. 9 -Hillyard Murphy died- 64 yrs.
-Jim Grant died-82 yrs.
Feb. 27 -Nancy Farrow killed in car accident-16 yrs.
May 26 -A. MacMillan died-81 yrs. – Archie
June 8 -Ernie Boyton died-63 yrs.
21 -Charlie Foreman died-83 yrs. –Jasper’s bro.
July 27 -Mrs. Art Richmond died
Aug. 10 -Jack Murchison died-85 yrs
11 -Grant Chirpaugh died
Sept. 1 -Jack Roberts died-Dell’s brother
Oct. 29 -Mrs. Frank Craggs died-62 yrs.
Dec. 5 -Albert Bell died –Leona, Taylor’s dad
10 -Nick Whalen-46 yr’s
-Rowena Lytle-35 yrs—–both killed in car accident


Jan. 5 -Earl Houghton died-54 yrs.
16 -Mrs. Tom Brown died
18 -Mrs. Chas. George died
20 -Mrs. Mick McGee died
-Archie Lake
Feb. 15 -William Bell died-62 yrs.-Vina’ husband
24 -Abe Barker died- 82 yrs.
Mar. 2 -Dan McDonald died-81 yrs.
5 -Gov. Gen. Vanier died
21 -Ross Neal died-65 yrs
-Mrs. Chas. Peel died-82 yrs.
Apr. 24 -Vern Peiffer died-62 yrs.
May 4 -Nellie Murphy died-66 yrs.
9 -Gert Bartley died -66 yrs.
June 10 -Mrs. Grant Keown died-82 yrs.
16 -Mrs. Montgomery died- 101 yrs,
-Ella DeGeer died-79 yrs.
24 -Clara Shields died-90 yrs. –Jack Davey’s aunt
Sept. 23 -Charles Mitchell died-73 yrs.
Oct. 11 -Mrs. Robt. Lytle died-80 yrs.-Libby’s mother
Nov. 8 -Melville Brown died-61 yrs.
Dec. 20 -Fred Rae died-63 yrs
28 -L H. Palmer died-77 yrs.


Jan. 10 -William Black died
11 -John Farmer died
13 -Mrs. Vern Nelson killed-49 yrs.-had garages in village
21 -Chas. Shields died
30 -Jack McLeod died
Feb. 3 -Minnie Brix died
23 -William Jacobs died-80 yrs.
Mar. 18 -Charlie Stoddart died
Apr. 10 -Mrs. Wm. Wylie died –Mary Ann, Tom, Bill’s mother
15 -Percy Duxbury died-Stella Crarey’s father
Aug. 11 -Garnet Thompson died-Irma’s husband
Sept. 8 -Myers Store and Agnew Hotel burned
18 -Mrs. Bill Cronin died
28 -Mrs. Fred Davey died
Oct. 4 -Bert Bryant died- 73 yrs.
Nov. 24 -Melinda Ferguson died-91 yrs.
Dec. 5 -Michael Fitzgerald shot-15 yrs.
10 -Howard Bailey died-71 yrs.


Jan. 30 -Jim McDonald died
Feb. 5 -Milt Webdale died -41 yrs.
-Mona Gordon died
Apr. 17 -Harold Freelan died
15 -Mrs. Oliver Lesard died
19 -Nellie Wylie died
May 19 -Cora Newman died-72 yrs.
25 -Margaret Whalen died
Aug. 17 -Uncle Wes Staples died-93 yrs.
Sept. 4 -Tom Parrington died-67 yrs.
5 -Mrs. Jim Reid died-79 yrs.
20 -Frank Benson died-61 yrs/
Dec. 20 -Mrs. Frank Moore died-82 yrs.-Ivan’s mother


Jan. 2 -Hiram Haight died-82 yrs.
-Alf Snider died
Mar. 22 -Jack Walsh died
Apr. 30 -Victoria Rd. Post Office Closed
June 14 -Ed Murphy died
20 -Mrs. John McNish –killed car accident
24 -Mrs. Arnold Crarey died-Margaret Brotherson
26 -Ida Callan died (Everson)
July 1 -Pat Connolly died
6 -Ray Bacon died
18 -Jasper Foreman died-82 yrs.
Aug. 21 -Alex Laing died


Jan. 1 -Mrs. Arthur King died-93 yrs.
30 -Cliff Benson died-68 yrs
Feb. 3 -Wilder Ewers died
8 -Stewart Bell died-57 yrs.
Mar. 31 -Russell Brown died- Frank’s son
Apr. 2 -Miss Kydd died
30 -Harold McDonald died
May 6 -Leonard Curl died
15 -Nathan Pearce died-Annie Robertson’s father
July 28 -Gary McGregor died
30 -Simpson Dawson died
-Eustace McNeil (minister at V.R.)
Sept. 7 -Jim Thornton-died–
9 -Nellie McDonald died-93 yrs.
Oct. 18 -Mrs. Bert Tough died-73 yrs.
Dec. 8 -Bill McDonald died-59 yrs.-Buelah’s husband


Jan. 8 -Mrs. Robt. Hargrave died
-Liza Logan died
Feb. 29 -Frank York died
Mar. 22 -Mrs. Tom McKee died-84 yrs.
-Frank Baldwin died
June 4 -Clarence Lytle died-66 yrs
21 -Ed Bryans died
July 4 -Wilfred McCormack died-81 yrs.
Aug. 8 -Rod McKay died-82 yrs.
Sept. 20 -Jim Reid died-82 yrs.
Oct. 9 -Hank Wilson died-81 yrs.
10 -Roy Shields died-80 yrs.
Dec. 11 -Jack Dixon died-Cora Bethune’s husband


Mar. 28 -Wake Bailey died-78 yrs.
Apr. 6 -Louie Berenbaum died-junk collector
May 2 -Leslie Frost died-77 yrs.
13 -Dave Barker died- 67 yrs.
June 17 -Jack Wilson died-88 yrs.
20 -Rueben Wilson died-74 yrs.-brothers
29 -Norm Hutchinson died-66 yrs
July 27 -Mrs. Len Curl died-82 yrs
Aug. 1 -D. N. Sinclair died-storekeeper Glenarm
6 -Mrs. Lavary Wylie died
Sept. 3 -Hannah Thorton died
15 -George Brotherston-69 yrs.-killed
20 -Henry Thompson died-64 yrs-Jean’s husband
Oct. 5 -Mrs. Art Stone died
12 -Jack Martin died
Dec. 20 -Mick McGee died
29 -Joe Walsh died


Jan. 31 -Mrs. Pat McNamee died
-Sarah McCallum died
Feb. 12 -Irene Chirpaugh died
17 -Mrs. Hugh McPhail died
18 -Mrs. Clark Benson died
Mar. 1 -Orville McNish died
23 -Sid Bell died
25 -Pat McNamee died
Apr. 12 -George Richmond died
Sept. 14 -Chester Bailey killed-76 yrs.
-Eva McCormack died
-Mrs. Les Rae died
-Mrs. Wm. Parrington died


Jan. 28 -Clarence Gray
Apr. -Hector McPhail died
30 -Mrs. Minnie McInnis died-Oliver’s wife
May 6 -Ted Bailey died
June 8 -Aunt Artie Staples died-89 yrs.
July 10 -Gordon Ashley died-70 yrs.
13 -Wilfred Burke died
Aug. 1 -Ray Richmond died
2 -Mrs. Ernie Butterworth died
3 -Jack Taylor died-Eva’s husband
-Marjorie Alton died
-Jim Wilson died
-Les Rae died
-George Hockley died
Nov. 1 -Fred Davey died-93 yrs.
-Oliver McInnes died


Jan. 15 -Victor Ferguson died-39 yrs.
21 -Elwyn Brentnell died-79 yrs.
-Mildred Shepherd
-Jack Fitzgerald-Dot’s husband (drowned)
-Clarence McPhail—died


May 3 -Chris MacArthur died- Station Agent
June 2 -Joe Montgomery died
8 -Frank Craggs died-75 yrs.-Frankie, Morley’s dad
28 -Rod Ballam- died–
July 14 -Richard Woofenden died-65yrs.
Aug. 3 -William Buchan died-79 yrs.
15 -Mrs. Don Nicholson died
Sept. 1 -Myrtle Gilson died-85 yrs.
5 -Mrs. Andy Myers died-77 yrs.
-Ada Gregory died
22 -Vern Grant died
Oct. 3 -Almond Brintnell died-80 yrs.
-Dan McArthur died
Nov. 22 -Eva Taylor died- Jack’s wife
Dec. 1 -S.C. Brintnell died-63 yrs. (Pete)


Mar. 11 -Mrs. Erv. (Gert) Thompson died-88 yrs. –Henry’s mother
19 -Mrs. Jim Grant died-89 yrs.
Apr. 3 -Fred Ashley died
May 14 -Bill Foreman
21 -Lavary Wylie died-73 yrs.
June 18 -Les Caister
July 13 -Cliff Brentnell died-69 yrs.
29 -Agnus Grant died-Mrs. Vern Grant
Aug. 4 -Grace Wiles died
5 -Sandy Angiers died
6 -Jim Lytle died-64 yrs.
-Pope Paul VI died
24 -Mrs. Sid Miller died
-Pope John Paul elected
Sept. 2 -John Alton died-Gertrude’s Husband
16 -Art Webster
-Sarah McPhail died-75 yrs.-Jim’s wife
27 -Pope John Paul died
Oct. 13 -Mrs. Roy Teel died
-Corman White died-78 yrs.
16 -Pope John Paul 2nd- elected
Nov. 16 -Pat McDonald died-57 yrs.
27 -Ann (Bacon) Coulter died-25 yrs.
Dec. 22 -Mrs. Wilfred Burke died


Jan. 16 -Katie Bradamore died
21 -Jack Wylie died-drove mail
Apr. 17 -Mary Tainsh died (Murchison)
25 -Tom Rutter died
-Herman Brix died
June 5 -Silverthorn and Wilson boys killed in car accident
22 -Clark Benson died-74 yrs.
23 -Wm. Gilmour died-93 yrs.-Ross, Alec, Lloyd’s brother
30 -Mrs. Jim Black died
-Arnold Crarey died-Rod’s brother
Aug. 7 -Ellsworth Hargrave died
-Blanche Thompson died-Ritchie’s wife
14 -Mrs. Grant Benson died-(May)
15 -John Diefenbaker died
Sept. 7 -Hazel Welch died-79 yrs.
22 -Irma Thompson died-76 yrs.
28 -Les Hannivan died-62 yrs.
Oct. 6 -Mrs. Dr. Anderson died
23 -Russell Webster died
-Chuck Wilkinson died-Lorraine Agnew’s husband
Nov. 7 -Bill Richmond died
19 -Lena Bailey died-76 yrs.-Howard’s sister


Jan. 9 -Orley Brintnell died- 76 yrs.
20 -Jim Commerford died
26 -Walter Lytle died-71 yrs.
Feb. 1 -Bob Wires died-71 yrs.
3 -Mrs. Jim Montgomery died-33 yrs.
15 -Herman Buckley died-71 yrs.
18 -Dominion Election-Lib. -146. P.C.-103, N.D.P-32
20 -Howard Kingdon died
24 -Lloyd Gilmour died-89 yrs.
Mar. 21 -Percy Dickson died
May 5 -Harold Staples died-Ivan’s uncle
-S.S. Vassar died
June 4 -Mary Styles died
-New Bridge opposite the store
24 -Bert Smith died-86 yrs.
July 1 -Charlie Hutchison died-46 yrs.-Norm’s son
Aug. 8 -Mrs. Ernie Boynton died-Carl’s mother
24 -Robt. Jordan died-70 yrs.-lived in Manse
Oct. 9 -Jennie Bell (Campbell) died
17 -Len Oldfield died-76 yrs.
-Garnet Peel died
Nov. 17 -Mrs. Con McDonald died-95 yrs.
18 -Verona McArthur died-42 yrs.
26 -Merv Hicks died-59 yrs.
Dec. 18 -Glen Wylie died-24 yrs.-Tom and Cora’s son
24 -Irwin White died
28 -Fraser Bradshaw died-65 yrs-Ruth Bradshaw (Staples) husband
29 -Earl Sutherland died


Jan. 10 -Dick Southern died-Margaret’s husband
14 -Aubrey Lytle died-44 yrs.
16 -Barbara Staples died
27 -Mrs. Abe Barker died-93 yrs.
Feb. 2 -Mrs. Jim Agnew died-96 yrs.
11 -Harry Staples died-93 yrs.
Mar. 5 -Mrs. Claire Fielder died
10 -Roy Farrow died-71 yrs.
16 -Robt. Montgomery died-83 yrs.
19 -Ont. Election –Cons-70. Lib.-34, N.D.P-21
18 -Mrs. Fred McKague died-82 yrs.
-Dalton McGee died
Apr. 1 -Ruth Bell (Rae) died-61 yrs.
16 -Mrs. Angus McCallum died-87 yrs
18 -Art Liscombe died
27 -Stan Hicks-Russell’s brother
30 -Teresa McDonald died-88 yrs.-Norm’s sister on Cemetery Board
May 14 -George Bantam died
18 -William Rutter died-74 yrs.
June 10 -Harringan & Mitchell boys killed in car accident
16 -Eunice Holder died-98 yrs.-Lillian’s mother
Aug. 2 -Lizzie George Foreman died-81 yrs.
Sept. 6 -Gertie Lytle died-75 yrs.
27 -George Teel died
28 -George Foreman died –Lizzie’s husband
Nov. 14 -Florence Greaves died
16 -Alma Duggan died-85 yrs.-Marion’s mother
24 -Glady’s McDonald died


Jan. 3 -Ida Cowan died-102 yrs. (Gilmour)
-Roy Jones died
Feb. 13 -Lillian McNeil died
23 -Jack Montgomery died-80 yrs.
28 -Mrs. Buchan died
Mar. 14 -Sid Miller died-93 yrs.
Apr. 1 -Ester Takkala died
17 -Constitution brought to Canada
May 7 -Eddie Brown died
21 -Bill Bartley died-80 yrs.
22 -Alma Dunbar died
June 13 -Roy Morrison died
July 21 -Robt. Hargrave
Aug. 7 -Tom Ludlow died
Nov. 10 -Eade Graham died
Dec. 3 -Frank Rollings died
15 -Irene Greenan died-87 yrs.


Jan. 7 -John D. MacMillan died-89 yrs.
-Irene Harris died
9 -Roy Curl died
25 -Arnold Haight died-67 –Hiram’s son
Feb. 2 -Mary Murshison’s house burned
9 -Bert Tough died
16 -Sadie (Logan) Beatty died
-Orland Brown died
Mar. 21 -Percy McNish died- 66 yrs.
Apr. 30 -Chas. Holder died-77 yrs.
-Ethel Palmer died
May 3 -Francis Lindsay- R.C.M.P died
10 -Mary Murchison died
June 11 -William Downes died-74 yrs.
13 -Paul Gilmour -44 yrs.—
19 -Russell Hargrave died-80 yrs.-Cliff, Bobby’s, brother
20 -Ernie Butterworth died-82 yrs.-had store in Wilfred
Aug. 6 -Lee Sullivan died
12 -Mrs. Joe Hannivan died-93 yrs.
18 -Lillie Ludlow died
Oct. 25 -Dianne Lindsay died (MacDonald) Francis’ wife
Dec. 23 -Norm Hannivan died-83 yrs.
31 -Randy Everson killed on snowmobile- 27 yrs.-Kim Chirpaugh’s husband


Jan. 4 -Kate Sears died-82 yrs.-Tom’s wife
15 -Wilfred Bailey died-91 yrs.
Mar. 21 -Joe McNamee died
30 -Bill Fitzgerald died
Apr. 25 -Marj. Brintnell and brother George died
May 12 -Charlie Roberts died-Dell Stewart’s brother
June 7 -Mrs. Herb Wilson died (Orlea)
July 6 -Jack Rae died-61 yrs.
13 -Charlie Brotherston died-82 yrs.
Sept. 4 -Dom. Election-P.C.-211, Lib.-40, N.D.P.-30, Ind.-1
5 -Harold Brentnell died
7 -Perrin Nicholson died
Oct. 26 -Archie Orie Bell died
28 -Mrs. Bill Fitzgerald died
Nov. 9 -Mrs. Frank Stone died
Dec. 7 -Mrs. Hank Wilson died-90 yrs.


Jan. 10 -Direct dialing in service
May 2 -Ont. Elect.-P.C.-52, Lib.-48, N.D.P.-25
9 -Ruby (Neal) Mawhinney died-79 yrs.
11 -Russel Forman died-84 yrs.
14 -Bill Tainsh died
25 -Mrs. Joe Staples died-Bill’s mother
June 3 -Mrs. Joblin died-Minister’s wife
July 4 -Frank Weldon died-82 yrs.
28 -Bessie McKay died-Rod’s wife
Aug. 8 -Mrs. Dan McArthur died-82 yrs.
17 -Fred Anketell died
Sept. 5 -George Lytle died-76 yrs.
Oct. 14 -Mrs. John McNarney died
Nov. 2 -Dave Crichton died-84 yrs.


Jan. 3 -Tom Rae died-59
11 -Wm. John Ewers died-87 yrs.
22 -Ross Gilmour died-87 yrs.
24 -Bill Ewens died-82 yrs.-Jim’s brother
-Alex Gilmour died
-Mrs. Harold Lewis died-82 yrs.
Feb. 3 -Mrs. Campbell Graham died-89 yrs.
June 28 -Grant Benson died-83 yrs.
-Don Smith died-from Lift Locks
July 9 -Ina Brintnell died- 75 yrs.
-Mrs. Don Smith died
16 -Lloyd Irwin died- 87 yrs.-from Lift Locks
29 -Don Crarey died- 90 yrs.
Aug. 6 -Wilson Ellis died- 100 yrs.-former Station Agent
-Village Hwy. improved
Oct. 1 -Rod Cameron died- Everett’s dad
3 -Everett Fountain died
Nov. 1 -Alice Sinclair (Alton) died- 86 yrs.
12 -Bob Callan died
14 -Les Gilson died-86 yrs.
15 -Mrs. Cliff Hargrave died-Keith’s mother
26 -Evangeline Cassidy died –Whalen
27 -Mrs. Stan Hicks died
Dec. 8 -Wes Jewell died-93 yrs.


Jan. 23 -Fred Hill died-79 yrs.
24 -Randall Rae died
Mar. 11 -Eva Jacob died-96 yrs.
Apr. 29 -Russell Thompson died-66 yrs.
May 20 -Charlie Lytle died-85 yrs.
26 -Mrs. Vic Flemming died
27 -Jack Peel died- 75 yrs.
June -Ambrose Hicks died
14 -George Walkinshaw died
Aug. 2 -Audress Peel died
Sept. 10 -Ont. Elect.-Lib-95, N.D.P.-19, P.C.-16
Oct. 22 -Mike Mcdonald- electrocuted
Nov. 27 -Frenchy Bradamore died
Dec. 11 -Harold Lewis died- Jack’s dad
13 -Percy Brintnell died- 82 yrs.
-Bess Doig died
22 -Roy Weaver died
29 -Mildred McInnis died-Murray’s mother


Feb. 7 -Pearl McRae (Widdis)died- 93 yrs.
17 -Charlie Brown died-92 yrs.-Lillian Corson’s 2nd husband
Apr. 12 -Ruby Montgomery died
21 -Alma Taylor died-89 yrs.
May 7 -George Westgarth died- 75 yrs
29 -Pansy Dowson (sister-in-law) died- 77 yrs
Aug. 10 -Joe Manley died-77 yrs.
16 -Stanley Myers died
17 -Art Stone died
Oct. 5 -Wm. Foster (Ron’s dad) died-76 yrs
Nov. 3 -Norm McDonald died- 87 yrs.
8 -Geo. Haight died
21 -Dom. Elect.-P.C.-169, Lib.-81, N.D.P-45
Dec. 26 -Mrs. Ellsworth Hargrave died-90 yrs.
27 -Mary Hutchison died


Feb. -Ross Rae died
Mar. -Art Bell died
Apr. 20 -Geo. Callan died-Bob’s brother
May -Mrs. Orland Brown died
June 3 -Prudence Widdis died- 92 yrs.
5 -Walter Barker died
11 -Norma Gibson (Mawhinney) died- 54 yrs.
26 -Harold Barker died
July 3 -Jim McPhail died- 72 yrs.-Jean’s brother
19 -Harriet Millyard died- 92 yrs.
20 -Harold Alton died- 79 yrs.
Aug. 7 -Angus Dunbar died -81 yrs
Sept. 22 -Tom Ballam died-98 yrs.
-Kate Connolley died- 82 yrs.
29 -Irene Black died-82 yrs.
Nov. -Norm Ryckman died- 83 yrs.
Dec. 26 -Edna Stewart died
27 -Mary Wilkinson died- 84 yrs.-Chuck’s mother


Jan. 11 -George Rae died-79 yrs.
Apr. 11 -Helen McGregor died
June -Eric Thompson died
July 4 -Len Styles died
Aug. 25 -Lillian Brown (Corson) died- 92 yrs.
Sept. 6 -Ont. Elect.-N.D.P.-74, Lib.-36, P.C.-20
23 -Ann Ballam died
Oct. 18 -Ella Caister died- 95 yrs.
22 -Lillie Smith killed by car-95 yrs
Nov. 14 -Marg. Neal died
Dec. 17 -Sadie Lytle died- 74 yrs.


Jan. 15 -Dr. Anderson died – 88 yrs.
17 -Ross Faulkner died- 78 yrs.
26 -Frankie Craggs died- 57 yrs.
Mar. -Lawrence Rae died
-Roma Watson died
Apr. 19 -Bill Chapman died-78 yrs.
30 -Ron Pearce died-84 yrs.
July -Melville Black-age 88 yrs.
Aug. 5 -Weldon Neal died- 83 yrs.
-Florence Alton died
Oct. 9 -Wilamena Liscombe died
-Alwin Shipton died
12 -George Benson died
29 -Vina Bell died-80


Jan. 14 -Rhoda Crarey (Mrs. Jno. Crarey) died -92 yrs.
Feb. 15 -Reg Oldfield died- 90 yrs.
May 16 -Mary Crowley died-Sister of Bill, Pat, Francis, etc.
29 -Bruce Smith died-Husband of Katherine Barrett



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