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Pte. R. J. GAGNON, K.I.A./ Groesbeek War Cemetery, Netherlands
Pte. R. J. GAGNON, K.I.A./ Groesbeek War Cemetery, Netherlands

In Memory Of/Thomas MARREN/Dec. 29, 1860-July 29, 1949/His Wife/Mary C. McCarthy/ Nov. 9, 1872-Dec. 31, 1946/
Son/Dennis J. Nov 9 1898–Feb 171967

Thomas Marren 1924–1963

Peter Marren 1928–1960

Pete Marren 1895—1932

Bell——-Robert R.Bell March 21 1885—-Jul 1 1950
Eleanor L. Duggan May1888–Dec.31 1953l

FINN/Veronica R. MARREN/1903-1991/Wife OF/Maurice FINN/Loving parents of Marie, Marcella, Joe, Maurice, Mick, Ann

WYLIE/Thomas/1915-1994/His Wife/Cora Lytle/1922-_____/Their Son/Glen J./1956-1980

Mary Ann Wylie Dec.9 1913________

FREELEN/In Memory Of/Gordon W. FREELEN/1903-1980/Beloved Husband Of/Anna Viola FINN/1910-1993

MURPHY/In Loving Memory Of/ Barbara Ann CONNELLY/Feb. 17, 1933-Mar. 16, 1972/Beloved Wife Of/John E.MURPHY/Jan 7 1934_____
Parents Of/Edward ,Suzanne, Patrick And John

CONNELLY/In Memory Of/Patrick CONNELLY/1897-1970/Beloved Husband Of/Annie M. FOLEY/1909-2002

Lunnan–John 1878–1968
Mary Ann (Marren) 1893–1975
J.Vincent J. 1933–1955
M. Mary I. 1921–1993

Harrigan —– John J.(Jack) 1927–1971
Margret G.(McDonald) 1931–2008

Harrigan—-Donald A. Jun4 1964 Jun 10 1981


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Flood 2008 Talbot Bridge --Carden
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