The Cemetery information for the pioneers of North Carden is well documented in the Mud Lake and Dalyrimple Cemeteries and likewise most of the Catholics are all lined up in neat rows along the Victoria Road However the rest of south Carden pioneers are missing
These persons are interred in several cemeteries around the nieghbouring townships
Please let us know of any that are missing

Kirkfield United

Kirkfield United

060 In Memory Of/William John/ALTON/Died/March 3, 1923/Aged 58 Yrs./Margaret Ann/Wife Of/William J./ALTON/Died/ May 24, 15/Aged 47 Yrs./John ALTON/

061 In Memory Of/Arnold ROSS/Son Of/William J. & Margaret A./ALTON/Who Died/March 21, 1903/Aged 21 Days/William ALTON/1841-1933/His Wife/Jane Peters/1844-1933/John Irwin ALTON/1904-1978/E. Gertrude DAVIDSON/1906-2003/Mary ALTON/1902-1994

062 McGILLIVRAY/__________________

063 TEEL/In Memory Of/Roy C. TEEL/1899-1964/Beloved Husband
of Wyona C. Wright 1904-1978/Their son Morley Clifford/ 1926- 1987

064 JACOB/Abraham JACOB/1858-1932/His Wife Annie E./1854-1947/Their Son John W./1896-1927/At Rest

065 JACOB/William J./1887-1968/Eva May/1891-1987

066 CRAGGS/In Memory Of/Thomas CRAGGS/1869-1940/His Beloved Wife/Mary Ann HUDSON/1873-1932

067 In Loving Memory/Joseph HICKS/1866-1936/His Wife/Amelia S. SWITZER/1884-1952

068 In Memory Of/Alma Josephine HICKS/Died Sept. 5, 1935/Aged 19 Years

069 TEEL/Perry M./1870-1945/His Wife/Autta M./1875-1949/Gordon W./1915-2004/His Wife/Pearl L./1915-1973

070 ALTON/James ALTON/May 20, 1839/May 6, 1883

071 JACOB/beloved Son Of/_________/___________/


073 Russell NICHOLLS/Nov. 4, 1895-Oct. 14, 1977/His Wife/Violet MADILL/Dec. 31, 1897-May 16, 1974/Their Daughter/Joy Eileen/Dec. 21, 1938-June 15, 1992/Infant Son. 1933

074 CRAGGS/In Memory Of/Thomas CRAGGS/1898-1963/Beloved Husband Of/Hughenia ZEALAND/1905-1977

075 METHEREL/In Memory Of/Hilda CRAGGS/December 9, 1929/November 25, 2002/Loving Mother/In God’s Care

076 TEEL/Perry M./1870-1945/His Wife/Autta M./1875-1949/Gordon W./1915-2004/His Wife/Pearl L. 1915-1973

077 HARRIS/In Memory Of/Ettie A. JACOB/1893-1945/Beloved Wife Of/Harold J. HARRIS/1893-1965

078 HOLDER/In Loving Memory/Henry Ernest/Mar. 1, 1948/Sept 4, 1991/Son Of Myrtle and Cecil_/Forever Remembered/Forever LOved

Myrtle McPhail/ 1921-1984

079 HOLDER/E. A. Cecil/1908-1957/Ever Remembered–Ever Loved

080 HOLDER/Eunice F. PEEL/May 12, 1883-June 16, 1981//Wife Of William H./Sept. 23, 1860-Oct. 4, 1942/Their Son Ross/1915-1993

081 ANGIERS/Herbert John/Sept. 19, 1918-Aug. 26, 1989/His Wife/Lillian May HOLDER/Jan. 13, 1922–Nov. 10, 1993/Always Remembered Always Loved

082 QUIBELL/Kenneth W. QUIBELL/June 25, 1940–Oct. 25, 2002/Hazel HOLDER/Feb. 22, 1945–Jan. 25, 1998/Gone But Not Forgotten

083 MUNRO/Annie GRANT/1894-1955/Beloved Wife Of/Wesley MUNRO andAlfred SNIDER/And Sister Of/Hector GRANT/William GRANT