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    This from the offical Cameron Highlanders history
    Normandy Landings, Caen, Carpiquet, The Orne, Bourguébus Ridge, Faubourg de Vaucelles, Falaise, Quesnay Wood, The Laison, Boulogne 1944, Battle of the Scheldt, Breskens Pocket, The Rhineland, Waal Flats, The Hochwald, The Rhine, Twente Canal, Zutphen, Deventer, Leer

    Garnet Neil Stewart
    Cameron Highlanders
    Aug.1940—Aug 1945

    Garnet Stewart was born in Uphill, Sep. 10,1920 He enlisted in Lindsay’s Midland Regiment on Aug6 1040 and first worked as a truck driver

    Garnet took basic training at Lindsay Armories. The didn’t have uniforms but were issued boots and helmets. They marched to Orno sleeping overnight in ball fields ad armories The Midland regiment was used to guard Hydro plants. He traveled across Canada from East to West and back East again. He sailed oversees from Halifax on the Ile de France
    He trained in England until D-Day as a Cameron Highlander .He landed in Normandy on D-day and fought through France, Belgium and Germany and was on rest leave in Holland as the war closed He was driver for a Machine Gun Carrier
    He returned to France twice and attended reunions of the Midland regiment every May and the Cameron Highlanders every October in Ottawa .He was a member of the Brechin Legion
    He never forgot D-Day But lived a succesfull life as a welder farmer and lock operator for the Trent Canal
    Garnet married Margret Thresher in 1946 (54 years) and raised six children
    He was a member of the Victoria Masonic Lodge in Kirkfield and also a member of the Dalyrimple United Church

    Note: Picture in Military Album

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