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Susan Mahoney-circa 1910
Susan Mahoney-circa 1910

    Dec 15 1923

    Reasearch by Frances Laver

    December 15, 1923
    The Orillia Times

    Carden Council met at No. 2 school house on Saturday, December 15, pursuant to statute. Members all present, viz: William Ashby, Wm. Whalen, James Wilson and Geo. Fox, Councillors and John A. McGillivary, Reeve.
    A communication read from A. L. Killaby, Supt. T. V. Canal, stating that the Department had spent $4,875.13, on roads in the Township of Carden in lieu of the high level bridge which was to have been built between the 6th and 7th concessions.
    Moved by Mr. Ashby, seconded by Mr. Whalen, that the Medical Health Officer’s report be received and filed.
    Moved by Mr. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Whalen, that Peter Day be instructed to build a culvert on West Mud Lake road opposite lot 20.
    Moved by Mr. Whalen, seconded by Mr. Fox, that a grant of $40 be expended gravelling on East Mud Lake road, opposite lot 22, James Wilson, Commissioner.
    Mr. Charles Davey and Mr. A. Everson appeared before the Council and asked for a grant towards the street lights at Victoria road village.
    Moved by Mr. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Fox, that the Council make no grant towards lighting the streets at Victoria road village. There was no amendment, and the Reeve declared the motion carried.
    Moved by Mr. Fox, seconded by Mr. Whalen, that $151.25, be expended on the boundary of Carden and Mara, opposite lots 9 and 10, Carden, John A. McGillivary, Com.
    Moved by Mr. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Whalen, that the Collector’s time for collecting the taxes be extended until the first meeting of Council in 1924.
    Moved by Mr. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Whalen, that the following accounts be paid, and that the Reeve grant orders on the Treasurer for the same: Joe Martin, $2, for 20 loads of gravel; Treasurer of Eldon, $6.94, half cost of work done on boundary of Eldon and Carden, opposite lot 1, Carden; Wm. Wylie, $5.20, for 52 loads of gravel; John Walsh, Sr., $1.20 for 12 loads of gravel; Patrick Dugan, $18, bonus for 120 rods of wire fence; Dennis Healy; $1.75, half cost for work on Talbot River bridge on Victoria Road; Mrs. Roy Lewis, $3, refund of Statute Labor charged in error; Thomas Cragg, $7.90, for 79 loads of gravel and $1.50 damage to hay in getting to pit; Sam Wilson .90c, for 9 loads of gravel; Jas. Wilson, $12.38, for culvert on concession 5, opposite lot 25; Wm. Whalen, $3 refund of dog tax charged in error; Edward Murphy, $2 refund of dog tax; Edward Lang, $1.50 for repairing culvert on concession 6, opposite lot 6; Wm. Whalen, $1 for repairing culvert on concession 5, opposite lot 5;
    Session allowances—Jno. A. McGillvary, $24; Geo. Fox, $24; Wm. Ashby, $24; Wm. Whalen, $24; Jas. Wilson, $24; Commission of Roads, William Ashby, $7.50; J. A. McGillvary, $4; Wm. Whalen, $3; Jas. Wilson, $3; Geo. Fox, $3; John Walsh, $8; J. Walsh, Clerk and Treasurer’s salary, $175; Clerk for postage, $8; Clerk for calling on pound keepers, fence viewers, and sheep valuators to make their declaration of office, $4; School Grants—Trustees, S. S. No. 1, Township grant and Levy, $600.72; No. 2, $586.63; U.S.S. No. 3, of $320.29; No. 4, $628.14


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