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4981 Fairvalley Rd, Ramara Township

photos of the gravemarkers in this cemetery may be found at Ontario Gravemarker Gallery:

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In Memory Of/John J. E./Son Of/John & Mary Allewell/Died Aug. 3, 1879/Age. 11 Yrs, 1 Mos., 27 Days

At Rest/Mary Read/Dearly Beloved Wife Of/James Barbour/Died Feb. 9, 1920/Aged 66 Years/James Barbour/Died July 31, 1929/Aged 79 Years/
The World Is Better That You Lived/Go Now And Have No Sorrow/Assured That Those Who Loved You Here/Will Meet You There Tomorrow/BARBOUR

In Loving Memory/Mary Calderwood/Died Feb. 23, 1915, Aged 51 years/
Flora Campbell /Wife of Peter Calderwood/Died Aug. 26, 1902/ Aged 80 Years/Native of Argyleshire, Scotland/Trusting Jesus That Is All/
{North Side}/To The Memory Of/Christina Cook/Beloved Wife of/Peter Calderwood/Born In Lanarkshire, Scotland/March 22nd 1822/Died In Halton/Sept. 13th, 1861/Christ The Only Foundation/{East Side}/Also of Peter Calderwood/Born In Argyleshire, Scotland/May 1st, 1819/Died June 19, 1896/The Lord Is My Shepherd

Margaret T./Calderwood/Beloved Wife of/Murdoch McKenzie/Died/
June 13, 1901/Aged/39 Yrs, 9 Mos. And 13 Days/Murdoch McKenzie/
1854-1936/Our mother has gone to a mansion of rest/ From a region of sorrow and pain/To the glorious land by the Diety blest/Where she never can suffer again./{South Side}/Peter McKenzie/Died/Jan. 5. 1942/Aged/51 Years/{West Side}/McKenzie

Asleep In Jesus/Eliza Read/Beloved Wife Of/David Calderwood/Died Aug. 9, 1919/Aged 63 Years/David Calderwood/Died April 13, 1930/ Aged 75 Years/CALDERWOOD

In Memory Of/Edward Carson/Who Passed Away/Jan. 8, 1895/Aged 31 Years/Jesus Christ The Same/Yesterday And Today/And For Ever/ S. H.CARSON/F.S./Father

Gone To Be With Jesus/Nancy Ann Henry/Beloved Wife Of/James T. Elder/Mar. 27, 1857-Sept. 17, 1930/James T. Elder/Feb. 12, 1852-Oct. 23, 1940/At Rest/ELDER

In Loving Memory Of/David Wilson Elder/May 16, 1854-May 29, 1922/Mary Ellen Johnston/His Beloved Wife/May 6, 1862-Aug. 18, 1948/ELDER

ELDER/James E. Elder/1819-1906/Husband Of /Janet Willson/1818-1892

Marjory E./Gellately/Born/Dec. 11th, 1915/Died/Jan. 16th, 1916

In Memory Of/Isabella Millar/Wife Of/James Gellatly/Died/Jan. 20, 1909/
Aged/81 Years/Arthur Gellatly/Died/June 24, 1922/In His 68th Year/Blessed Are The Pure/In Heart, For They Shall See God./GELLATLY

JOHNSTON/Robert Johnston/1819-1893/Husband Of/Eliza Thompson/1824-1906/Their Dau. Theresa/1872-1883/Their Son Isaac/1851-1900/Husband Of/Hannah Fountain/Died 1920/And Infant Child

In Loving Memory of/John Lamb/Died Oct. 13, 1909/Aged 85 Years/Mary Dixon /His Wife/Died May 5, 1916/Aged 82 Years/LAMB/F.S. Father

In Memory Of/William Lamb/Died/Dec. 23, 1906/Aged 85 Years/And His Wife/Mary/Died May 24, 1889/Aged/69 Years/At Rest/LAMB/{North Side}/In Memory Of/Elizabeth Lamb/Died/Jan. 9, 1929/Aged/67 Years/Mary Lamb/Died/Mar. 29, 1935/Aged/72 Years

{West Side}/Cleta V. /Lancaster/1913-1933

[Broken pieces in ground]/{Top}/Laid To Rest /In Memory Of/Elizabeth/
Wife Of/{Middle}/Robert Lamb/Died/June 13, 1886/Aged 31 Years/
{Bottom}/___High Heaven That Heard The___/That Was Reunited Shall /Death_____/____ Lifes Fate Hold______/_______In Death.

3317633 Private/David M. MacKenzie/8th Res. Battn. C.E.F.23rd Aug. 1918/Forever Safe/Forever Blessed

In Loving Memory Of/William McNeill/1868-1938/Susannah Bay/His Wife/1870-1930/Florence Mae/McNeill/1890-1912/McNEILL/F.S Sister

In Memory Of/William/Beloved Son Of/Thomas & Mary/Moffatt/Died 19, April, 1884/AE. 2 Y’rs 7 Mo’s 6 D’s/This Lovely Flower To Us/ A While Was Given/Transplanted Now It Brightly/ Blooms In Heaven

In Loving Memory Of/James Robertson/Died Nov.7, 1924/In His 85th Year/Hanna Lamb/His beloved Wife/Died April 28, 1892/In Her 34th Year/ROBERTSON

In Memory Of/Henry Read/Died July 12, 1889/Aged 63 Yrs, 7 Mos./And His Wife/Maria A. Rogers/Died June 3, 1904/Aged 80 Yrs, 6 Mos./Native Of Hampshire, England/Their Memory Is Blessed/READ

SMITH/In Memory Of/Margaret Lamb/Sept. 25, 1876-Oct. 19, 1950/Beloved Wife Of/Archie David Smith/July 9, 1876-Dec. 4, 1953

[Broken piece in Ground]/Gone But Not Forgotten

In Memoriam/John Smith/Died Sept. 30, 1867/Aged/54 Years/Mary /His Wife/Died Feb. 21, 1900/Aged 83 Yrs.1 Month/Natives Of Scotland/Mary Jane/Their Daughter/Died Feb. 7, 1874/Aged 20 Years/SMITH/{North Side}/Also Of Their Sons/Hugh/Died July 14, 1887/Aged 27 Years/John/Died Oct. 25, 1897/Aged 45 Years/Archibald G. Smith/Died/May 27, 1929/Aged 71 years/F.S. Archie

[Broken Stone In Ground]/Entered Into Rest/In Memory Of/______ Storey

[Broken piece in Ground] In Memory /__/_______Higgin____/Died/___________________/Raised F.S. Mother

[Piece near Fence]/Raised F.S./Father

[Broken Stone In Ground]/rs. 4 Mos./st. Daughter Thou Hast Left us/
Here Thy Loss We Deeply Feel/But Tis God That Hath Berefit Us/
He Can All Our Sorrows Heal

[Broken Stone In Ground]/_______Lamb/August 1888/________ 4 Months/Sleep On Sweet Baby And Take Thy Rest/God Called Thee Home He Thought It Best

William Wesley Cleaveley
Child–1929—as per Family Tree

Note: The gates of the Fairvalley Methodist Cemetery were commissioned by Pearl Vosberg (nee McKenzie). Her parents Murdock Calfburn McKenzie & Margaret Calderwood McKenzie are buried here along with many other family members of hers. The Fairvalley Church once sat on this site, built in 1869. Mr. Jas Sinclair donated the land for the church.

On Friday July 14th 1933 the church caught fire and burned down. The cause was never determined. A neighboring farm house also burned that morning. The church was never rebuilt.

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