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Village Sites Before 1750

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Posted by: Admin on July 4, 2006 – 09:33 PM History

Village Sites in Carden before 1750

Human occupation of Southern Ontario shares the same time frame as human occupation of England. Before the extermination of the Huron’s around 1650, the Iroquois wiped out all the tribes in the Ottawa valley about 1600. The Huron’s in Victory County moved West and joined their brothers across Lake Simcoe. They now built palisaded villages for protection, which was uncommon before. In there turn the Iroquois were driven from Southern Ontario by the Mississaga around 1750.
Colonel George Laidlaw of Victoria Road identified fifty-five early villages (before the Mississaga’s) in Victoria County. These sites showed no European influence and are identified only by the blacken soil form their ash pits. Most have now been obliterated by cultivation. In Carden, these sites are located on Lot 6 Con. 10 on a high gravel hill (this may be Daily Hill, but that is on Con. 9), Lot 6 Con. 5 (McGee Place), Lot 18 Con. 4, covering 5 or 6 acres in a valley east of lower Lake Dalrymple and Lot 21 Con 4, close to Lake Dalrymple.

One of these sites may have an ossuary (mass burial pit for Hurons). All of these sites are on private property. All this and more in the Centennial History of Victoria County.

Note: this is private land–stay off

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