Cameron Ranch

History of Cameron Ranch
William Cameron purchased 3087 acres of land in the 4th ,5th’ 6th and 7th concessions of Carden Twp.on Jan.30th’1883 for $771.(25cents/ACRE).Later that same year he sold appr. half to Hugh Cameron..The Hugh Cameron parcel was sold by his executors in 1910 and has passed through several hands and is now held in part by Acada Limited and the remainder by J.Hawtin. The William Cameron parcel was held in trust after William’s death (in1900 )by the estate administrator ,Mr. Donald Mac Lachlan Q.C., until 1932 when it was transferred to Mary Cameron, who may be a daughter of William Cameron..In 1901 Donald Mac Lachlan purchased almost 1000 acres on Con 3 and 4,for the estate .After the property was transferred, she purchased another 300 acres in1932, thus giving her access to Hi. 503. In 1940 ,the property(2843.5acres) was purchased by the Mac Alpine family for $1100.(38 cents/acre)
In 2003 that property was purchased by the Province of Ontario for $1,250,000 ($439.5/acre) and is now leased back to the Nature Conservancy of Canada for the preservation of the habitat.


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