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Townships of Mara and Rama


*Information submitted by Mike Harrington

January 1, 1861 To December 31, 1861
Reeve: A. Kennedy
Councillors: JohnMcPherson Patrick Clarke Martin Kelly D. G. Hewett

January 1, 1862 To December 31, 1862
Reeve: Angus McKay
Councillors: D. G. Hewett William Ritchie Patrick Clarke James McPherson

January 1, 1863 To December 31, 1863
Reeve: Alexander Kennedy
Councillors: John Harahey Phillip McRae Patrick Clarke Angus McKay

January 1, 1864 To December 31, 1864
Reeve: Alexander Kennedy
Deputy Reeve:Phillip McRae
Councillors: Angus McKay Thomas Neilis Patrick Clarke

January 1, 1865 To December 31, 1865
Reeve:Alexander Kennedy
Deputy Reeve:Thomas Neilis
Councillors: Patrick Clarke Philip McRae Angus McKay

January 1, 1866 To December 31, 1866
Reeve:Alexander Kennedy
Deputy Reeve:Philip McRae
Councillors: William McPhee John Harahy James P. Foley

January 1, 1867 To December 31, 1867
Reeve: Alexander Kennedy
Deputy Reeve:Philip McRae
Councillors: Philip Harahy William McPhee James P. Foley

January 1, 1868 To December 31, 1868
Reeve:Phillip McRae
Deputy Reeve:William McPhee
Councillors: James P. Foley John Harahy Jeremiah McHugh

NOTE: Regarding 1862

Elected: Angus McKay
Ward 1 Wm. Ritchie
Ward 2 Patrick Clarke
Ward 3 D. G. Hewett
Ward 4 (Reeve)Patrick McLean
Ward 5 *James McPherson (*he appeared later in year)

January 20, 1862—Inaugural Meeting
-D. G. Hewett elected as Reeve by members of Council.
-Patrick McLean, Ward 5, refused to take Declaration & Oath of Office—he attended no further meetings.

February 17, 1862
-Patrick McLean, Councillor, Ward 5, submitted his resignation

August 11, 1862
-Reeve Hewett’s seat was declared vacant as Reeve Hewett had absented himself beyond the time prescribed by Statute.
-*Council proceeded to elect James McPherson as Reeve.

August 23, 1862
-Andrew Dudenhofer was sworn to Council following an election held on August 20th and 21st, to fill the Ward 4 vacancy caused by the absence of D. G. Hewett.

October 8, 1862
-Council decided that the proceedings of the August 11th, 1862 meeting, whereby James McPherson was elected Reeve, were in error and contrary to Statutes.
-*The appointment of James McPherson was rescinded and D. G. Hewett was reinstated as Reeve.
-Mr. Dudenhofer’s appointment to Council was rescinded.
-*Mr. McPherson appears to have remained on Council.


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