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Mr-Mrs Francis Smith
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“100 Years Existence”

The Brechin Jail was located at 2232 O’Neill Street Lot # 26-29 and was built around the 19th Century and demolished November 1998. It is not known whether an infamous character ever occupied the jail. It was used mostly for minor domestic disturbances or drunkenness. Then came the Great Depression time of “1929-1936”. Unemployment was everywhere and people were desperately looking for work. The word Trainriders was born and these Hobos were searching for jobs across Canada. Brechin had an advantage for these people since it had a Train Station and a Train Bypass line or siding, where occasionally the train would stop or slow down for an oncoming train to meet or bypass. These two Rail lines still exist today. The Jobhunters would vacate or board the train illegally and ride on to their next destination mostly to British Columbia, where more work opportunities were possible.

The Trainriders, upon arrival in Brechin would get off the train for an overnight stop and ask Brechin Township Officials or the Deputy Police Clerk for accommodation. The jailhouse would be used at that time as a Hostel for this purpose. A generous farmer named Patrick Duffy and his family would often supply them with provisions. At a later date the Hydro occasionally used the jail as a storage place. After the Depression period the jail would not by used anymore and by November 1998 the Township had decided to demolish the old landmark known as, “The Brechin Jail”.

**Related photo found in”RAMARA MEMORIES”– Brechin Photo Album

*History (Memory), from Charles McCarthy Sr., Brechin, Born 1906
*Photo and search; by Paul True, Lagoon City
*Photo taken, October 1998


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