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The Orillia Times
April 25, 1901

Last Wednesday evening fire destroyed Patrick Boyle’s store and dwelling, Dr. Gilpin’s office and residence, and a house owned by Mr. Roach, in the village of Brechin. The fire originated in the kitchen of Mr. Boyle’s house, and was caused by the explosion of a lamp bowl. From the store the flames soon spread to Dr. Gilpin’s, and thence to Mr. Roache’s house, where it was checked. For some time the flour mill was in danger. Mr. Boyle loses building and most of the contents, only partially covered by insurance. The contents of Dr. Gilpin’s residence were mostly removed, but considerably damaged. Insured for $2,000 on building and contents, Dr. Gilpin’s residence was an ornament to the village.
Dr. Gilpin has located his office for the present over Gillespie’s harness shop.


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