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Captain John Donald GLOVER- K.I.A. -Second Battle of Ypres
Captain John Donald GLOVER- K.I.A. -Second Battle of Ypres
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The Orillia Times
July 14, 1921

Another of the ancient landmarks disappeared from Orillia when last Thursday afternoon fire destroyed completely the white house occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kehoe on the town side of the bridge across the Narrows.

The house was of great historic interest, and its loss is doubly regrettable. Although boarded over and painted, it was the original log residence of the Hudson Bay Co.’s factor, and beside it stood the Hudson Bay Co.’s trading post, which was torn down about fifty years ago. Mr. Francis Gaudaur moved into this home fifty-nine years ago, and lived there until his death in 1900.

Sir A. T. Gault and Hon. H. H. Kilkaly, of Toronto, bought the property and presented it to the late Mr. Gaudaur in recognition of his services and help to them in acting as guide through this part of the country. It was here that four of his children were born—Charles, of Orillia; Sutherland, of Winnipeg; Sarah (now Mrs.. Martin), of Buffalo, and Miss Lydia, living in Mackinaw Island, for 10 years after his father’s death. Charles Gaudaur lived in the old home, and since that time Miss Lydia, to whom her father willed the house, frequently lived there. Mrs. Kehoe is a grand-daughter of Francis Gaudaur.

Ten years ago Frank Gaudaur added a shop to the rear of the house for his taxidermist work, and this also was burned. The cause of the fire may have been a coal oil stove, and while the loss is covered by insurance, the demolition of historic dwellings entails a loss not payable with money.


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