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Kevin And The Fair Laners --abt 1962--1963
Kevin And The Fair Laners --abt 1962--1963
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Feb. 23, 1933

A very beautiful and solemn dedication service was observed in the United church Sunday afternoon, February 19, at 3 o’clock, when a memorial window was unveiled and dedicated to the memory of Charles Wesley Symington who died two years ago. The church was crowded to the doors when Mr. Harle, A. T. C. L., L.L. C. M., of Orillia, opened the service with a prelude “Handel’s Largo.” The choir of St. Paul’s United church, Orillia, rendered special music and the following clergymen took part in the service:

the Rev. Mr. France, Uptergrove; the Rev. A. O. latter, of Brechin; the Rev. W. E. Baker, Orillia; the Rev. John Mackensie, Atherley; the Rev. D. R. Clare, minister in charge, and the Rev. H. B. Herrrington, of Thomasbury, who preached the dedicatory sermon and unveiled the window, which is a masterpiece of art and depicts “Christ—The Good Shepherd”.

Mr. Herrington, who was minister in charge at Atherley when the young man met his death, spoke most kindly and in well chosen words observed that this beautiful window, placed here by his parents, would always be an inspiration to those attending worship in this church. The service was unique in that it is the first of its nature in this community and will long be remembered by everyone present.


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