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P.O. COOPER/ Harrogate Stonefall Cemetery , Yorkshire, United Kingdom
P.O. COOPER/ Harrogate Stonefall Cemetery , Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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    Orillia Packet & Times
    Feb. 6th, 1894

    The social got up by the ladies of Fair Valley church
    congregation, held on the evening of the 31st , at the
    house of Mr. David Calderwood’s, was a complete
    success, not only in numbers but in a peouniary
    sense. The object for which it was got up was fully
    attained. After all had partaken of the abundant
    supply of rich cakes and fragrant teas, the evening
    was getting advanced, in consequence of which the
    programme of the after proceedings was cut short,
    being filled with readings by Mr. Geo. Reid and Mrs.
    (R.v.R.K) Campbell, and a few pieces by the choir
    led by the organist Miss Mary Lamb. Mr. William
    Brown from Toronto, who is visiting at Mr. Reid’s,
    added to the hilarity of the evening by his singing,
    which pleased and greatly amused the young

    Great credit is due to Mr. and Mrs.
    Calderwood for their kindness in giving their fine
    house for the occasion, and for their affability to
    all. With no charge $20 was collected. The
    remainder of the viands will be disposed of on the
    evening of Wednesday next at the same place.


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