—We, on the website, would also like
to acknowledge our pioneers who have managed to keep the family farm
or land or residence in the family name for a century and a half  Send
us your suggestions, we will do the research and those names will be
displayed here first and in 2017 we will produce a front page profile
of that property Submission Committee ————–

MARA=== -Burns Farm lot 6 Con A– Ken Windatt Farm Lot10 Con A-Gillespie Farm– Lot 14 Con B—Tom Kelly– Lot 8 Con 6-Pat Duffy Farm Lo14 Con 10–6Basil Clarke Farm- -Lot 21 Con 9–Pat Duffy –Lot 14 Con 10-Patrick Clarke– Lot23 Con 10

Carden++++Lavery Wylie Lot 10 Con 8



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Website Exec.

Submission Committee:
Frances Laver
Fred Lamb
Mike Crosby
Rick McNamee

Tom Mangan
Mike Crosby
Rob Byers
Frances Laver
Steve McIsaac
Herb Furniss

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