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Located at 5808 Kirkfield Road, just south of the Monck Road. This cemetery is on the boundary of the former Rama Township, in the former Ontario County, (now Ramara Township, Simcoe County) and Dalton Township, formerly of Victoria County, (now City of Kawartha Lakes). Interments would include individuals from both of the former Ontario and Victoria of the grave markers may be found at Ontario Gravemarker Gallery:\Visit- Sebright Church, under Active Topics & Ramara history, to learn more about this Church and it’s cemetery..
Sebright United Church Cemetery
Lot 21, Con B, Rama Twp.

The Sebright Community erected this stone:
In honor/ and loving memory of/ our dear boys who died for/Liberty and Humanity/ 1914-1918/
Sergt. Noble J. BRADEN, M.M., 116TH Battn./ killed in France, Aug. 13, 1918/
Pte. William E. OXBY, 19th Battn/ killed at Visen Artois, Aug. 28,1918/ Member of L.O.L. , 1899
Pte. James E. TENNISON, 116th Battn./ killed in action, Oct. 1, 1918
Greater love hath no man than this. That a man lay down his life for his friends
some more information on these soldiers who gave their life:
Noble John Braden, a son of Thomas George and Minnie (Smith) Braden of Sebright,(Dartmoor) he was awarded the Military Medal, (M.M.) for bravery in the field. He died Aug. 13, 1918, his body was never recovered, or if so, not identified. His name appears in the panels of the Vimy Memorial, in France.
William Edward Oxby, a son of John George & Adelia Jane (Kett) Oxby, of Sebright, (Sadowa) was killed in action, Aug. 28, 1918. He is buried in the Wancourt British Cemetery, in Pas de Calis, France.
James William Tennison: regimental number 3317099, was drafted January 8, 1918. He was a labourer, living in Sebright. James was born in Hastings, in 1890, a son of George P. Tennison & Mary Ray, the 1901 census has him living in Rama, a stepson of William Dougherty. Private Tennison, a member of the 116th (Ontario County) Battalion, was killed in action, October 1, 1918 in the Battle of Cambrai. He is buried in the Canada Cemetery, (Tilloy-les-Cambrai), grave I.D.5:

There are two additional fallen soldiers with connections to the Sebright area, Pte, Arnold Curran, who is honoured in the family plot in this cemetery and Pte. Frederick Duncan McDonald, who is buried in this cemetery.


ADAMS/ In loving memory of/William ADAMS/ 1837-1907/his beloved wife/Isabel BATES/ 1838-1915/ William J. ADAMS/ 1874-1953/ Johnny BATES/ 1901-1917/ Martha BATES/ 1902-1918

ALLPRESS/ Alfred/ 1908-1989/ Anna Louise/ 1908-1982

ARTHURS/ In loving memory of the ARTHURS Family/ James Arthurs Sr./ died May 1, 1919, aged 76 yrs/ his wife and children/ Agnes TAYLOR, aged 52 yrs/ James Jr. AGED 27 YRS./ Archie, aged 10 yrs/ who died Feb. 21, 1898/and Agnes, aged 18 yrs/ died Feb. 25, 1898/ ALL WHO WERE KILLED AS A RESULT OF THEIR HOME BURNING/ and their son/ Malcolm , died Nov. 3, 1901/ aged 25 yrs.

ARTHURS/ In memory of/ Joseph ARTHURS/1877-1957/ his wife/ Jennie ARTHURS/ 1877- 1958/ Mary Elva ARTHURS/ 1913-1924

BAKER/ George Murray/ beloved son of/ Joseph A. & Annie/ BAKER/ died /Jan. 10th, 1890/aged 4 weeks

BAKER/ M.A. “Pat” BAKER/ 1906-1987

BARNES/ In memory of/ —?—/Peter & Margaret BARNES/ died —- 1871/ AE—?

BARNES/ gone but not forgotten/ William R./ BARNES/ died/ Jan . 10, 1901/ aged 63 years/his wife/ Elizabeth G.(nee DOBSON)/ died / Feb. 6th, 1911/ in her/ 70th year// (back side) a dau./ Alice Maude/ 1889-1905/ also/ Mary E./ 1895-1898/ Gertrude R./ 1901-0901/ children of Wm. C. & Hannah J./ BARNES

BATES/ In memory of/ Martha BATES/ adopted dau. of/ Mrs. J. Hargrave/ died/ Dec. 25, 1918/ aged 16 years.

BLACK/ in memory of/ Teresa D./ September 6, 1964/ May 20, 1966/ daughter of/ Garnet & Lillian/BLACK

Dalton/ son of/ Garnet & Lillian/ BLACK/ June 25, 1960

BOULTON- Florence Annie G./ nee BRENNAN/1907-2002/ beloved wife of Francis.

BOULTON- Francis Thomas/ 1909-1995/ beloved husband of/ Florance BRENNAN.

BROOK/ In loving memory of/Archibald R. BROOK/ Sept. 18, 1904- Oct. 3, 1967/beloved husband of/ Audrey E. YOUNG/ March 22, 1915- _____.

BURTON/ In memory of/ George H. BURTON/ 1880-1959/ beloved husband of/ Laura P. MONTGOMERY/ 1891-1975

BURTON/ In loving memory of/ Charles R. BURTON/ 1913-1965/ beloved husband of/ Donna M. PYETTE/ 1928- __/ their beloved children / Linda S. 1951-1965/ Kathryn A. 1958-1965

CARLEY/ in memory of/ Edna May/ died/ Jan. 6, 1885/ aged/ 10 y’rs & 2 m’s/ Margaret Elma/ died / Jan 12, 1885/ aged 5 y’rs & 2 m’s/ children of John & Mary (CAMPBELL) CARLEY

CATHCART/ Austin Floyd CATHCART, Sept. 9, 1913-Aug. 23, 1986/ beloved husband of/ Olive May ADAMS/ JAN. 7, 1920-Sept. 21, 1991

In memory of/ Margaret/ dau. of/Alex. & E. CATHCART/ died April 14, 1881/ aged 4 yrs, 8 dys/ she has gone to dwell/with saints above/ and rest in Gods eternal love

CATHCART/ in loving memory / Henry M. CATHCART/1871-1930/his beloved wife/ Martha J. ADAMS/ 1876-1967/ W. Alexander CATHCART/ 1907-1934/ granddaughter/ Ethel Lorraine/ age 7 months.

CATHCART- Rodney Lawrence/”Larry”/Jan. 10, 1940- JAN. 8, 2008 / Ethel “Lorraine”/Jan. 10, 1940- Aug. 27, 1940/ loved twins of/ Austin and Olive/ forever remembered.

CATHCART- fly free spirit/ fly free…/ in loving memory of/ Victor Ray CATHCART/ Mar. 27, 1944- July 31, 1999/ beloved husband of/ Brenda Ruth Mary BEERS/ cherished parents of/ Scott and Troy/ …and I shall dwell in the house/ of the lord forever, psalm 23.

CHILDS- Robert W. CHILDS/ 1938-___/ Barbara A. ROBERTSON/ 1948- ___/ dear parents of/ Steven, Donald, and Rosemary/ infant grandchildren/ Adam CHILDS July 96/ Jessica CHILDS May 97/ children of Donald & Sandra

CONNER- in loving remembrance/ of/ Chancy W. CONNER/ died / June 29, 1898/ aged/ 67 yrs , 10 mos, 1 dy.

CURRAN, John CURRAN/ died June 1896, aged 66 yrs/ Hannah CHARTERS his wife/ died Mar. 1887, aged 68 yrs/ John CURRAN/ died May 9, 1927, aged 64 yrs/Edward CURRAN/ died May 28, 1928, aged 82 yrs. //
on back—Arnold CURRAN/ killed in France/ in Battle of Amiens, 1918/aged 25 years.
notes on: CURRAN, Arnold : regimental number 853378, enlisted in the 177th (Simcoe Foresters) Battalion, May 16, 1916. He was single, 23, a Mechanic living in Orillia. Born and raised in Rama (Sebright), a son of Mary Curran. His father died when he was just four years of age, then he relocated to Longford, with his mother and Uncle Edward Curran, who had been a father to the boy. About 1909, they moved to Orillia. He was the only support of his mother and aged uncle. He arrived in England, May 14, 1917, and joined the 4th Battalion, in France, Aug. 28, 1917. Pte. Curran was wounded Aug. 8, 1918, at the Battle of Amiens, he died from these wounds, August 11, 1918, at the 48th Casualty Clearing Station, France, at the age of 25. The CEF Burial records read ” while advancing under heavy machine gun fire, he was hit in the head by several machine gun bullets, stretcher bearers attended to him, and he was removed to No. 48 Casualty Clearing Station, where he succumbed to his wounds.” Pte. Curran is buried in the Viller-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, Somme, France, grave number VIA. B. 14.-

DAY- / in loving memory/ Jane Ann CARLEY/ wife of William James DAY/ died May 10, 1916, aged 63 years/ William James DAY/ died Mar 11, 1938, aged 89 years/( right side) John D. DAY/ born Apr. 21, 1878/ died Jan. 1883/ Ada A. DAY/ born Feb. 6, 1885/died Jan. 3, 1895/Norman L. DAY/ born Apr. 21, 1887/died Jan 9, 1895.

DOCHARTY — / at rest/ Malcolm DOCHARTY/ died/ Jany. 9, 1911/ in his 77th year/ Elizabeth (nee CARMICHAEL)/ his wife/ died Nov. 20, 1917/ aged 77 years.

Father/ at rest/ Willam J. DOCHARTY/ died Jan. 16, 1927/aged 60 years.

DUNN- / in memory of/ Eli E. / son of/ John & Ann DUNN/ died May 7, 1880/ AE. 12 yrs., 9 mos.

In memory of/ John DUNN/ died /Dec. 4, 1866/aged / 60 years/ a loving friend, a husband dear/a tender parent leith here/ great is the loss we here sustain/ but hope in heaven to meet again.

FENTON/ in memory of/ our father/ Charles FENTON/ Feb. 12, 1888/ Aug. 19, 1964

FLEMMING- / in loving memory of/ G. Howard FLEMMING/ June 4, 1899- Jan. 21, 1970/ beloved husband of/ Ella M. FOWLEY/

FLEMMING- in memory of/ Clarence FLEMMING/1927-1961/Phebe RAYMOND/ 1877-1959

FLEMMING-In loving memory of/Robert FLEMMING/ born June 4, 1865/Died April 30, 1922

FLEMMING- in loving memory of/ EVERETT JOHN/ May 10, 1921- Jan. 29, 2009/ beloved husband of/ Patricia Margaret/ Mar. 10, 1929
In memory of/ Millie P. / dau. of/ Robert & Jennie/ FLEMMING/ died Nov. 23, 1893/ AE 1 yr. 11 mos, 20 ds/ there was an angel band in heaven/ that was not quite complete/god took our darling/ to fill the vacant seat.

FREELEN- in memory of/ Charles FREELEN/ Feb. 26, 1873- Feb. 13, 1957/ his beloved wife/ Sarah WRIGHT/ Feb. 14, 1876- Sept. 15, 1948/ their son Clarence.

FYFE- in memory of/ James Alexander/ June 18, 1918- April 26, 2005/ loving husband of/ Isbel ” Barb” IDDON/ Nov. 5, 1917- June 29, 2008.

GARDINER—at rest/ Mary Jane WILSON/ wife of/ Geo. GARDINER/ died/ Mar. 23, 1918/ aged 19 yrs/

GILBERT- in memory of/ E. Fraser GILBERT/ 1914-1964/ beloved husband of Dorothy M. GILCHRIST/ 1921-2003

GILBERT- in memory of/ George S. GILBERT/ 1871-1937/beloved husband of/ Alma A. BAKER/ 1883-1983

In memory of/ Mary Isabella SCOTT/ wife of Robert GILBERT/ died Oct. 26, 1909, in her 57th year/ Robert GILBERT/ died Feb. 15, 1917- aged 77 years.– GILBERT

GILBERT- in memory of Samuel J. GILBERT/ April 12, 1884/ January 22, 1919/ beloved husband of/ Laura M. OXBY/ December 29, 1890/ October 2, 1977
GILES/ Herbert GILES/ 1893-1959/ beloved husband of/ May Bell BROOK/ 1894-1987/ LEST WE FORGET

GOGUEN- in loving memory of/ Leonard E./ 1930-2003/ beloved husband of/ Violet M. CLUNEY/ 1933- ____

GOULD/ in loving memory of/ Abraham B. GOULD/ May 3, 1848-July 20, 1922/ Susannah WILLSON/ his beloved wife/ March 31, 1852- Jan. 12, 1931/ Charles O. GOULD/ April 5, 1883- Dec. 26, 1969/ beloved husband of/ Hazel L. BURNEY/ Sept. 6, 1900-May 25, 1979.

HAMILL- William A. H./ 1900-1989/ Edna S./ 1903- 1999/ Charles V. 1903-1992/ ArIine G. 1917-_____.

Thomas HAMILL/ born Sept. 7, 1823/died Mch. 12, 1911/Annie NEIL/ his wife/ born Sept. 9, 1834/ died Oct. 8, 1914/ the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ. Rom. 6, 23/ HAMILL (right side) in memory of / William/ son of/ Thos. & Ann/ HAMILL/ died Mar. 24, 1896/ aged 32 years/ (left side) in memory of/ James HAMILL/ Feb. 25, 1866/ April 24, 1951/ husband of/ Mary McNABB/ Sept. 19, 1871/Dec. 30, 1951.

HAMILL- in memory of/ Mary Florence/ dau. of David & Susan NICHOLSON/ and wife of Robert HAMILL/died Feb. 19, 1904, aged 25 years/ and Laura G. McLEOD/ died Jan. 14, 1895, aged 10 years/ also an infant son.

HARGRAVE- in memory of/ Agnes SLOAN/ 1891-1958/beloved wife of/ Walter B. HARGARVE

At rest/ John W. HARGRAVE/ died Sept. 8, 1908/ aged 65 years, 4 mos./ Elizabeth NICHOLLS his wife/ died May 21, 1929, aged 78 years/ Wesley HARGARVE/ died Feb. 1, 1953, aged 84 years/ Hannah HARGRAVE/ died Jully 21, 1982, aged 82 years

HEPINSTALL- in memory of/ Amber May/ dau. of/ William & Alice/

HEPINSTALL/ died 22 May 1882/ aged 2 y’rs , 8 d’s/ she has gone to dwell with saints above/and rest in God’s eternal love.

HERRING- Edward C./ died/ June 26, 1909/ in his / 32nd year/ Elizabeth A. (CURRAN)/ beloved wife of/ E.H. HERRING/ DIED Jany. 5, 1920/ aged 66 years/ E.H. HERRING/ died/ ULY 26, 1922/ aged 74 years/ at rest/ (right side)/ Herbert H./ died/ Jan. 13, 1890/ aged 10 years/ Harriet C. HERRING/ died Nov. 7, / 1873-1925/ Clara K. HERRING/ wife of Harold WOOLNOUGH/1894-1978/ (left side) Charlotte Gertrude/ died/ Jan. 29, 1890/ aged / 8years, 6 mos./ (on back) Gordon G. /HERRING/ Oct. 19, 1897/ Mar. 4, 1983

HILL- (left half) in memory of/ John HILL/ died Jan. 1st, 1888/ aged / 85 years/ (right side) and his wife/ Margaret STINSON/ died/ July 2, 1898/ aged 70 years/ a faithful friend a husband dear/ a tender parent lieth here/great is the loss we here sustain/ but hope in heaven to meet again.

In loving memory/ William H. HILL/ died July 3, 1918/ aged 33 years 8mos/ dear husband of Lula V. GILBERT/ June 6, 1888/ Feb. 5, 1973/ (left side) Edwin/ 1912-1973.

HILL- William/ 1853-1934/ Jemima/ 1858-1936/ rest in peace

HILL- in memory of/ Albert H. HILL/ 1892-1968/ beloved husband of Bernice NICHOLSON/ 1896-1975.

HILL- in loving memory of/ Harvey William/ HILL/ May 3, 1919- May 9, 2004/ Mable Verle/nee GILCHRIST/ March 16, 1920.

KEHOE- Annie Jane KENT/ March 7, 1905- June 10, 1980/beloved wife of/ Harry Dennis KEHOE/ Aug. 7, 1903- January 10, 1982.

KNUDSEN- in memory of/ June Marie/ 1950-1993/ loving wife of/ Erling Hove/ 1943

KYLE- in loving memory of/ Albert KYLE/ 1894-1970

LELLIOTT- in memory of/ William LELLIOTT/ of Thornhill/ 1835-1914/ his son/ Robert LELLIOTT/ 1866-1936

LITTLE- in memory of/ James LITTLE/ died/ Aug. 3, 1899/ aged 59 yrs, 4 mos/and his wife/ Elizabeth/ died Mar. 21, 1897/ 51 yrs, 9 mos/ at rest

MacDONALD- in memory of/ Archie MacDONALD/ died March 28, 1932/aged 80 years/ his beloved wife/ Margaret ARTHURS/ died April 28, 1901/ aged 32 years/ John MacDONALD/ died December 8, 1926/aged 70 years

MacINNES/ McINNES- in memory of/ Bella/ beloved wife of/ Duncan McINNES/ died/ 21st May 1891/ aged 20yrs. 7mos./ what to me is life without thee/ darkness and despair alone/when with sighs I seek to find thee/this proclaims that thou art gone. / (right side) Angues MacINNES/ 1862-1945/Mary E. HARGRAVE/1876-1941—(front side of stone reads McINNES, right side reads MacINNES)

MacKELLER- Margaret Jean/ 1916-1979/ daughter of/ Elizabeth and John.

MacMILLAN- in memory of/ Dougald MacMILLAN/ 1835-1927/ his beloved wife/ Nancy MacMILLAN/ 1833-1902/their children/ Angus MacMILLAN/ 1856-1929/Alex MacMILLAN/1865-1954/ Jane MacMILLAN/ 1869-1962

MacNEAL- in loving memory of/ Dalton C. MacNEAL/ May 20, 1940- Aug. 5, 1959/ Jessie C. CAMPBELL/ May 12, 1916- Sept. 13, 1978/ beloved wife of/ Goldie C. MacNEAL/ Feb. 1, 1909-Nov. 10, 1979

MacPHERSON- John A. MacPHERSON/ 1909-1986/beloved husband of/Rhoda ADAM/ 1916- 2000

McBRIDE- Clifford McBRIDE/ Dec. 28, 1904- March 4, 1985/ beloved husband of/ Elizabeth Ann Baker/ Aug. 24, 1904- April 28, 1993

McCALL-in loving memory of/ William G. McCALL/ died Feb. 16, 1922/ in his 49th year/ his wife/ Elizabeth Ann MacDONALD/ died Dec. 31, 1939/in her 56th year.

McDONALD- George/ infant son of/ John & Annie McDONALD/died July 26, 1893/ aged 3 mos./ too good for earth/god called him home

McDONALD- in memory of/ Donald McDONALD/ died/ Aug. 1, 1898/ aged/ 46 y’rs & 5 m’s/ his wife Flora DOCHARTY/ died/ Jan. 31, 1925/ in her 64 year/ (right side) his dau./ Sarah/ died/ Mch. 6, 1920/aged 34 years/

859853 PRIVATE FRED McDONALD/ 179TH Battn. C.E.F./ died 20th Nov, 1919/ HE HEARD THE CALL AND ANSWERED—Brass Plaque- HE DIED FOR FREEDOM AND HONOUR, FRED McDONALD.—(note Frederick Duncan McDonald, died of a war related illness, his name appears in the 1919, Book of Remembrance, under MacDONALD (sic). McDonald, Frederick Duncan : enlisted in the 179th Battalion, March 27, 1916, in Winnipeg. He was 33, single, a cook. Born in 1882, in Victoria County, the eldest son of Donald McDonald & Flora Dougherty, he was raised in Rama Township. Overseas he served in the 43rd Battalion. Private McDonald, died November 20, 1920, of disease, contacted while overseas. )

In memory of/ Lizzie/ wife of/ Dunc. McDONALD/died 14 April 1881/ aged 27 y’rs/ also his dau./ Catherine/ died May 1882/ aged 3 years/ they’re gone to dwell with saints above/ and rest in God’s eternal love.

McFADYEN- at rest/ Alexander1842-1916/ Ann Jane his wife/ Minnie E. their dau./1884-1899.

McFADYEN- in memory of Alfis D. McFADYEN/ 1886-1932/ beloved husband of/ Martha BAILEY/ 1890-1961/ their infant son/ Clifford A./ died May 27, 1920

McKELVEY- Ethyle L. (Jimmy) CANNING D.C. N.D./October 15, 1926- October 15, 1981/beloved wife of/ Gregg Malcolm McKELVEY Ph.D

McKENZIE- remember always/ Charles Frederick McKENZIE/ Aug. 19, 1907- Nov. 30, 1975/beloved husband of/ Gertrude M. POWELL/ Feb. 29, 1908- Nov. 10, 1990

McLEISH- in memory of /William W. McLEISH/ June 29, 1891- Sept. 18, 1965/ beloved husband of/Mae E. BLUE/ Nov. 30, 1893- Jan. 3, 1897

McLEISH- Thomas H. McLEISH/ 1859-1943/ his beloved wife/ Christina McDONALD/1864-1951

McNABB- in memoriam/Duncan Alexander/ son of/Andrew & Mary McNABB/ died Jan. 15, 1895/aged 9 years/ god gave, he took/he will restore.

McNABB- to the memory of/ Elizabeth McNABB/ who died/ April 23, 1899/ aged 21 y’rs. 11 mos/ one precious to our hearts has gone/ the voice we loved is stilled/the place made vacant in our home/can never more be filled/our father in his wisdom called/the boon his love had given/and though in earth the body lies/the soul is safe in heaven/ (left side) Eddy/ who died/ May 27, 1888/ aged 5 yrs, 4 dys/ James/ who died/ June 2, 1888/ aged/ 6 yrs, 9 mos/ children of Edward & Sarah McNABB

At Rest/ Edward McNABB/ died/ Jan. 13, 1919/ aged 81 years/ his wife Sarah WILSON/ 1848-1923

MONTGOMERY- in memory of/ Joseph MONTGOMERY/1920-1975/ beloved husband of/ Eileen O. MARSHALL/ ____-____/ REST IN PEACE

MONTGOMERY- In memory of/ Thos. T. MONTGOMERY/ died 13 Aug. 1904/aged 90 years/and his wife/ Laura P./ died Decr. 23, 1902/aged 82 years

MONTGOMERY- in loving memory of/John A. MONTGOMERY/ Aug. 9, 1978- July 19, 1961/ beloved husband of/ Eva. S. BAKER/ July 23, 1885- Oct. 22, 1962

MONTGOMERY- in memory o/ Frederick MONTGOMERY/ Sept. 10, 1876- Feb. 14, 1948/ beloved husband of/ Caroline OXBY/ July 25, 1893- Oct. 14, 1961/their son Frederick/ Nov. 14, 1915- July 3, 1925/at rest.

MORTON- our darling/ Joyce Elaine/ MORTON/ Feb. 7, 1955/ Apr. 4, 1963/ safe in the arms of Jesus.

NICHOLSON- in memory of/ Jacob NICHOLSON/ died/ 23 Mar 1881/ aged/ 66 years/ native of Lincolnshire England/ also of / Mary/ beloved wife of/ Jacob

NICHOLSON/ died/ 2 Jan. 1896, aged 79 years/ father thou art gone to rest/ and this shall be our prayer/that when we reach our journey’s end/ thy glory we may share/ (left side) she was a tender mother here/ and in her life the lord did fear/we trust our loss will be her gain/and that with Christ she’s gone to reign.

Asleep in Jesus/ in memory of Alex./ beloved child of/ John & Isabella (nee Aird)/ NICHOLSON/ died Sep. 3rd, 1886/aged 3 mos, 15 dys/ & infant child of above/ born and died 11 May 1885/ these lovely flowers to us a/while were given/transplanted now they brightly/ bloom in heaven/
Gone but not forgotten/ in memory of/ Rosa/ beloved dau. of John & Isabella (nee AIRD)/ NICHOLSON/ died Jan. 15th, 1891/ aged 1 year, 1 mo./ the blooming rose did fade away/ to bloom in everlasting day.

NICHOLSON- father/ John/ 1854-1905/ mother Isabella (nee AIRD)/ 1853- 1930/ to memory ever dear.


NICHOLSON- asleep in Jesus/ Annie M. SANFORD/ beloved wife of/ James
NICHOLSON/died June 19th, 1930/aged 86 years/Martha NICHOLSON/ wife of H. DOWLING/ died Jan. 31st, 1934

NICHOLSON- in memory of/ J. Wilbert NICHOLSON/ 1881-1966/beloved husband of, Edna V. TURNER/ 1883-1971/their infant daughter.

NICHOLSON- in memory of / David NICHOLSON/Sept. 20, 1850-July 14, 1936/ Susan THOMPSON/ his wife/ March 13, 1851-Dec. 29, 1915/Christopher THOMPSON/ Feb. 10, 1853-March 1, 1927/his wife/Miriam Jessie MUIR/ May 17, 1868-Dec. 28,1951

NICHOLSON- W. Randolph NICHOLSON/ 1907-1982/ beloved husband of/ Aileen J. FLYNN/ 1908-1983

OXBY- in memory of / Charles H. OXBY/ 1906-1960/beloved husband of Bessie V. WYATT/ 1908-1993.

OXBY- forever in our hearts/ Mar. 16, 1921, Kenneth Earl OXBY, Nov. 11, 1989/beloved husband of/ Marie Elaine CHILDS.

PAGE- J. Alex PAGE/ May 8, 1932- July 22, 1987/ beloved husband of/ Olive V. YOUNG/ Oct. 1, 1936-___/son Terry/ Dec. 6, 1960-____

PATTENDEN- Susan Lynn PATTENDEN/May 1, 1967/infant daughter of Careleen & Gordy.

PATTENDEN- in loving memory of/ Gordon Lloyd/ PATTENDEN/ October 24, 1942/ February 2, 2003/ G. Careleen/ SEMPLE/ March 29, 1946/parents of Ray.

PATTENDEN- Gordon A. PATTENDEN/ 1916-1995/ beloved husband of/ Ethelene I. CLEMENT/ 1922-1996/ forever in our hearts.

POWELL- in memory of/ Abner I. POWELL/ 1903-1974/beloved husband of/ Hannah FREELEN/1905-1965

POWELL- in memory of/ Ernest Russell/1889-1962/ his wife Elizabeth MacDONALD/1882-1920/ Rita Elizabeth /1920-1936/Agnes A. Arthurs/ 1898-1967/ (on Back) in memory of/ William John/ 1866-1942/beloved husband of/ Mary Ellen McLEISH/ Evelyn Verna Jarvis/1901-1945/ Abner Otis POWELL/1864-1951

POWELL- Douglas L./ 1905-1991/ Ida L. MacDONALD/ 1907-1998.

REID- in loving rememberance/ Isabella EDWARDS/ wife of/ Alexander J. REID/ born Dec. 29, 1829/died April 27, 1898/ absent in memory/ not lost in love/but gone to her heavenly home above.

REID- E. Ken REID/ 1909-1989/ beloved husband of/ Mildred E. GORDON/ 1913-2005

ROBERTSON- Edward Bruce/ Jan. 10, 1932- Oct. 3, 1993/ beloved husband of/ Patricia E./ Feb. 23, 1931- Jan. 23, 2002/ Papa and Gramma.

RUMOHR- – Harold Wilmont/ RUMOHR/ loving husband of/ Della Maude/ RUMOHR/1906-1993.

RUMOHR- in loving memory of/ Kenneth W. / Sept. 24, 1935/ Aug. 2, 2009/ Jeannette E. (nee POLLITT)/ March 29, 1941/ Dec. 26, 2008

RUMOHR- in loving memory of/ Russell Harold/ Jan. 4, 1927/ June 22, 2005/ Joan Isabel/ Sept. 22, 1931 -___ together forever.

SHAKELL- Albert J. / SHAKELL/ 1928-1984

SMITH- Chester Goodwin/ SMITH/ June 6, 1915- April 25, 1979/son of/Hugh & Elizabeth

SMITH- in memory of/ Hugh A. SMITH/ 1867-1950/ beloved husband of/ Elizabeth M. MESSAGE/1893-1972/their infant children/ Frank S. died 1917/James died 1918

SNIDER-in memory of/ Angus E. SNIDER/died 30 June, 1898/aged 41 years, 4 mos, 16 dys/ (left side) John Agustus/ died/ Jan. 30, 1893/aged 8 years, 1 mo., 11dys/ John Ralph/died may 1, 1895, aged 4 mo., 16 dys/ Eveline Tressy/ died Mar. 13, 1896/ aged 1 mo. 10 dys./ children of/ Angus & Mary/ SNIDER

STEVENS- William STEVENS/ died Oct. 22, 1908/aged 84 years/ his wife Mary Ann/ died Sept. 25, 1907/aged 77 years/ STEVENS

STEWART- In memory of/ Henry/ STEWART/died / July 23, 1905/ aged 77 years

TAYLOR- in memory of/ Charles TAYLOR/died/ June 7, 1901/ AGED 25 Y’RS/7 MO’S, & 7D’S/ Mary Annie/ TAYLOR/ died/ June 16, 1905/ aged 28 y’rs/ 8 mo’s/ Philip TAYLOR/ 1846-1925/ Sarah PARKER/wife of/Philip TAYLOR/died July 18, 1906/ aged 56 yrs/2 mos/ / (on back) Our Darlings/ thy will be done/ in memoriam/ Edgar T./ died Jan. 5, 1895/ aged 9 y’rs & 7 mos./ Issac T./ died Jan. 5, 1895/ aged 7 y’rs & 5 mos./ John Wesley/ died Jan. 12, 1895/ aged 2 y’rs & 10 m’s/beloved children of Philip & Sarah TAYLOR/ and god shall wipe away all tears/from their eyes, and thereshall be/ no more death/ rev. WWI 4

TAYLOR- in memory of Mary Jane WRIGHT/July 16, 1862/ January 13, 1950/ her beloved husband/Charles A. TAYLOR/ Oct.13 1858/ August13, 1932/ buried in Toronto.

TAYLOR- in loving remembrance,/ of/ Gertrude Sara Adalenia/ daughter of/ Charles and Mary Jane/ TAYLOR/ died June 15th, 1910/ aged 17 years 1 mo.

THOMPSON- J. Harold THOMPSON/1896-1980/beloved husband of/Mabel C. KETT/1900-1988

In memory of/Ada THOMPSON/1869-1950

THOMPSON-in loving memory/T. Stanley THOMPSON/1861-1948/husband of/ Margaret HAMILL/1868-1953

Joseph THOMPSON/1822-1906/his wife/ Susan SWAIN/ 1823-1914/ John THOMPSON/1849-1906/Milton THOMPSON/1863-1922/granddaughter Mae/died Dec. 27,1911

In memory of / David NICHOLSON/Sept. 20, 1850-July 14, 1936/ Susan THOMPSON/ his wife/ March 13, 1851-Dec. 29, 1915/Christopher THOMPSON/ Feb. 10, 1853-March 1, 1927/his wife/Miriam Jessie MUIR/ May 17, 1868-Dec. 28,1951—Nicholson stone

THORNTON- Joseph C. THORNTON/ Jan. 27, 1893- March 15, 1985/ VETERAN WORLD WAR 1/ beloved husband of/ Mabel M. McLEISH/ Dec. 21, 1895- April 1, 1994/ married May 29, 1915.

TURNER-in memory of/Harry C. TURNER/1887-1967/beloved husband of/ I . Rosetta WILSON/ 1897-1984

TURNER- at rest/ Thomas TURNER/ 1848-1925/N. Letitia APPLETON/ wife of Thomas TURNER/1849-1917/ Ella Beatrice GRIMES/ beloved wife of Harry TURNER/ 1894-1920/ Jessie Carroll their dau./1879-1880

WADE- Harry WADE/ born in Fulham England/ Jan. 17, 1912- Nov. 24, 2004/ beloved husband of/ Edythe L. M. YATES/ Oct. 4, 1911- ____

WALTERS- in memory of/ Ernest H. WALTERS/ June 8, 1897- Nov. 24, 1968/ beloved husband of/ L. May SEGRIFF/ June 4, 1899-Jan. 19, 1985

WATT- in memory of/ Randolph C. WATT/ 1893-1974/beloved husband of/ Myrtle THOMPSON/ 1898-1993

WATT- in memory of/ Benjamin WATT/ 1848-1918/ his beloved wife/ Eliza
STEWART/1849-1929/their son Stanley/ 1891-1939

WILSON- in memory of/Mary/ wife of John WILSON/ died Decr. 30, 1903/aged 80 years/ John WILSON/died / July 1, 1904/ aged 80 years/ at rest

WILSON- in memory of/ Samuel Roy/ died/ Nov. 11, 1898/ aged 2 y’s & 11 m’s/ Mathew M. / died / July 24, 1900/ aged/ 1y’s & 11 m’s/ Berniece/ died/ June 24, 1902/ aged/ 5 days/ children of Sam’l & Catherine WILSON

WILSON- in loving memory/ Robert WILSON/ died Mch. 22, 1919, aged 64 years/ his wife Josephine McCRACKIN/ Oct. 23, 1866- June 16, 1945

WOOD- in loving memory of/ Beatrice Ena WOOD/ 1911-1981/ beloved wife of/ Wilfred Thomas WOOD/ ___-___

WRIGHT- at rest/ Sarah McF HARGRAVE/ wife of/ Joseph WRIGHT/ July 13, 1838-Jan 21, 1928/ Joseph WRIGHT/ Aug. 15, 1836—Jan 3, 1883/ buried in Sunderland Cemetery.

WYATT- John WATT/ 1896- 1968/ beloved husband of/ Nina L. GILBERT/1904-1983

YATES- Earl James/ February 28, 1908/ January 6, 1989/ husband of/ Muriel VANZANT/ ___-

YOUNG- in memory of/ James A. YOUNG/ died/ November 25th, 1889/in his 71st year, and his wife/ Annie HORTON/ died April 25th, 1913/ aged 90 years.

YOUNG- In loving memory/ Elizabeth Ann/ wife of/ Robert R. YOUNG/died May 12, 1905/ aged 57 years/ Robert R. YOUNG/ died Sept. 14, 1924/ aged 81 years.

YOUNG- in loving memory of/ Robert A. YOUNG/ 1903-1974/ his wife/ Bessie M. STOCKLEY/1900-1985

YOUNG- in loving memory of/ Henrietta M. CLEAVELEY/ April 18, 1894- Sept. 30, 195?/ wife of/ James A. YOUNG/ April 25, 1889- Nov. 10, 196?

YOUNG- Laura L. YOUNG/1886-1972/ daughter of/ Henry and Mary/ YOUNG

YOUNG- in loving memory of/ Olive V. PARKER/ wife of/ George A. YOUNG/ Nov. 15, 1912- Oct. 2, 1936

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