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North-West Rama 1895
North-West Rama 1895

    In 1921 there were 41 male persons living on there original land patents out of 204 There were 42 or another 20% of the original patentees living on differant farms in the Township
    In 2012′ Martin McNamee, Leo Wylie are the only ones I can recall the still own part of the original land patent–there are more ????

    Number of men to whom land was granted – 204
    Number of original patentees whose descendants through the male line still held in the original farms – 41 or 20%.
    Number of patentees whose descendants through the male line were still to be found in the township but not on the original farms – 42 or 20%.
    Only those who land was received from the Crown.
    Patentee Survivals
    The following 41 Carden patentees’ farms were still held by their descendants:
    Mary Ann Barrett, VII, 4; Edward Burke, IV, 2: Patrick Cronin, VII, 1; John Chrysler, IV, 16-7; Moses Dack, III, 12; Thomas Dack, III, 13; Robert Dack, III, 13; Daniel Day, I, 22; Isaac Day I, 23; Joseph Deverill, VII, 21-22; Charles Duggan, X, I; John Finn, VI, 6; Wm. Finn, VI, 6; George Fox, III 16; Wm. Holder, IX 11; Robert Irwin III, 15; Wm. Ivory, III, 16; James Jacob, VII, 12; George Jarrett, IV, 25; Patrick Moran, II, 7; John Mullaley, IX, 12; Thomas Mullaley, IX, 11; John McCrackin, VI, 23-24; Robert McCrackin, VI, 24; Francis McElroy, V, 5; Andrew McNab, I, 21-23; James McNab, III, 3; Daniel McNamee, VIII, 5; Luke McNaney, IX, 5; Pat McNaney, IX, 6; Michael McNulty, V, 5; Adam McPeak, IV, 19; John Scott, I, 6; Edward Sheehy, VI, 2; John Teel, IX, 13; Artemus Thompson, I, 19; Solomon Thompson, I, 18; John Turner, VII, 23; James Wetherup, IX, 25; Nicholas Whalen, IV, 4; John Wilson, IV, 22.

    Descendants of the following 42 patentees had changed farms within the township:
    Wm. Alton, John Barrett, David Burke, Elizabeth Chrysler, Thomas Crawford, Asel Day, Joel Day, John Deverill, John Drury, James Drury, Murty Duggan, David Finn, Michael Finn, Cornelius Foley, Daniel Foley, James Foley, Michael Foley, Alex Graham, Andrew Graham, Hugh Graham, John Holder, Caleb Martin, Anthony Moran, John Murphy, Michael Murphy, Joseph McCrackin, Charles McDonald, Hector McDonald, Margaret McDonald, Patrick McGee, Colin McNab, John McNaney, James McNulty, John O’Connor, John O’Donnell, James O’Neill, Thomas Preston, Perry Teel, Franklin Thompson, Andrew Wylie, Thomas Wylie


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