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Cliff S. Thompson – Son of John Henry and Margaret (Henwood) Thompson Gunnery instructor in Meaford.

Albert E. Thompson Two years overseas as an instructor of Gunnery.

Lyle Thompson – Son of John Henry and Margaret (Henwood) Thompson (1910-??) Trooper Saw service in France and Germany . 5 years service

Leslie Thompson – Son of John Henry and Margaret (Henwood) Thompson (1918- ??) Flight Officer R.C.A.F. Won a D.F.C.

John Terwilliger Day Son of Peter and Hester Day (Emerson Day’s brother) Sapper R.C.R. 4 years over seas.

Aaron (Ernie)McCrackin Son of Robert Samuel and Harriet (Sproule) McCracken /

Mansel Deverell* (Mansel Ramsey) RCAF / Son of T. Walter and Winnie (Ramsay) Deverell July 1, 1916 – June 25, 1943 / Buried in Bergen-op-zoon, Holland

H. Ernest Levick (Ernie) May 2, 1898 – July 9, 1974 / Dalrymple Cemetery/ Married Minnie Dack / 2 daughters Muriel and Mary

Jas. W. Deverell – James W. ( Jim) Son of William and Isabella (Hutchison) Deverell / April 8, 1983 – 1983 / Married Eva McKendrick / son Len Deverell/ Lived in Orillia

Henry McCrackin (en) Son of Robert S. and Harriet Sproule / June 15, 1911- Oct. 3, 1968 / Dalrymple Cemetery

Jos. Deverell Joseph (Joe) Son of T. Walter and Winnie (Ramsey) Deverell / August 23, 1910 – Oct. 1, 1978 /Dalrymple Cemetery / Married Ruby Johnson / Sons Rex and Mike

Roy Chrysler Son of Brady and Elvira (Gould) / April 15, 1910 – 1983 / Married Phyllis/ Daughter Pam

Robert Fenton

William McCaughey Son of Andrew and Grace (McLeish) / Oct. 4, 1916 – ?/ / Married Helen Avery / Family Susan and Greg

Harry Avery

Victor Dack (Victor Thomas) Son of Minnie Dack/ July 2, 1922 – April 5, 2006/ Bolsover Cemetery/ Married Dorothy Grace Vivian/ Children – Beverley Shackleton, Barbara Wood, Mary Ann Gibbs, Fred Dack, Ernest Dack

John Black

Ira Black Son of William and Sarah (Gaddye) Black / Jan 5, 1922 – ?? ? Married Pearl Pattenden

Fred Adams Son of Christopher Samuel and Betsy (Wright) Adams / 1889 – April 12, 1966 / Dalrymple Cemetery / Married Sarah “Sadie” Watson / Daughter – June Adams Mintz

Will Day Son of Joel and Polly (Fox) Day / December 5, 1906 – April 11, 1998 / Knox Cemetery, Oro / Married Jessie McArthur & Mary Weech

Ella Thompson Daughter of John Henry and Margaret (Henwood) Thompson / Dec. 19, 1905 – ?? Nursing sister Trenton Station

Glen Thompson Son of John Henry and Margaret (Henwood) Thompson
James Dack

Margaret Thrasher Daughter of Charlie and Gertie (McRae) Thrasher / Sept. 30, 1926
Married Garnet Stewart / Family, Malcolm, Rob, Anne, Rosemary, Jamie, Ronnie / Canadian Women’s Army Corps / Trained in Kitchener/ Took courses in Toronto/ Worked at Camp X (On Lake Ontario near Oshawa) teletyping codes/ Secret agents from Europe were trained in Oshawa and parachuted back into Europe to set up resistance organizations/ Most never returned/

Graham McGillvary Son of John and Anne (Graham) McGillvray / Jan. 3, 1917 – ??? / Bolsover Cemetery / Married Margaret Teel / Family Linda, Gary, John and Susan

Allan McInnis

Albert Dack* (Bert) B162301 Private 2nd B.N.A. & S. H. of CLPL / Son of John J and Margaret (Snodden) Dack/ Stepson of Roy Fox / May 20, 1929 – April 21, 1945/ Killed in action in Germany / Stone in Dalrymple Cemetery

* Killed in action

Plaque in Dalrymple United Church


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