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    Summary made from the History of FOLEY R.C. Separate School
    (No. 3 Mara) Brechin, Ont. Supplied by Miss Veronica Egan in 1965

    Information contributed by Jim Westcott

    School Location- Pt. S ½ Lot 10, Concession 4, Mara Twp.
    Property Donated-½ Acre by Squire J. P. Foley, 1884
    ½ Acre by Colin MacDonald in 1886

    South Room- Built and equipped by Squire J.P. Foley in 1884 as a gift.

    North Room – Constructed in 1886 by contractor, W. M. Greaham at a cost of $1155. Of this amount $1000 was raised by debentures; $150 donated by Mrs. J. P. Foley; $5 by the secretary. After Mr. Foley’s death in 1889, part of the interest on the $10,000.00 bond was used to pay the debentures at rate of $100 annually.

    Material-Brick construction

    Site- 1 acre

    Number classrooms- 2

    Sidewalks -Constructed 1886, by Arthur Donnelly at a cost of $35.00

    Financing- In 1889 Squire Foley died and in his will be bequeathed to the school a bond of $10,00,00 to be placed in the hands of the Executer, Mr. Joseph Barker. Only the interest on the investments of this money could be used. Thus it would go on, as stated in the will, “as long as grass grew and water ran”. In the early years this interest covered nearly all the school expenses, including the teacher’s salaries and payment of $100 annually on the debentures raised on building the north room. Mr. Joseph Barker invested the money, collected the interest and put it in the hands of the school board until his death in 1918. Since his death the secretary-treasurer has power of attorney. In 1890 no taxes were raised.

    Woodshed -Built by Patrick Kelly in 1889 at a cost of $80.00.

    Well – Drilled and pump installed 1892. Drilling $112.50. Pump $15.00.

    Trees – Planted in 1908 by Mr. James Sheridan. Pupils added more trees on Arbour Days.

    First Clock – Bought from G. T. Madden in Orillia in 1908 ($5.50)

    Hydro – Installed in 1941 by Garnet Robertson for $68.50 and brought up-to-date in 1964 by John Moase of Atherley.

    Fifth Class – 1920-1945 (Grades 9 and 10) This was suggested by Archbishop Neil McNeill, who saw the need for higher Education. Pupils from outside could attend at a nominal fee.

    In 1945.…….Bus service was arranged to transport pupils to ODCVI, in Orillia.
    In 1963.…….the name was changed to COMBINED R.C.S.S. for No. 2 and No. 3 Mara with five trustee board.
    In 1965.…….Bus service began transporting to school all children living ½ mile or over from school.

    Miss Egan’s note: RE FOLEY ESTATE…In 1894 The School Board asked that all legal documents concerning the Foley Will, Including a copy of the will and all mortgages be taken out of the hands of the executors and placed in the hands of the Foley R.C. Separate School Board. Apparently they are in a Safety Deposit Box at the bank. In 1929, all documents were rewritten at a cost of $550.00. I concluded from the old account books that Jos. Barker (Executor) still looked after the collection of interest.

    (Miss) Veronica Egan.


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