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Mara S S #5, Atherley, Class of 1945
Mara S S #5, Atherley, Class of 1945

    The Orillia Times
    July 23, 1896

    A number of people from town attended the re-opening of the Rama church which took place last Friday. A large excursion came up from Barrie and helped in the service by their presence and donations. Rev. M. L. Pearson and Dr. Harper of Barrie, addressed the congregation; Chief Benson, who wore on that occasion a medal that he had been presented with by Geo. 111, and Rev. W. R. Barker, from Orillia, also took part. Rev. John Lawrence thanked the many friends who had contributed so much in the decoration of the church, especially several of the Orillia merchants who had responded so liberally. The Rama choir sang well under the direction of Rev. Mr. Lawrence’s family. The band is also in splendid playing order. During the day the Indian women had a sale of fancy work in aid of the church fund. The financial results of the day were satisfactory. In the evening Rev. Mr. Black, a young Indian minister, preached to the Indians in their native tongue.


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