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April 1882

The farmers are now busy putting in their spring grains, but as yet there is no growth whatever, and what is more discouraging, Vennor had predicted another month of this in status quo weather, and Vennor’s well known ability in handling climatology, can scarcely be gainsayed, but notwithstanding that a number of the pioneers of this locality, who have a well-directed eye, say positively that Vennor is not infallible.

NEW ENTERPRISE— Wm. McDonald, of the Uptergrove Hotel, had invented a new shingle press and box, and is busily engaged manufacturing them here. They are pronounced by mill men to be an excellent article and just what is wanted. William has made several already.

Politics are very quiet out here. The only excitement being as to who will get his crop in first!

The TIMES doesn’t get here now until Saturday. It takes two days for a letter to come from Orillia here— a distance of six


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