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Margaret Ann MOFFATT-- circa 1933
a daughter of Jeremiah Moffatt and Mary Kelly, born 24 Dec. 1866, in Mara Twp.. She married Michael McDonnell of Rama Twp. in 1883. She died in 1957
Nora Moffatt & sister Margaret Ann, (Mrs. Michael McDonnell)
standing is Honora Moffatt, sitting with child is Margaret Ann Moffatt- (Mrs. Michael McDonnell)- baby on her lap is Catherine Ann McDonnell,(born July 1, 1891), the young girl on her left is Mary Ellen McDonnell (1884), and sitting in front is Margaret Rosetta McDonnell (1887)
(left)Kate O'Donnell & Margaret Ann Moffatt
left Kate O'Donnell, right Mrs. Michael McDonnell, ( Margaret Moffatt), at Hydro Glen Station, Severn River
Margaret Ann (MOFFATT) McDonnell & grandchild
Mrs. Michael McDonnell and unidentified grandchild.
Jim McElroy & 'Nel' Margaret Ellen Moffatt
Margaret Ellen Moffatt (1872-1940), a daughter of Brian/Bernard Moffatt & Mary Ryan, married James McElroy (1862-1931) in 1897
Thomas Moffatt (1859-1944)
a son of Brain/ Bernard Moffatt & Mary Ryan
James Moffatt, Tes O'Connor, Catherine McDonnell, (Mrs. James O'Connor), James O'Connor
left, James Moffatt, (1901-1981) a son of John Moffatt & Helena Murphy. James served as Deputy Reeve of Mara Township, 1948-1949.
Mae & Peter Maloney
Peter Maloney, (1900-1960), a son of James Maloney and Catherine Moffatt. He married Mae Crosby (1905-1991), in 1930.
Nora Moffatt (1869-1946)
Hanora 'Nora' Moffatt, a daughter of Jeremiah Moffatt & Mary Kelly.
Jay Moffatt
Joseph 'Jay' Moffatt, (1901-1978) a son of Jeremiah Moffatt & Mary Mayock-- was a catcher on the 1922 North Ontario County Champion Baseball team.
Jay Moffatt, 1922 Beaverton Team
North Ontario County, Champs 1922 back row; left 1st arrow- Thomas Albert Lambe-- who later married Mary Margaret "Rita" Moffatt- 2nd arrow- Joseph 'JAY' Moffatt- a brother of Rita.
John Patrick Moffatt, obit- Oil City, Pa.
John Patrick ( 1884-1955), a son of Patrick Moffatt and Mary Scott. In the early 1880's Patrick & Mary relocated to Oil City, Pa. After Mary's death in 1915, Patrick returned to Mara Twp., his family remained in the USA.
Patrick Moffatt- Oil City, PA
Patrick Moffatt (1858-1949) was a son of Jerimiah Moffatt & Mary Kelly. In 1877 he married Mary Scott of Carden Twp, they had 3 children prior to relocating to Oil City, Pennsylvania, USA. There the family grew by 3 more children, and Patrick operated a boiler shop. Shortly after the death of his wife Mary (1856-1915) Patrick returned to Brechin, however his children remained in the USA. Descendants of Patrick & Mary can still be found in Oil City, and other locations in Pennsylvania.
Foley School-- Rita Moffatt-Back 3rd on left
Margaret Mary 'RITA' Moffatt, 1908-1972, dau. of Jeremiah & Mary (Mayock) Moffatt
Martin Harold & Nora Winnifred Moffatt
children of Jeremiah & Mary (Mayock) MOFFATT
Jay Moffatt-unk-Mae Smith--Winnie Moffatt
Jerry Moffatt on left
Jeremiah Moffatt 1871-1954
John Moffatt--and Family
John Moffatt (1859-1931) husband of Helena Murphy
John Moffatt--Helena (Murphy)
John Moffatt--Helena --Jimmy on engine.
Lambe Family
Basil---Clem---Lillian--- Angela--- Margaret--Lambe
Mary (Mayock) Moffatt
1868-1949, dau. of Martin Mayock & Catherine Lavelle, wife of Jeremiah Moffatt.
Mary 'Rita'--Moffatt
1908-1972, dau. of Jeremiah Moffatt & Mary Mayock
Mary (Mayock) Moffatt
1868-1949, dau. of Martin Mayock & Catherine Lavelle
Mary "Rita" Moffatt
1908-1972, dau. of Jeremiah Moffatt & Mary Mayock
Pat Gaughan
Rita (Moffatt) Lambe & Mother Mary Moffatt (Mayock)
Rita on right, Mary on left
Thomas Albert Lambe
son of Samuel Lambe & Ann Derrick, born 23 Sep 1901, died 1978. Married Mary 'Rita' Moffatt, 27 Nov. 1937.
Tom Lambe
son of Samuel Lambe & Ann Derrick, born 23 Sep 1901, died 1978. Married Mary 'Rita' Moffatt, 27 Nov. 1937.
Winnifred Moffatt & mother Mary Moffatt (Mayock)
Winnie on right, Mary on left.
Win Moffatt--Ann Lambe--Front--Angela--Lillian Lambe
Tom Lambe- Rita Moffatt, Wedding--1937
Nov. 27, 1937, Jerimiah "Jerry" & Mary (Mayock) Moffatt--Rita Moffatt & Tom Lambe--Annie (Derrick)-Sam Lambe.
Win Moffatt--Ann Lambe--Front--Angela--Lillian Lambe
Willy Harrington & Peter Maloney
Moffatt- Power Wedding
MOFFATT- MOORE, Wedding 20 AUG 1960
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