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Mel Lamb 1920 Dungannon 150x350 - Photos

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"Ramara Churches and Cemeteries"

Photos & histories of the areas churches and cemeteries
Church Histories and information in "Topics" Section --Main Menue
Graveyard Photo

"Ramara Military"

Photographs and short histories of the men & women who served in the Military
Dolard  Duffy

"Ramara Politicians"

Brief description after every picture
John G. Johnston-1921-1923 Reeve-Rama Township


Information courtesy of Mike Crosby
544 - Photos

'Township Mara Voters-1897'

In alphabetical order by ward or polling station---Shows occupation, location and post office: double click --double size -

'Trains and Stations'

Train Stations and train pictures in Ramara
Udney Station


Brechin--Udney-- Rathburn--Atherley --Cooper's Falls -
Brechin Juniors

-Local Newspaper Articles-

Interesting news articles concerning the townships of Mara & Rama
Hurricane in Mara-Nov. 4, 1864

-Myrtle Kennedy Scrap Book-

A collection of newspaper articles & wedding photos -
Harrigan-August-Oct. 22, 1955


from the book, 'they came to mara' William & Phoebe (Scrimshaw) were born in England, there they married and started their family, as their sons William and John were born in England. They came to Canada in the 1830's, settling in Mara Township by the 1840's. They had 10 children who married into other pioneer families such as, Waddell, Brown, Westcott, Thompson, Stewart, & Gobbitt. -


George Brunson (born 1825, USA; died April 28, 1906 Rama Township, Ontario buried Methodist CemeteryRamona ) married Mary Dinah Johnson (born August 08, 1854 Missisquoi County, Quebec; died June 09, 1934 Rama Township, Ontario; buried Methodist CemeteryRamona) in 1872. They had four daughters born in Vermont/Quebec: Martha Ann Brunson (b. February 07, 1873, U.S.A.; d. September 06, 1954; buried St. Geo's Anglican Church Cem); m. William Henry McNabb, April 15, 1891 Ida (Eliza) Brunson (b. August 06, 1874, Que; d. 1935); m. Isaac Craig, July 10, 1890 Adeline Brunson (b. July 16, 1876, Que; d. November 09, 1949; buried Cooper's Falls Free Methodist Cem); m.William Nassau Genno Edna Brunson (b. February 02, 1879, Que; d. May 14, 1965; buried St. Geo's Anglican, Cooper's Falls); m. Joseph Denne (b. ~1860, s/o John & Elizabeth), October 9, 1900 They emigrated to the Lewisham area of Ryde Township where, in 1880 they were granted Lots 13 & 14, Conc. 2. This was a newly opened township, less than 10 years previous the township was listed as held by the government with no settlers | There, two more daughters and a son were born: Elizabeth Jane Brunson (b. October 23, 1883; d. March 7, 1963); m. Clarence Hunter (b. Nov. 12, 1882; d. June 11, 1939), December 17, 1901 Alice Brunson (b. January 11, 1886; d. 1971); m. Thomas E. Hunter (b. March 9, 1871; d.1956), April 5, 1903 John Brunson (b. January 08, 1888; d. July 03, 1974); m. Caroline E. (Carrie) Luck, October 1915 In 1889 they left Lewisham and settled on a farm west of Coopers Falls (Lot 9 Conc. N, Rama Township, Ontario County). Another son was born the following year: William Brunson (b. March 31, 1890; d. 1960); m. Sefronia Parker.
Mary (Johnson) Brunson & daughter Martha

Corrigan Album

The Corrigan family settled in Mara Township in the 1840's, on Lot 15, Con. 7. Some descendants still remain in Ramara Twp., while others relocated to the USA as early as the 1870's. See the CORRIGAN family history, under Active Topics- Family History- on the Home Page. -
 Joe Corrigan

Crosby File

From the Mara Book Michael and Mary Crosby (Coyle) were born in Ireland, as were their two eldest children--James and Mary Anne. They left Ireland in the 1840's and were enumerated in the 1852 census of Brock Township They continued to reside in Brock township as late as 1871. Michael died in Uxbridge in 1899 (buried in St Andrews --Brechin) Some family members moved to Mara in 1870's. James and Michael Jr. married two Corrigan sisters.
the first known farm was Lot 8 Con 10 -- now known as the McClean farm owned by George Have. By the mid 1880's James & Michael Jr. both farmed on the south half of lot 13, Con. 7. Mara. See the CROSBY family history, under ACTIVE TOPICS- FAMILY HISTORIES- on the Home Page.
William Crosby &;Margaret (Clarke) Crosby

Dissette Family Album

photos courtesy of Lorraine Dissette
Thomas Dissett

Elsie (Cleavely) Dunlop File

Families Connected to Bruce and Elsie (Cleavely) Dunlop -
Jonathan Cleavely And Euphemia Woonch

Garnett--Hopkins album

Captain was the first settler in 1836, the second family was James McPherson, also a Captain, he married Captain Garnetts daughter Jane. It was James Seddon Garnett, that was important to Rama Township, The Captain and his Wife Sara Ann are buried on Garnett Island, and James Cresswell Garnett and his wife Elizabeth are buried just off Hopkins Bay road, . -
Capt James Seddon Garnett's


Photos of the Healy family from Ramara Township. See the HEALY family history- under Active Topics- Family Histories- on the Home Page. -
Charles & Anne Healy-Wedding Day, Oct. 6, 1942, St. Margaret's Church, Midland, ON

HOLMES Family Album

per 'they came to mara' -- Andrew HOLMES and Rose McLEAN, were living in Mara by the time of the 1852 census. Andrew was a native of Scotland, and Rose was born in Canada, a daughter of Michael and Ellen McLean. The HOLMES family resided on Lot 6, Con 9. They had 11 children, and married into local pioneer families lincluding BODDY, KELLY, KENNEDY, PENNY, -
Thomas Holmes


from Reflections of the Past- the story of Rama Twp.--Edward Lawrence bought Front Range, lot 11, in Rama Twp., in 1855. He and his family had emmigrated from Tipperary, Ireland around 1840 and had spent the intervening years in the Whitby area. James Mahoney (1851-1942), also of Irish descent but born in West Gwillimbury Twp., in Simcoe County, was related to the Mara Mahoneys. He was a late-comer to Rama Twp. in the 1880s. James and his wife Bridget Gaughan (1858-1896) lived on the O'Connell Sideroad before moving to Longford. Three of their eight children married members of the Lawrence family. -
James Mahoney (1858-1942) circa 1940


Patrick Joseph McCORKELL Sr. and his wife Sarah DOHERTY immigrated from Ireland about 1847, first settling in New Brunswick then Toronto. About 1860 they purchased the noth half of Lot 10, Con. 7, Mara Township. Two sons remained in the township and married into other pioneer families of O'DONNELL and McDERMOTT. Some of their children married into local families like McGOWAN, BARKER, McCANN, GETTINGS, O'LEARY & McLAUGHLIN -
Patrick JOSEPH McCORKELL 1854-1933

McDonnell Album

William McDonnell and his wife Mary Hayes, immigrated from Ireland in the early 1850's and first settled in Highland Creek, (Scarborough Twp.) They relocated to Lot 16, Con. 2, Rama, in the early 1860’s. Their children married into other local pioneer families such as Culligan,Tahaney, O’Connor, Duffy, Moffatt, & Morrison. -
Michael McDonnell

McNABB families of Rama (Cooper Falls)

Thomas and his wife Charlotte (Robbins), raised 8 children on Lot 13, Concession N, of Rama Twp., Anne (1868), William Henry (1869), Charlotte (1872), Violet Jane (1874) , Thomas (1875), Robert James (1878), Isabella (1879) & James (1880) ------- Finlay McNabb and his wife Mary McKinley came to Canada from Scotland, they started their family in Oro township, Simcoe Co. By 1871 they were farming in Rama Twp. -
Thomas McNABB


Jeremiah/Darby MOFFATT, his wife Nancy Gilmartin, and thier children, all formerly of County Sligo, Ireland, first settled in Pickering in the late 1840's. They then relocated to New York City, but found it not to their liking, and after a short stay returned to Ontario. By the mid 1850's they had settled on Con. 8, lot 7, of Mara Twp. Their descendants married into other pioneer families such as, Corrigan, Crosby, Flannery, Flood, Holmes, Kelly, Lambe, Maloney, Mangan, Mayock, McCann, McDonnell, McElroy, McGovern, McGowan, Murphy, & Scott. -
Tom Lambe- Rita Moffatt,  Wedding--1937

Mulvihill-Newman Photos

Photos of the Mulvihill & Newman Families
Thomas Joseph Mulvihill & his wife Elizabeth Anne Brady

Speiran file

The Speiran family has been traced back to the 16th Century in London, England. Around the middle of the 17th Century they settled in County Limerick Ireland. John Speiran married Mary Ruttle who was of Palatine origin in 1827 they had three children born there and around 1832 left for Canada. They can be found living in Quebec City in 1832. In 1838 they settled in Brock Township, Ontario County Lot 5, Concession 8. Their son Charles married Sarah Carson Moore in 1859 they settled in Mara Township around 1875 with their family of 10 children. **(Palatine was a German protestant who was persecuted for their religion.) -
Speiran Family--1925


submitted by family members in the hopes that the photos will be identified
Ukn Spieran 19


Russ and June Warren

WOOD--Currie--Black-- File

These pictures were submitted by Blanche Black for the Carden Site But some have a connection to Mara -
Website Exec.

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Tom Mangan
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