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Alma Mahoney, Mary Foley, Gladys Doherty (12 yrs old)
13th Farm, Tahaney Farm
Ambrose Doherty & Barney the dog
Ann, Bill, Gladys Doherty
Cecilia Doherty, daughter of Mic & Catherine Doherty(nee Carey)
Doherty Family on 13th Farm (Tahaney)
Doherty Girls
Ella, Gladys, Madonna, Annie, Patricia Doherty
Neil & Dorothy Doherty (nee Curbishly)
Roseanne Doherty (nee Fountain)
Gwendolyn, Pauline, & Mary Doherty
Gladys Doherty, 13th Con Farm ( Tahaneys)
William Doherty Sr.
Willie, Annie, & Gladys Doherty (children of Bill & Rose Doherty)
William Doherty & daughter Gladys
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