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Henry Joseph Furnis 1842--1908----Harriett Lucinda Weeks 1841-1910
Henry Furniss--Hariett Weeks Furnis----Fred Furniss
Cliff Ross---Grant Thompson
Dan Dousette1921
Harry Furniss---1921
Alice 1921
Alice and Mother 1921
Harry Furniss --1908
Furniss Family
Jean Furniss--Annie Furniss
Florence Furniss
Auntie Annie Furniss
Mary P. Furniss
Mrs.Furniss--Wm. Burshy--Mrs.Ritchie
Furnis Family
Herb Noaha and Susanne Susanne is standing inside the chimney of a old hotel or rooming house used to board or house workers on the Trent Canal-Situated ?? --wait till Herb gets back
Stephen Joseph FURNISS- 1873-1952
Stephen was a Member of Parliament, 1935- to- 1945, for the Muskoka-Ontario riding. He was a member of the Liberal Party, under William Lyon MacKenzie King. Born in Mara Twp., in 1873 a son of Henry Joseph Furniss and Harriette L. Weeks. Stephen married Margaret Helen Waddell, in 1896, and they had three daughters, Helen Pamela, Harriette, & Winnifred.
Ira--Herb--Harry Firniss
Ira-Herb--Brenda---Mary Furniss
Furniss straw barn built in June 1954.
Beginning in the upper left-not sure ,could be Ab Drake. Upper right is Jack Macdonald. Standing on beam : on left-Russell Windatt,Grant Windatt, Stan McCarthey, George Mcquaig. Lower level on left Harry Furniss, ? ,? Bud Westcott. That’s about it.I can’t find Frank Doucette. Morris McCarthey,. I do think that Jack McCarthey is the tallest man on the floor but can’t be sure. Tom McQuaig is also there somewhere as well as Gerrard Harrigan and Ambrose Eagen and Gorden Gilchrist and Ken Windatt. They were all there. best I can do ---Herb
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