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James Crosby Jr.--2nd left
James Crosby -(1879-1920) on Road Construction- son of James Crosby & Mary Corrigan.
Thomas Joseph Crosby 1912-1969
Tom, a son of Wiiliam Crosby and Maragret Clarke, served overseas in WWII, where he met his wife Alexis Walker, they married in Scotland, and after the war they returned to Toronto, where they raised two sons, Thomas Joseph Jr. and Hugh.
James William Crosby 1913-1976
Jim, a WWII Veteran, was the son of William Crosby and Margaret Clarke. He married Edith T. Maloney, of Mara, and they raised 9 children.
Oliver Crosby Family-13- Ollies funneral 1969
Ruth Aug.30 1941-May 18/03------- Cliff June 07-- Lil Jun.12 37-Aug 12/02---- Jack Dec.12/34 --still kicking Bill Feb.23 /33------ JimMar.23/30----July 31/77 Frank Jan.23/29---Sept.23?02 Charlie Sept.22/27--Nov.14/03 Millie Mar.28/26--Nov.26/00 Mabel Nov 25?24--Dec.5/98 Mary-Mar25/22-Jan.28/04 Rose Oct.28/20--Jun.16/03 Gerald Oct.15/19--Aug.23/97
William Crosby &;Margaret (Clarke) Crosby
William Crosby --(son of James Crosby & Mary Corrigan) & Margret (Clarke) Crosby: Parents of Thomas Joseph--'Jim' James William--'Mick' Michael Edward,-- Francis 'Frank', --Emmet -- Ambrose Philip,Teresa --Leonard-- Cecilia-- Rita --Helen V. -- un-named infant.
James Crosby Jr. (left)
son of James Crosby and Mary Corrigan-- b. 1879. d. 1920
Mary (Corrigan )Crosby & Catherine (Crosby) Kelly
left- Mary Corrigan --[Mrs.James Crosby 1853--1947). Her daughter Catherine Anges Crosby (Mrs.Thomas Vincent Kelly)-1877--1969
Michael Crosby- Susan (Corrigan) Crosby
Michael Crosby 1856-1941 Susan Corrigan Crosby 1856--1944-- Parents of Etta, Mary Catherine, Oliver Thomas, Michael Gabriel, Mabel Margaret, Frederick, Mildred Anastasia, & Albert Joseph.
Emmet Crosby 1919-1992
a WWII Veteran, a son of William Crosby and Margaret Clarke, of Mara Twp.
"Mick" Michael Edward Crosby 1916-1994
Mick served in the Royal Canadian Navy in WWII. A son of William Crosby and Margaret Clarke, he married Juliette Yvette Drapeau, in 1945, while on leave, and raised two children in Toronto.
Teresa Crosby--Tom Clarke Wedding

Teresa (Crosby) Clarke--Marie (Clarke)(Dolan)Jackson--Rita (Crosby) Nicholson--Maggie((Clarke) Crosby--Irine (Clarke)Fountain---Mary Ellen (O'Donnell) Clarke --Lizzy (Murphy) CLarke {Mrs. John Eddy
Alma (Clarke)(Fountain) Jackson--Helen(Crosby)MacDonald--Frances (Kelly) Mangan--Marg Merrifield
Mary 'Mae' Lorena Crosby
Daug. of Michael Hugh Crosby & Mary Westlake-- Married Peter Joseph Maloney, in 1930..
Teresa Kelly & Anthony Conway
Teresa Kelly, is a daughter of Thomas Vincent Kelly and Catherine Agnes Crosby
Michael Crosby 1812- 1899
Michael Crosby's grave marker at St. Andrew's Cemetery, Brechin. north side reads: In memory of Michael Crosby who died Mar. 11, 1899, aged 87 years./ A precious one from us has gone/ A voice we heard is stilled/ A place is vacant in our house /Which never can be filled. Parents of James, Mary Ann, Helen/Ellen, Thomas, Catherine, Matthew, Michael, & Margaret Jane.
Kenneth James Crosby-WWII
son of James Crosby & Catherine McDonnell. Served in the Royal Canadian Artillery, 1944--1946
Ken, Addie, Eileen Crosby circa 1937
back row, Kenneth James Crosby (1919-1980) front left Addie Crosby (1918- ) Mary EILEEN Crosby (1916-1980) -- son & daughters of James Crosby & Catherine McDonnell
Ken Crosby- Air Force WWII
son of James Crosby & Catherine McDonnell, enlisted in the Royal Canadian Airforce, 1943- later transfered to the Army.
Ken Crosby Wedding- 1943
Kenneth James Crosby, son of James Crosby & Catherine McDonnell, left - Lieut. Patrick Dunne, Ken Crosby, Mary Dunne, Helen Dunne, Addie Crosby. -- Nov. 20, 1943.
James Crosby (1841-1920), daug. Elizabeth, wife Mary Corrigan
James, a son of Michael Crosby & Mary Coyle, was born in Ireland in 1839. He married Mary Corrigan, in Mara in 1873. ---- Parents of Mary Ann, Hugh Michael, Catherine Agnes, James, William, Ellen, Susan, John(JACK), & Isabella Elizabeth.
James H. Desmond
A great grandson of Mary Ann CROSBY & John LYTLE, born in Toledo Ohio, in 1932. He was inducted in to the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame, as an official, in 2008.
James Crosby 1879-1920
James Crosby, a son of James Crosby & Mary Corrigan- circa 1912-1913
James 'JIM' William CROSBY
son of William Crosby and Margaret Clarke--he married Edith Maloney.
Brian J. Crosby-1950-2010
Brain, a son of Harold CROSBY.
Hugh Albert Crosby
the youngest child of Michael "Hugh" Crosby (1875-1939) and Mary Westlake (1879-1958). In the late 30's and early 40's, Hugh worked as a miner in Timmins Ontario, as shown in this photo.
Margaret 'EVELYN' Crosby & Joseph Patrick Quinn
Evelyn, daughter of Michael Hugh Crosby and Mary Westlake, married Jospeh Patrick Quinn, in 1929-- They resided in Perth, Ont. where they raised seven children.
Bill MacDonald & Hugh Crosby
(right)William John MacDonald (who after the war married Katherine Crosby) and Hugh Crosby (brother of Katherine)
Mae Crosby & Peter J. Maloney
Mary 'Mae' Lorena Crosby, a daughter of Michael 'Hugh' Crosby & Mary Westlake, maarried in 1930, to Peter J. Maloney, a son of James Maloney and Catherine Moffatt.
Ethel Bernadette Crosby
Ethel Berbadette Crosby, daughter of Michael Hugh Crosby & Mary Westlake, with her husband Joseph Clarence M'Larkey.
The Burbee Family
Susan Elizabeth Crosby, daughter of James Crosby & Mary Corrigan, married Raymond Francis Burbee. They lived in Niagara Falls, New York, USA.
Four Generations
back left, Mrs. Michael Hugh Crosby, (Mary Westlake), Mrs. James Crosby (Mary Corrigan), front Mrs. Edward Crosby (Edna Rochon), and her son Donald Crosby.
Ethel & Marcella KELLY
Daughters of Catherine Agnes CROSBY & Thomas Vincent KELLY, of lot 8 Con 6. Mara Twp.
Hugh Albert CROSBY, WWII
Hugh served in WWII, he was a son of Michael Hugh Crosby and Mary Westlake.
Marcella Kelly & Bob Heitzner
Marcella KELLY, a daughter of Catherine Agnes CROSBY & Thomas Vincent KELLY, married William Robert Heitzner, 16 Sep 1930, at St. Andrew's, Brechin.
Catherine Kelly-nee-CROSBY
Catherine Agnes, a daughter of James Crosby (1841-1920) and Mary Corrigan (1853-1947). Born 18 Aug 1877, lot 9, Con. 10, Mara Twp.
Hugh Albert CROSBY
Born in Mara, 22 March 1917, a son of Michael Hugh CROSBY & Mary Westlake. He lived most of his adult life in Oshawa.
Edward Joseph CROSBY
photo from the wedding of Edward Crosby (right) and Edna Rochon, in Kewagama, Abitibi, Quebec. 17 April 1940.
Marcella Kelly & Ethel
Mae Crosby
Mae Crosby, a daughter of Michael Hugh Crosby & Mary Westlake
Michael Hugh Crosby's family
left to right, Hugh Albert, Katherine, Ethel, his wife Mary (Westlake), Evelyn, Mae, Edward Michael Hugh Crosby, died in 1939, while working on Highway 12, north of Brechin.
Marcella & Rita Heitzner circa 1933
Mrs. Robert Heitzner, with daughter Rita.
Eileen & Katherine Crosby
(left) Eileen Crosby daughter of James Crosby and Catherine McDonnell, with her cousin Katherine Crosby, daughter of Michael Hugh Crosby and Mary Westlake.
Hugh Crosby
son of Michael Hugh Crosby and Mary Westlake
Katherine Crosby & William MacDonald -Wedding
Katherine Crosby, daughter of Michael Hugh Crosby & Mary Westlake, married William MacDonald, at the Gaurdian Angels Church, Orillia, 26 Feb. 1946.
Family of the late Michael Hugh Crosby- circa 1948
Left to Right- back row ? , Mary (Westlake) Crosby, Hugh, Agnes (Kelly) Crosby, infant Michael, ? , Edward, Mae (Crosby) Maloney, Edna (Rochon) Crosby, Katherine (Crosby) MacDonald, Bill MacDonald, Ronald MacDonald front left to right- Beverly Crosby, Donald Crosby
family of late Michael Hugh Crosby-- circa 1945
young children in front, left to right- Donald & Beverly Crosby (son & daughter of Edward & Edna) Katherine (Crosby) MacDonald, Agnes (Kelly) Crosby, Bill MacDonald, Hugh Crosby, Mae (Crosby) Maloney, Peter Maloney, Mrs. Michael Hugh Crosby (Mary Westlake) Edna (Rochon) Crosby, Edward Crosby, Ethel Crosby.
Katherine, Eileen, Michael Hugh (hidden) & Ken CROSBY
Katherine (daughter of Michael Hugh Crosby) Eilleen (daugher of James Crosby) Michael Hugh Crosby, (holding the horse) & Kenneth James Crosby, (son of James, and nephew of Michael Hugh)
Ethel Crosby
daughter of Michael Hugh Crosby & Mary Westlake
Marcella Kelly & Bob Heitzner
Marclla Kelly a daughter of Thomas V Kelly & Catherine Crosby, with her husand William Robert Heitzner
Katherine Crosby
Katheine Crosby, daughter of Michael Hugh Crosby & Mary Westlake.
John Russell MacDonald 1957--1974
a son of William John MacDonald, and Katherine Crosby.
Michael Hugh Crosby's--Family- circa 1910
left to right, Edward Joseph, (1903-1991), Mary Westlake (Mrs. Michael Hugh Crosby, 1879-1958), back- Mae (1905-1991), front- Ethel Bernadette (1908-1962), Michael Hugh (1875-1939) Margaret Evelyn (1905-1986)
Joseph Patrick Merrifield
the eldest son of Isabella "Elizabeth" CROSBY and her husband, Patrick Wyman Merrifield, born 24 May 1921, died 16 April 2011, in Brampton.
Shirley Kathleen Crosby-Weldon
Obituary Weldon, Shirley Kathleen (née Crosby) 1928 - 2012 I have left you now. Remember me fondly and know that I loved you. I lived a wonderful life, the kind a young girl might dream of. I was born in Toronto and had a lot of fun as a kid growing up in Princeton and Vancouver. I did well in school, graduated with honours from UBC, and became a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I re-entered the work force once my children were self-sufficient and retired as the assistant to the vice-president at BCIT. I loved all types of recreation, including running, skiing, tennis, boating and especially singing out-of-tune around a campfire. Then I began to forget the words to the songs. In my later years, dementia took over. Some might say I suffered from Alzheimer's. But I didn't. Those who loved me suffered; I simply ebbed. Thanks to the efforts of my loving family, particularly my husband, I was fortunate to complete my life in the comfort of my own home where I had lived for the past 30 years. I am survived by my husband of 58 years Richard Chapman IV; sons Richard Chapman V (Avril) and Gordon Calhoun (Hanh); grandchildren Heather and Derek (Ayako); great-grandchildren Sarah and Sean, siblings Ann, Louis, Laurence and many nieces, nephews, and cousins. I was predeceased by parents Michael Gabriel (Gabe) and Mary Isabel (Molly); and siblings Lillian, Jim, Patricia, Eleanor and Ken. I requested there be no funeral service. A gathering of family and friends will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to my friends at the Alzheimer's Society of BC or Dying With Dignity. Their work will go a long way to helping future generations. . Published in Vancouver The Province on May 26, 2012
Elizabeth & John Crosby, circa 1895
Isabella Elizabeth Crosby 1891-1984, and brother John, 1888-1959, the two youngest children of James & Mary (Corrigan) Crosby
Oliver Crosby Death
crosby- vyse
Clarke- McNamee
crosby ferrier
heitzner- lawlor
heitzner- mccarthy
Haffey, Loyd Patrick 1933-2013
a son of Edward Ignatius Haffey and Mabel Margaret Crosby
Father Fred Haffey 1941-2013
a son of Edward Haffey and Mabel Margaret Crosby, served as Parish Priest in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, British Columbia, and later as a Millitary Chaplain.
Father Fred Haffey -
Military Chaplin, son of Edward Haffey and Mabel Margaret Crosby
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