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John Edward Clarke--Elizebeth Murphy (mar.Nov.18 1913)
John Edward was reve of Mara township- Grand-father of ex-councilor Marlyn Brooks
mary mclaughlin(clarke)
Mrs. Jeremiah
Tom Clarke -Teresa Crosby Wedding
John Edward Clarke-Elizabeth(Murphy) Clarke--Tom Clarke -Thersa (Crosby) Clarke---Margret (Clarke) Crosby---Bill Crosby---Mary Ellen (O'Donnell) Clarke(Mrs. Phillip Clarke (Tersa's Grandmother)
Mary--John Geroge--Eddie--Katherine--Michael
Mary was killed by a car --Eddie drowned trying to save another child John George died of a heart attack at fory seven (no Wonder)
Marie-John-George--Irene Clarke
Marie(Clarke) Dolan, Gladys, and Stafford
Marie-John George--Tom
Teresa (Crosby) Clarke Wedding
Thersa (Crosby) Clarke--Marie (Clarke) Dolan-Jackson--Rita (Crosby) Nicholson--Maggie (Mrs. Bill Crosby)--Irene (Clarke) Fountain--Mary Ellen (O'Donnel)Clarke (Tersa"s Grandmother)--Lizzy (Mrs. John Edward)-- Fr.R -- Alma (Clarke) Fountain-Jackson--Helan (Crosby) MacDonald Frances (Kelly)Mangon--Marggy (Preston) Merryfield
Margaret Clarke (nee Boulton), circa 1920
Patrick Clarke, circa 1925
Irene Clarke & Albert Fountain
Wedding Photo of Patrick Clarke & Margaret Boulton Feb. 25, 1879
Margret Clarke--Daughter of Pat Clarke
Death Of Mrs. Clarke
Tom --Tersa(Crosby) Clarke
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