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W. T. McDermott-1893 Collector-Rama Township
George Cleavely-1893 Councillor-Rama Township
James McPherson-Treasurer-Rama Township
Jas. Heslin-1893 Councillor-Rama Township
John G. Johnston-1921-1923 Reeve-Rama Township
John J. Morris-1926 to 1932-1934-Reeve-Rama Township
John Waldron-1893 Clerk-Rama Township
Patrick Mahoney-1893 Councillor-Rama Township
R. J. Genno-1893 Assessor-Rama Township
Thomas Tahaney-1893 Councillor-Rama Township
W. J. Trenouth-1893 Reeve-Rama Township
Charles Healy
Reeve of Mara, & Warden of Ontario County
Healy, New County Head--Jan. 1967
WHITBY--Reeve Charles Healey, of Mara Township, was elected warden of Ontario County last Tuesday. He defeated Reeve Ross Murison of Pickering Village by one vote on the fifth ballot. It was regarded the closest warden race in the 109-year history of Ontario County. The final ballot saw Mr. Healey poll 22 votes to Mr. Murison's 21. The fourth ballot was an elimination contest between Mr. Murison and Reeve George Brooks of Whitby. Each polled 13 votes in the third ballot to Mr. Healey's 17 votes. Mr. Brooks drew the highest number of votes in the first ballot with 13, while Mr. Murison and Mr. Healey had 12 apiece. Reeve John Cancey, of Brock Township, received six votes in the first ballot, then announced he would drop out of the race. The second ballot saw Mr. Healey take the lead with 16 votes, Mr. Murison, 14, and Mr. Brooks, 13. Several former wardens were on hand to congratulate the new warden, three of whom are still members of County Council---Reeve Heber Down, of Whitby Township, Reeve J. J. Gibson, of Port Perry, and last year's warden, Wilfred Gould of Uxbridge. Mr. Healey, a father of 11, has been a member of Mara Township council for 10 years, six years as Reeve and two as deputy Reeve. He owns a 330-acre dairy farm and has lived in Ontario County all his life. Reeve Clifford Laycox of Pickering Township said following the election that he may seek the wardenship of the County in 1968 "if I am re-elected next December. Mr. Laycox said this will be his fifth year on County Council.
Obituary of Charles Healy
James O'Conner --Rama-Councillor 1932--1941
Mr.---Mrs.James O'Conner Catherine Ann (Crosby) McDonnell ---James O'Conner ---1939
Russel Cooper Warden 1982
Dan Mulvihill-Councillor
Mara Township Council
Rama Township Council
Rama Council
James Read---Mara Reeve --Ontario County WardenTownship--1930
REEVE READ OF MARA Feb.6, 1930 James Read, the new Warden of the County of Ontario, is a native of Mara, a son of the late George Read, who himself was Reeve of the Township in 1909, 1910, and 1911. The new Warden, who in only forty years of age, and lives on his father’s old farm at Uptergrove, begun his municipal career in 1924, when he entered the Township Council. He was a Councillor again in 1925, was Deputy-Reeve for 1926, 1927, and 1928, and 1930. That he should have attained the Wardenship against so strong an opponent as Reeve Ross, of East Whitby, is a tribute to his capacity and popularity. Mr. Read is said to be the youngest Warden the County of Ontario has ever had.
Basil Harrington--Deputy Reeve --Mara--1967
Charles Healy --Reeve --Mara --Warden--1967
Hector McKinnon ---Reeve --Rama --1967
AB Powell Deputy-- Reeve --Rama--1967
Harvey Westcott--Thorah--1967
J.J. Gibson--Warden -Ontario County 1965
Charles Healy --Reeve--Mara--1965
Basil Harrington-- Deputy Reeve--Mara --1965
Ambrose McMillan Reeve-- Rama--1965
Owen Morris--Deputy Reeve --Rama--1965
Bill Gillespie --Warden --Ontario County=-=1972
Muir Dack --Deputy Reeve --Mara--1972
Wes Stitt--Reeve Rama--1972
Gordon McArthur- 1972
Transition Team 1994-2000
Rama Reeves and Deputy's1900--1993
Mara Reeves and Deputy's 1900--1993
Albert Stewart
Reputy Reeve Stewart #1
Deputy Reeve Stewart #2
Deputy Reeve Stewart #3
JAMES MOFFATT- Deputy Reeve, Mara, 1948-1949
Council and Staff
Council and Staff
1956 Council
1963-64 Council
1978-80 Council
James Milton Read, circa 1930
James Milton Read was born at Uptergrove, Mara Township, Ontario County, on October 3, 1889. He was a progressive farmer and secretary of the Uptergrove branch of the United Farmers of Ontario. He was elected to the Mara Township Council in 1924, served as deputy reeve from 1926 to 1928, and reeve from 1929 to 1930. In 1930 he was Warden of Ontario County. From 1934 to 1947 Mr. Read was superintendent of the Ontario County House of Refuge in Whitby. Keenly interested in sports, he served on the executive of several Whitby hockey clubs, and was a member of the Whitby Rotary Club. Mr. Read died at the House of Refuge on July 27, 1947 and is buried in the Atherley Union Cemetery. His wife, who was matron at the House of Refuge, succeeded him as superintendent. source: archives , Whitby public library.
Mara Council newspaper article 11 Jan 1967
Ontario County Council 1948
In 1948 Mara Township was represented by James MOFFATT, and Rama Township by Ernest CAMICK
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