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Poppa with Michael & Spot
Basil Harrington with grain & horses
Francis Lee on top, with Basil Harrington making a big hay stack
Dorothy, Michael & Marilyn Harrington
Gerrard & Ada Harrington's wedding
Basil & Dorothy Harrington's wedding 1942
Joseph & Mary Lee
Mike Harrington Sr, getting gas in Brechin
Gerrard & Ada (nee Cleaveley) Harrington's wedding
Mike and Mary Ann Harrington and Joe & Mary Lee, at Basil & Dorothy's wedding 26 Sep 1942
Terrance Harrington, Pat Mayock, Gerrard Harrington & Basil Harrington
Gerrard, Kathleen & baby Basil Harrington 1920
Terry Harrington and Edmund O'Donnell
Daniel William Harrington & Mary Catherine Murphy[
Parents of Rommie and Willie --Grandparents of Marie Lee
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